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Frequently Asked Questions

Wahoo Public Schools 1:1 iPad/MacBook Initiative

Questions/comments pertaining to the 1:1 iPad/MacBook Initiative should be directed to Wahoo Middle School Principal Marc Kaminski (443-3101, e-mail: mkaminski@wahoowarriors.org) or Wahoo High School Principal Vernon Golladay (443-4332, e-mail: vgolladay@wahoowarriors.org).  

What are the actual goals for implementing the 1:1 initiative at Wahoo Public Schools?
The 1:1 iPad/MacBook initiative allows several things to occur for the benefit of student learning, including:
    • Promoting student engagement and enthusiasm for learning.
    • Encouraging collaboration among students, teachers, parents, community members, and people throughout the nation and world through interactive capabilities and opportunities.
    • Reducing the use of worksheets and workbooks.
    • Guiding students in their learning and production of knowledge.
    • Allowing students access to information, along with an opportunity to connect it to their learning in a meaningful manner.
    • Teaching responsible digital citizenship.

Do students own the iPad or MacBook?
The students are renting the iPad or MacBook from the Wahoo Public School District, and so the devices are District property.

What is the user fee for an iPad/MacBook?
The iPad/MacBook user fee for your student is $35. This cost must be paid before a student can receive an iPad or MacBook.

Will students be able to take their iPad/MacBook home?
Students may take their issued iPad or MacBook home provided parents have signed the necessary forms, and paid the $35 user fee. 

Will students have to turn in their iPad/MacBook at the end of the school year?
Yes, all devices and accessories must be returned at the end of the school year.

Can students bring their own iPad/MacBook rather than using one provided for them?
No. students are not allowed to bring their own devices iPads from home to use.

Will these iPads/MacBooks replace traditional textbooks?
The iPads and MacBooks are not a replacement, but an extra tool for education. Teachers will be integrating electronic elements into traditional classes, using technology for instruction and assessment, but we are not replacing traditional education with these devices. Hard copies of textbooks will be available for use in most classrooms.

Can students access the Internet at home using their own Internet provider?
Students may easily connect to any WiFi network.

Where should students store their iPads/MacBooks when they are not in class (PE, lunch, practice, etc.)?
Students need to keep their devices in a secured location at all times when unsupervised. The best choice students can make is to lock their iPads/MacBooks in their lockers (using a combination lock).

What if an iPad/MacBook is lost, stolen or broken?
If an iPad or MacBook is lost or stolen, the student will be financially responsible for its replacement. If a device is stolen or vandalized, the parent shall file a police report.

Frequently Asked Questions

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