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WHS students who attended the 2017 UNL Econ Day were, front row (from left): Kendal Brigham, Jaci Schnakenberg, Yordy Talavera, Zoe Christenson. Second row: Paige Peterson, Abi Klein, Leah Maass, Erin Sutton, Hannah Subbert, Jade Andresen, Thomas Waido (standing). Third row: Eli Sanchez, Austin Scott, Tucker Hancock. Fourth row: Blake Lacey, Will Shanahan, Zane Bennett, Trey Johnston, Trevin Luben, Trey Scheef, Joe Scanlon. Back row: Sheldon Johnson, Corbin Maldanar, Joseph Janda, Bryson Keller, and Dylan Fittro.

26 WHS students attend 2017 Econ Day at UNL

“Who’s paying for the wall? You are paying for the wall!” were words the 26 Wahoo High School students heard on October 18 as they attended the annual Econ Day at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. 

Throughout the day, the students were addressed by economic faculty members Dr. Tammie Fischer, director of the Center for Economic Education, Dr. Laurie Miller, microeconomics professor, and Dr. Uchr Jarrett, macroeconomics professor.  

Some of the topics covered included, among other things, the economic impacts of tariffs, smoking bans in restaurants, wages, and “who is paying for the wall.”

WHS sophomore Eli Sanchez found it interesting that “by changing from trays to plates in the school cafeterias, the university was able to cut back 30 percent of the food served.” Who would have thought changing from trays to plates was an economic concept?

The students also took part in an economic simulation, led by Dr. Jennifer Davidson from the Nebraska Council on Economic Education, depicting Cuba’s command economy.

The students were given the task of purchasing goods to meet their daily needs using the ration cards distributed by the government in lieu of wages. The ration cards are then used at government supply stores. Ninety-seven percent of Cubans work for the government. Only those who were working a second job in the black job market could make enough pesos to meet all of their needs. Some of these jobs included cab drivers and restaurant workers.

The students then got a taste of what it is like to be a college student. They ate lunch at Selleck Hall, followed by two tours. The first tour was of the new College of Business building and the second was a tour of the UNL campus. For some, this was the first time on a college campus.

“It was a great day for our students,” commented WHS Business Teacher Barb Shanahan. “They were exposed to so many new things. It’s always a great day when we can learn about economics!” 

Students attending the 2017 UNL Econ Day were Jade Andresen, Zane Bennett, Kendal Brigham, Zoe Christenson, Dylan Fittro, Tucker Hancock, Joseph Janda, Sheldon Johnson, Trey Johnston, Bryson Keller, Abi Klein, Blake Lacey, Trevin Luben, Leah Maass, Corbin Maldanar, Paige Peterson, Eli Sanchez, Joe Scanlon, Trey Scheef, Jaci Schnakenberg, Austin Scott, Will Shanahan, Hannah Subbert, Erin Sutton, Yordy Talavera, and Thomas Waido.

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Dr. Miller gives a lesson on Behavioral Economics.

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Dr. Jarrett discusses how we ultimately pay for the wall and other international economic topics.

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Eli, Dylan and Joseph enjoy their lunch at Selleck Hall cafeteria.

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Tours of the new College of Business put lots of steps on the Fitbit!

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Touring UNL’s recreational facility.

26 WHS students attend 2017 Econ Day at UNL

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