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Yahoo for Wahoo Middle School!

So often we discount young people as being selfish or living in their own little world, but let me tell you about some very special future leaders. On their own a trio of young men from Wahoo Middle School chose to do a coat drive for Open Door Mission. They presented it to their teacher Mr. Harris, who let them do all the planning with a little guidance and direction from him. 

They arranged for a speaker to come and share about Open Door Mission with the whole student body, they began working towards their goal of 100 coats; and they succeeded in collecting 200 coats for the homeless and near homeless.

Then they went a step further: they came to take a tour to see how Open Door Mission works at helping others. Like so many before, they were amazed at the scope of what is done through and at Open Door Mission to help those in the community, homeless and near homeless, living in poverty. They saw how what they did will directly make a difference in someone’s life, in a family's life, and in a community’s life. 

I was so thrilled to hear them talk about coming back to volunteer or organize another drive, and most importantly, to be an ambassador in Wahoo for the Open Door Mission. As we finished our tour and I left them to return home, they brought tears to my eyes and joy to heart when as a group of six they said they plan to make Open Door Mission their mission and place of service. 

Open Door Mission is blessed to have young leaders step forward with compassion and caring. Their families, school and communities should be very proud of them. They blessed my day in so many ways. If you would like to bless the Open Door Mission, please contact me, I would love to be of service.

Maggie Cope
Communications Coordinator
Open Door Mission

Original Article (posted 2/28/12):

Anderson/Timm/Bewley Lead the Charge in Servant Leadership Opportunity
Boys Challenge WMS Students to Donate 150 Coats for Area Homeless

Three WMS 8th grade students – John Anderson, Tyler Timm and Justin Bewley – have begun a servant leadership project at Wahoo Middle School.  

They realize that homelessness is a problem that affects all communities. In fact, the average age of a homeless person in the United States is nine years old! The boys have challenged their middle school classmates to bring 150 new or slightly used winter coats, jackets or sweatshirts to school. They will then sort them and pass them on to the Open Door Mission in Omaha.

Maggie Cope, a representative from the Mission, came out to Wahoo Middle School and spoke with the students. She mentioned that a homeless family often has mere minutes or hours to pack their belongings and move out of their existing home. Knowing that, those people generally pack only what they need at that time. Since many people find themselves pushed out of their homes in the summertime, they often lack winter or cold weather clothes needed at this time of the year.

John, Tyler and Justin have challenged the middle school to raise the 150 coats, jackets and sweatshirts by March 16. If you have extra cold weather clothes and wish to donate them to their cause, you can drop them off at the middle school office.

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Yahoo for Wahoo Middle School!

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