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Understanding the effects of cyberbullying and prevention strategies

An important message provided by SCIP during "Bullying Prevention Month" (October)

In 2013, one in four students age 12-18 reported being bullied during the school year ( National Center for Educational Statistics ). The popularity of social media is rapidly increasing in youth today. The use of social media and messaging . . .

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9 social media red flags parents should know about

Find out which social media features are cause for concern--no matter which app your kid is using

(NOTE: This article was posted Jan. 8, 2016 on the Common Sense Media website, and has been posted with permission. Please click HERE to view the original article.) It can be hard to keep up with the latest apps . . .

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Beyond Facebook

Social Networking Gets REALLY Personal

Facebook and other social networks connect kids online. But a new form of social networking takes connecting a step further -- to face-to-face meet-ups. New programs called social mapping applications use geographic information to connect . . .

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Social Networking Has Hidden Dangers for Teens

Teens Show, Tell Too Much Online

From behind their bedroom doors, more than 1 out of every 10 teenagers has posted a nude or seminude picture of themselves or others online - a "digital tattoo" that could haunt them for the rest of their lives, according to a poll being . . .

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"Sexting"--A Dangerous New Craze

Caution to Parents: Monitor Teen Cellphone Use

An alarming number of teens are engaging in a disturbing new practice called “Sexting”, the practice of sending nude photos of themselves in cell phone text messages. They are also taking shots of friends at parties doing certain . . .

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Safety Drives Schools to Limit Cell Phone Use

In today's always-connected society, students can text-message rumors of bomb threats or school shootings - credible or not - to their parents and hundreds of classmates within seconds. One of the biggest challenges for principals is . . .

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Trading Nude Photos Via Mobile Phone Now Part of Teen Dating, Experts Say

AP Article an Eye Opener for Parents

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Forget about passing notes in study hall; some teens are now using their cell phones to flirt and send nude pictures of themselves. The instant text, picture and video messages have become part of some teens' . . .

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Parents strongly urged to closely monitor children's Internet usage

Article offers tips to parents on keeping kids safe online

The good, the bad, and the ugly. These adjectives all accurately describe what's available on the Internet. While the World Wide Web is full of useful information, unfortunately it is also jam-packed with information that is inaccurate, . . .

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How safe are your kids online?

Parents encouraged to monitor children's Internet activity

Kids in Nebraska are Using the Internet Every Day . . . to do homework, to talk to their friends, and to have fun. Unfortunately, predators and pedophiles use the Internet every day as a tool to find their next victim. In fact, one in . . .

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