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WHS senior Evan Callan

WHS Transition student's art displayed online

Angel Boy Art: Special Art by Special Young Artists

“Every letter makes a sound, ‘A’ says, ‘Ah,’” is a lesson you will learn from Wahoo High School Senior Evan Callan. Callan, who has autism, is a student in Ms. Abbie Huenink’s Classroom.

“A” is for “Art” And our own AmAzing EvAn CAllAn hAs his own website! EAch of you hAs A chAnce to buy his remArkAble Artwork!

Callan is an exceptional artist, and thanks to Angelboyart.org, he is able to have his artwork displayed, and make a profit doing what he loves.  

Angel Boy Art is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to exploring the myriad of ways art can benefit children with special differences and their families.

The foundation has three main goals:

1. Help children with special differences flourish, communicate, and express themselves through art.
2. Raise money for children with special differences and their families by selling their art.
3. Increase public awareness about children with special differences, and break down the stigmas surrounding children with special differences.

To learn more about Evan’s artistic ability from his mother’s perspective, visit http://www.angelboyart.org.

At the bottom of the page you can click on “Evan's Current Auctions” to see his current pieces.

Please visit Angelboyart.org to view and purchase Callan’s artwork. All earnings go directly to Evan. His artwork is rotated and new pieces are being added weekly.  

Click on ‘View Artist Galleries’ (in purple)
Click on “Click for alphabetical listing of artists” (ABC blocks)
Find and Click on “Evan Callan”

“Angel Boy Art has been such a blessing! We have finally found a vocation that encompasses all of Evan’s talents! It has been a rewarding journey for me to see Evan grow into a published artist!” Huenink commented. “Evan has a hard time parting with his artwork, so Lynae (Evan’s mom) and I explained to him one day what Angel Boy Art was all about, hoping to get a better idea of whether or not he would be interested in submitting his artwork. He was skeptical at first, but things really turned around when we told him it was going to be like ‘Evan’s YouTube.’”

If you have any questions about setting up an account, feel free to contact Huenink at (402) 443-4332, ext. 3218, or email her at ahuenink@esu2.org.

WHS Transition student's art displayed online

Mary Miller

Jan 31, 2011

Evan, I knew you always had that special talent. I am very proud of you.
Kary Archer-one of Evan's former teachers

Feb 02, 2011

I happened on this article while surfing the net on a cold snow day. How awesome to see what an accomplished young man you have become. All the best to you!