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Two WMS 7th Graders Create Powerful PSA to Fight Bullying

Anderson & Brigham Do Their Part to Help Make a Difference

Joelle Anderson and Bailey Brigham are two seventh graders who are spreading an important message through a public service announcement (PSA) video: bullying hurts.

The PSA assignment corresponds with a unit taught by WMS Social Studies/Computer Applications Instructor Linda Walker and WMS Guidance Counselor Ann Egr.

The girls’ research found that you can do a lot in seven minutes. You can color your hair, make a box of macaroni and cheese, write a paragraph of a story and take a quick shower.

These are all positive things, but on the flip side, U.S. Statistics show that a child gets bullied every seven minutes. Seventy-seven percent of kids are bullied physically, mentally, and even verbally. Eight percent of students miss a day of school in fear of being bullied, made fun of, or in their own words, “tortured.”  

One out of every four children is bullied. Due to these statistics, Anderson and Brigham decided to focus their final PSA on creating a video to help prevent bullying.

Both agree that bullying can be seen in the halls and at the bus stops, and sometimes it’s not detected during teacher supervision. The only way to stop bullying is to prevent it and get everyone “On the Bus.”  

“We wanted to try to create a video that sent a strong message for our MS Anti-Bullying Organization and also met the requirements for the personal safety video,” said Brigham.

“We also wanted kids to see what effects bullying can have in a different perspective,” commented Anderson.  

“The first time I saw the girls’ video, it gave me chills. The video makes a dramatic impact on the viewer,” said Walker. “Joelle and Bailey spent tons of quality time putting this video together, involving both peers and the middle school environment. I am just so proud of their efforts.”

“The girls did an outstanding job of capturing the significance of bullying through video and music,” stated Egr.  

Great job Joelle and Bailey! You are making a difference.

Two WMS 7th Graders Create Powerful PSA to Fight Bullying

Michelle Voboril

May 27, 2010

Very good job girls! A great message and a great way to put it out there...very powerful.
Rebecca Stark
Wahoo Middle SchoolTeacher

May 28, 2010

WOW! That's awesome. I can hardly wait to get to know my students next year, if this is the kind of work they do. Way to go 7th graders!
judy Stukenholtz

May 31, 2010

That was amazing! What a powerful message--it made me cry! You really did a great job of presenting what it feels like to be bullied-in lots of different situations. Congratulations!

Jan 17, 2011

Cool,nice video. Like it
Jeremy Barnhill

Apr 24, 2012

I liked that video too when Mrs. Walker showed us all of them before we had to do those also............