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In October, WHS senior Tyler Timm will fly to Barcelona, Spain for the 2015 Youth Time Global Forum. Timm was selected as one of 100 total participants from over 9,000 applicants from around the world!

Tyler Timm prepares for some serious problem solving in Barcelona, Spain!

WHS senior joins 100 international peers selected for highly-competitive 2015 Youth Time Global Forum

A wise person once said that most of life’s problems are the result of acting without thinking, or thinking without acting.

One organization, the Youth Time International Movement, headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, aims to change all of that, utilizing the intelligence, leadership, and problem solving skills of 100 teenagers from across the globe . . . including ONE from Wahoo High School!

This past summer, WHS senior Tyler Timm participated in the 2015 Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Summer Institute. Timm was selected for this highly competitive program, which brought students from the United States and Europe together on the campus of Purdue University and to Washinton, D.C., for an intensive study in international relations and diplomacy. Click HERE to read our website article about this experience.

Now, Timm has earned another honor, which will allow him to take his knowledge and ideas across the pond, on a whole new level!

Timm has been selected to participate in the 2015 Youth Time Global Forum (YTGF), which will be held October 28-31, 2015!

The YTGF is an annual event, held in a different city each year. This year the Forum will be in Barcelona, Spain.

Over 9,000 students from across the globe submitted applications to participate in this year’s forum. All interested students completed an application process, and created a video (posted below) that addresses three questions: 1) What does Youth Time, according to you, do?, 2) How do you relate to what Youth Time is doing?, and 3) What is, according to you, the biggest challenge youths face?

In the end, only 100 participants were chosen, and Timm is one of them!

“I pursued this program because I love becoming involved in activities that help make communities better, and the knowledge and connections I’ll make here is something I’m very excited to bring back to Wahoo,” Timm stated. “I hope to gain connections and friendships while I’m in Barcelona.”


About the Program (from the Youth Time Global Forum website):

The Youth Time Global Forum in Barcelona will be a unique event, which will gather more than 100 participants from all over the world with the aim of coming to solutions for the most prevalent youth issues.

The topic of the annual event is The New Era of Employment and Education: Solutions for Change. The topic will be relevant to the location and the current realities on the ground there. Young people who are looking for inspiration and people who have innovative ideas on how to tackle these issues will be brought together at this event, to come to effective solutions for change that inevitably will contribute to a new era of employment and education.

The program will consist, first, of workshops and second, of project presentation meetings, in which participants and experts will evaluate the proposals the presenters have made.

The program will also include roundtable discussions with prominent guests, and there will be time for social activities, in which participants will explore Barcelona and will have a chance to get to know each other better.


Timm learned of this YTGF program after participating in the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Institute.

“The participant from Estonia posted it to our BFTF Facebook group page, and once I saw it, I applied,” Timm said.

In addition to attending the program’s workshops, as a participant Timm will be grouped with nine other students, and together they will evaluate the presented project proposals, which are designed by peers to address/eliminate targeted global problems.

Participants will also network with visiting keynote speakers, who are leaders in international business and education. In the end, one project proposal will be selected as the winner, and a grant will be awarded to help fund and implement it.

“This program relates really well to my future because of my ambitions to go into international relations and political science,” Timm commented. “I’m sure a lot of this will consist of debating the projects so we can come together and make the projects as great as possible. That’s what makes me truly ecstatic about participating in this year’s global forum!”

"Once again, Tyler's accomplishments have me bursting with pride," exclaimed WHS Principal Jason Libal. "This pride stems from Tyler's willingness to make a difference not only in his own life, but the lives of others. I am confident that Tyler will bring his tremendous attributes and talents to the Youth Time Global Forum, and that his presence will be impacting."

Congratulations Tyler on another impressive accomplishment!

Tyler Timm prepares for some serious problem solving in Barcelona, Spain!

Joan Lindgren

Sep 24, 2015

Congratulations!!!! Tyler
Tara Timm
Flight Attendant

Sep 27, 2015

So proud of you Tyler! You will love Barcelona!!!
Julie Baker-Anderson

Sep 29, 2015

Congratulations, Tyler! So proud of you....and great video! ;-)
Kim Thrasher

Sep 29, 2015

Congratulations! Enjoy the experience!
Tina Hough

Oct 14, 2015

Good Job Tyler!!! Have fun :)