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EduTyping Comes to Wahoo Middle School

Students Learn Life Skill through Self-Paced Program

Wahoo Middle School is excited to present the 6th and 7th grade classes with a unique learning opportunity. Our school is partnering with a company called B.E. Publishing to allow those students to participate in an online typing experience called EduTyping. 

EduTyping was developed by B.E. Publishing over the course of several years of research and testing in real keyboarding classrooms. The curriculum is structured to provide students with a comprehensive keyboarding "drill & practice" touch-typing sequence. This coursework will employ new era instructional strategies.

This self-paced typing curriculum is currently being used in Wahoo Elementary School in a computer lab setting. The next level of the program has been implemented at Wahoo Middle School. 

The EduTyping course is structured similarly to that of a standard keyboarding textbook. Students follow and complete a sequential set of lessons and exercises that take them from the home row keys through the entire keyboard, at their own pace. The lessons will be completed by the students within their individual schedules. Additional practice lessons and games are included in the program to reinforce good typing skills.

The students have one calendar year to complete the program; the target completion date will be January 1, 2014. The expectation is that each lesson will be completed at 80% mastery or better. Each student will also complete an exit typing performance examination with a teacher observing him or her typing a timed passage. That teacher will check for correct finger positions and other behaviors that demonstrate that the learner has progressed through the course with a high degree of integrity.

Wahoo Middle School is excited to offer this life-skill opportunity, one that empowers our students to become effective and efficient users of the keyboard. If you have additional questions about this program, please contact Principal John Harris at 402.443.3101 or click HERE to view the PowerPoint slides that detail information about the program.

EduTyping Comes to Wahoo Middle School

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