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Carlie Jonas and Richard Fittro help set up one of the four aquatic ecosystems in Zoology.

High School Zoology Students Create Aquatic & Terrestrial Ecosystems

Fall Semester Study Creates Representation of Area Freshwater Environments

Students from Mr. Shannon’s Zoology classes started the process of designing a variety of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems for study during the fall semester.

Richard Dunn, Richard Fittro, Brandon Ford, Tierney Gensler, Carlie Jonas, Billie Polivka, Savannah Sladek-Barr, Jose Sotelo, and Sadie VanNorman all took part in getting the aquariums ready to create four separate freshwater ecosystems to study throughout the remainder of the fall semester.

Various freshwater fish, such as Comet Goldfish, Red Minnows, Neon Tetra, Silver Tip Tetra, Guppy, Corydoras Catfish, Gambusia, and Zebra Fish were all introduced to the ecosystems to establish a balanced and stable ecosystem quickly.

A variety of aquatic plants, such as Elodea, Sagittaria, Vasllisneria, and Ludwigia provide oxygen and cover for the variety of fish. Mussels and snails also round out the animal life for the first phase of development.

As each ecosystem begins to thrive, additional species will be added to create a very diverse representation of species found in local ponds, lakes, and streams.

High School Zoology Students Create Aquatic & Terrestrial Ecosystems

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