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Wahoo Public Schools

Is My Child at Risk for Using Drugs?

Partnership for a Drug-Free America Web Site Offers Assistance

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America has created a great website for parents and guardians to assist them in dealing with their child’s possible use of alcohol and other drugs. The website is very user friendly and contains many brief . . .

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WHS sophomore voices her opinion to the Nebraska State Legislature

Emma Bartek addresses the Judiciary Committee in March 19 Hearing over LB258, Making MIP a Bit More Painful

Speaking out for what you believe is always worthwhile! Overcoming the butterflies in her stomach, WHS sophomore Emma Bartek joined other members of Project Extra Mile in personally addressing members of the Nebraska Legislature's . . .

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A Dangerous Transition: High School to the First Year of College

Article Cautions Girls Preparing to Enter College

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Increases in young women's drinking during the transition from high school through the first year of college can have dangerous physical, sexual and psychological implications, according to a report out of the University . . .

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Taking a New Approach

Project Extra Mile Begins Club to Curb Teen Drinking

A nonprofit agency designed to curb under-age drinking is trying a different approach. Project Extra Mile has started its first in-school youth group in Wahoo to give teenagers a voice in helping to battle the country’s biggest killer . . .

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Underage Drinking Starts Before Adolescence

New Summary of Surveys Shows 4th, 5th and 6th Graders Have Already Started Drinking

WASHINGTON, DC, August 31, 2007— As schools reopen around the country, a new study finds that parents and teachers should pay attention to alcohol prevention starting as early as fourth grade. “A review of national and statewide . . .

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CASA Press Release: 80 percent of high schoolers, 44 percent of middle schoolers see drugs used, kept, sold, classmates drunk, high on school grounds

Popular kids at drug-infested schools much likelier to get drunk and use drugs

Washington, D.C. - Eleven million high school students (80 percent) and five million middle school students (44 percent) attend drug-infested schools, meaning that they have personally witnessed illegal drug use, illegal drug dealing, . . .

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Tobacco in the News

Tobacco-related current events published by the School Community Intervention Program (SCIP)

New Smokeless Tobacco: Three smokeless, spit-free tobacco products (Taboka, Skoal Dry, and Camel Snus) are now hitting the market. "These small tobacco-pouch products are hard to spot in the mouth, so kids can . . .

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Three Area Businesses Fail Latest Round of Alcohol Compliance Checks

Non-Compliant Rate Down Significantly from 20 Percent Last December

Three (6 percent) alcohol retail outlets checked by law enforcement in Saunders County sold alcohol to underage purchasers. Law enforcement officers from three area agencies collaborated to check 50 on and off-sale retail establishments . . .

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A Parent's Inhalant Primer

Message Provided by SCIP (School Community Intervention Program), a Member of the Lincoln Medical Education Partnership

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America reports that an alarming number of teenagers are "sniffing" or "huffing" a variety of household products to get high. This "new generation" of inhalant abusers suffers from "generational forgetting." . . .

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New Surgeon General's Report Focuses on the Effects of Secondhand Smoke

Announcement Sponsored by Department of Health and Human Services

U.S. Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona today issued a comprehensive scientific report which concludes that there is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke. Nonsmokers exposed to secondhand smoke at home or work increase . . .

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LiveWise Reminds Parents That It's a Crime to Host Parties Where Minors Are Drinking

You may notice these posters around town pertaining to adults hosting alcoholic parties for minors. The CMCA/Media committee reviewed the data from both the Nebraska Risk and Protective Factor Student Survey and the Parent and . . .

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Talk with Your Child about Underage Alcohol Use

April is Alcohol Awareness Month

Parents' disapproval of underage alcohol use has been identified as one of the key reasons youth choose NOT to drink. As a parent, you are in a position of tremendous influence. What you do and say every day can affect your child's . . .

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Research Ties Many Developmental Dangers to Teen Drinking

Important Information for Parents Provided by School Community Intervention Program (SCIP) & Project Extra Mile

Some shocking numbers: Everyday nine teenagers die from alcohol-related causes including motor vehicle crashes, homicide, suicide, and drowning. On college campuses, 95 percent of all violent crimes involves the use of alcohol. Teenage . . .

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Research Shows that Children Emulate Parental Behavior at Surprisingly Young Ages

Important Information for Parents Provided by School Community Intervention Program (SCIP)

The Associated Press reported that parent who smoke or drink influence the behavior of their children at a surprisingly young age. Researchers studied the behavior of 120 children ages 2-6. They were told to choose from 133 items . . .

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