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photo courtesy Nicole Burg

Accomplished rock and roll band combines music with financial literacy education

Gooding performs Oct. 28 instructional concert for WMS/WHS students

When looking for sound financial advice, who better to call than a member of a rock and roll band, right?

Well, while pursuing money management guidance from most rock stars would NOT be a good idea, following the recommendations of the rock band GOODING will serve you well!

Wahoo Middle/High School students enjoyed the opportunity to rock out during an assembly concert on Wed., Oct. 28, in the Performance-Learning Center, performed by GOODING.

GOODING began the assembly by grabbing the students’ attention with a biographical video of the band’s evolution. Then the rock n’ roll music began!

The three-member band played four of their original songs, and students swayed to the music while shining/waving flashlights on their phones (since lighters are not allowed in the P-LC).


"To be in control of your life, you have to be in control of your money!" --GOODING


Following the performance, members of GOODING took some time to encourage students to take control of their lives by taking control of their money, and illustrated how challenging life can become when personal debt grows out of control.

GOODING recently helped create Funding the Future LIVE (FTFL), a non-profit charitable organization that travels the world, teaching students about the importance of financial literacy. 

This program was sponsored by the Nebraska Council on Economics, an organization affiliated with the UNL College of Business Administration.

After the concert, GOODING showed a video highlighting television shows and advertisements that feature their music. The band’s repertoire includes performances in CSI, Criminal Minds, Stephen Colbert, The Daily Show, DVDs of Iron Man 2, and Walk the Line, among many others.

photo courtesy Nicole Burg

The band then returned to the stage to continue their financial literacy discussion with the students. Members talked about their own personal financial mistakes and successes, and how even though they are successful musicians, they still have to understand finances and run their band like a business.

photo courtesy Nicole Burg

The band members presented the students with sound financial advice that they can begin using immediately, like opening a savings account and putting away 10 percent of every paycheck.

After the financial presentation, students had the opportunity to ask questions. Students inquired about saving money for college, how to properly use a credit card, when should they should begin to fund their 401K plans, how to improve their credit score, and how to handle debt.

“I believe the presentation was a success,” commented WHS Business Teacher Barb Shanahan. “A mother emailed me asking questions about the presentation, stating that while she was getting her hair cut, she overheard two girls asking their mom about her savings plan and credit score. When the mother returned home her own daughter asked questions about saving for retirement. This program got students talking and thinking about their financial future. It’s a great thing!”

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Simple math: Those who start investing $50/week starting at age 18,
with an average return of 6%, will enjoy a balance of $678,573!

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Accomplished rock and roll band combines music with financial literacy education

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