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WHS Physics & Chemistry Classes Receive a Technological Boost

New LabQuest Units Gives Students More Hands-On Learning Opportunities

Wahoo Physics students are using the latest technology offered by Vernier Software and Technology for hands-on Physics.

Vernier Software provides students with a hands-on experience of scientific concepts while applying graphical analysis. The hand-held LabQuest allows students to use a wide variety of sensors to experience and understand the natural phenomena discovered by Galileo, Newton and other scientists. Sensors include temperature, current, voltage, motion, sound, light, and force. Labs written by Vernier provide students with an optimum learning experience with each science concept and graphical understanding.

One of the first scientific concepts taught in Physics is gravity. Many students can recite the numerical value of gravity. Vernier’s photogate sensor and “Picket Fence” Lab allows students to “do” gravity, bringing life to the numerical value that describes the force of gravity.

Two important skills are needed for a successful college career and a workforce career: technological experience and graphical analysis. Wahoo students can hone these skills during their junior and senior years using Vernier technology in chemistry and physics.

WHS Physics & Chemistry Classes Receive a Technological Boost

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