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Online science flashcards

Students encouraged to review for spring NeSA test

A Junior's Guide to Dominating the NeSA Science Test

Step 1: Review the NeSA Grade 11 Science key vocabulary terms: 

Step 2: Take the NeSA Science Vocabulary Review Quiz:  
        a. Click on the "Learning Definitions" button and start your review!
        b. Juniors who score a 70% or above on the quiz will receive a FREE bottle of Gatorade, Propel, or water next Wednesday prior to the NeSA Science testing! (Print off a copy of your results and turn them into Mr. Shannon, Mr. Tomjack, or Mr. Fox to receive your prize!!!) 
        c. HINT: You can take the quiz more than once, if needed!!! 

Step 3: Dominate the NeSA Science test on Wednesday, April 23!


In the state of Nebraska, starting with the 2011-2012 school year, students in 5th, 8th, and 11th grade are required to take an online statewide science assessment, known as the NeSA Science test.

This test is built using the newly adopted Nebraska State Science Standards and their indicators to help assess a student'™s knowledge over a variety of science topics, such as inquiry, life, earth, and physical science.

The Nebraska Department of Education has released a set of key science vocabulary terms that students in 5th, 8th, and 11th will be required to know for the upcoming NeSA Science test given this spring.

Mr. Steve Shannon, a science teacher at Wahoo High School, has created a series of "ÂÂœflashcards" to help Wahoo Public School students study for their NeSA science vocabulary words that will appear on the state science test.

Students will be able to use their computers to virtually flip through the stack of flashcards to study the science words using the website www.quizlet.com. The website will also "ÂÂœread" the science words and definitions to the students who may need assistance, due to visual limitations, as well.

The iPad and iPhone also have a free app that can be downloaded called "Flashcardlet," that will allow students to download these vocabulary words to study, as well. These sets of vocabulary terms, along with other resources and practice tests, are organized by grade for students and parents to access below:


NeSA-Science Vocabulary List

NeSA-Science Test Taking Tips

Parent Guide for Using Flashcards




Online flashcards & resources offered for 2014 NeSA Science test

Di Pfeiffer

Mar 08, 2012

When will the students be taking this test?

Mar 08, 2012

NeSA Science Schedule: High School: April 25 Middle School: April 26 Elementary: April 10-16: 5th Grade April 17-23: 3rd Grade April 24-30: 4th Grade