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Naturally Seven

Wahoo Middle School Shuts Off the Lights Jan. 14 for Day-Long Trek to Omaha to Celebrate the Arts

Students/Staff Enjoy Naturally Seven Performance & Joslyn Visit

On January 14, ALL 200 Wahoo Middle School students traveled to two of Omaha’s finest venues for the arts: The Holland Performing Arts Center and the Josyln Art Museum.

The field trip started out with a performance at the Holland, one of the country’s finest concerts halls. The group “Naturally 7” took the stage and wowed the students with their version of a Capella singing or, as the members of Naturally 7 call it, “vocal play.”  

They define “vocal play” as not only singing a Capella, but also actually becoming the instrument. Students were enthralled as they listened to the group perform songs such as “Wall of Sound” and “In the Air Tonight.”

When listening to this group, one would think a band accompanied them, yet ALL of the sounds were made strictly with their voices. The stage was devoid of any real instruments, which almost seemed unbelievable as the groove of their R & B style songs filled the auditorium.

Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha

Students also had a chance to ask the group questions about how they got their start, the long hours they spent practicing, and how they make all of those sounds with just their voices. Students in the audience also went onstage and had a chance to try making those sounds, and learned that it wasn’t as easy at it looks!

The field trip was two-fold as the students then proceeded on their way by bus to the Joslyn Art Museum. They first enjoyed a sack lunch at the museum, surrounded by exquisite pieces of art. After lunch, the students broke into groups with staff members and experienced the Joslyn’s eclectic collection of works beginning with Greek pottery and moving through Europe and into American Western art, and finishing in the 20th century. A scavenger hunt, which utilized student cell phones, was also an enjoyable activity as they pursued particular pieces of art using clues sent to their phones.

Employees and volunteers at both venues gave compliments to Wahoo Middle School staff on the excellent behavior and respect the Wahoo Middle School students displayed. It was a very rewarding and fulfilling day for staff and students alike, and a fantastic way to celebrate the arts. If you would like to see what the students experienced at the Holland and the Joslyn, you may go to the following websites:






Wahoo Middle School Shuts Off the Lights Jan. 14 for Day-Long Trek to Omaha to Celebrate the Arts

Judi Storm
High SchoolPara

Jan 24, 2011

And a good time was had by all.
Kelli Mattson

Feb 03, 2011

I am so glad that WMS made it possible for our students to experience this event!! They were talking about it for days!! THANKS WMS!!!!!!