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Wahoo Public Schools


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WEBSS program designed to tackle educational & behavioral student issues

Information for parents about the "Wahoo Educational & Behavioral Support System"

"Oh, he floats
through the air
With the greatest of ease,
This daring young man
On the flying trapeze . . ."

--George Leybourne, 1867

Even in the mid-1800s, the first great trapeze artist, Jules Leotard, knew better than to perform his daring, flying feats without a safety net. He often performed with a heap of mattresses, in case of mishap.

As students attending the Wahoo Public Schools perform their daily spectacular feats of learning, so too do they have a safety net: WEBSS.

The Wahoo Educational and Behavioral Support System (WEBSS) is a district-wide problem solving team acting to consistently reinforce your child's academic, social and emotional journey throughout each school year. Each public school system throughout the state of Nebraska is required to have a student support system in place in order to comply with NDE Rule 51.

WEBSS supports six academic and behavioral goals for students attending the Wahoo Public Schools.

Academic Goals
• To be prepared and on time for learning
• To complete assigned tasks on time

• To demonstrate academic proficiency

Behavioral Goals
• To use work time appropriately
• To demonstrate respect for people and property

• To respond appropriately to staff member directives

WEBSS is a three-level support network. As your child demonstrates the need for more academic or behavioral support, additional resources, techniques and strategies are employed.

Some common terms you may hear used with WEBSS include:

Problem Solving (or PS)
An opportunity for your child and others to conference about a concern and to plan actions to improve the current situation.

PS 1, 2, or 3
These are abbreviations used to represent the various problem solving meetings that take place to address an academic or behavioral concern.
    * PS 1 is a teacher/student meeting
    * PS 2 is a teacher/student meeting followed up with a parent phone call.
    * PS 3 is a teacher/student/parent meeting

If your child's academic or behavioral concern remains after the PS 3 meeting, an additional meeting will be called to draft and implement a more formal plan. The school's counselor, principal(s), WEBSS coordinator and outside resources may assist in the drafting and implementation of your child's plan.

What Can You Do As a Parent?

We value the partnership between our community and the Wahoo Public Schools. Open and honest communication is vital to the success of that partnership.

1. We encourage you to talk to your child about his or her academic and behavioral performance at school.

2. Check PowerSchool regularly for grades and staff commentary about your child's performance at school. A link to PowerSchool is available on the school web site: www.wahooschools.org. If you need your log-in and password, contact the school office.

3. Contact your child's teacher immediately if you have concerns or questions about your child's academic or behavioral performance.

Principal: Ben Kreifels
WEBSS Coordinator: Staci Simonsen
Counselor: Cynthia Klepper
(402) 443-4250

Middle School
Principal: Marc Kaminski
WEBSS Coordinator: Mike Bomar
Counselor: Cynthia Klepper
(402) 443-3101

High School
Principal: Vernon Golladay
Director of Learning: Josh Snyder
WEBSS Coordinator: Clayton Tomjack
Counselor: John Harris
(402) 443-4332

WEBSS program designed to tackle educational & behavioral student issues

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