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WHS British Literature students Lindsay Luers, Hailey Zetocka, Dustin Jaskulski, Melissa Ford and Rylea Meyer perform "The Storyteller."

British Literature and Drama Classes Perform for Each Other

After Mr. Fangman’s British literature class read Saki’s short story “The Storyteller,” they decided it would be fun to perform the story as a Reader’s Theatre.

Saki, whose real name was H. H. Munro, often wrote stories about aunts who do not understand children because Munro had been raised by such an aunt.

WHS British Literature students Lindsay Luers and Hailey Zetocka.
In “The Storyteller,” the aunt on a train tries to quiet her three children by telling a story with the lesson that only good things happen to good children. After the children did not like her story, the bachelor on the train told a story about a girl who was “horribly good.” The children loved the bachelor’s story about a girl whose medals for good behavior clinked together while she hid in the bushes from a wolf. The wolf then discovered where she hid and devoured her.
WHS drama students Tina Robinson and Madelyn Tvrdy perform "Cheerleader Conflict."

Wahoo students Dustin Jaskulski, Lindsay Luers, Hailey Zetocka, Rylea Meyer, and Melissa Ford performed the Reader’s Theatre version of “The Storyteller.” After their performance, two of Mrs. Reece’s drama students, Tina Robinson and Madelyn Tvrdy, returned the favor by performing the humorous skit, “Cheerleader Conflict.”

British Literature and Drama Classes Perform for Each Other

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