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Introducing the 8th Grade Unity Council

The 8th grade teachers have come together to create an 8th grade “Unity Council”.  Our job is to help unify the school, boost school pride, stop bullying, and create positive leadership in everyone.   

Whatever It Takes, right?  

The teachers chose us to take on this challenge because they felt we could represent our entire grade and we were open-communicators, not just based on our past records. Some projects we have thought of so far are:  The Service Before Self Award, Anti-Bullying with Student Council, School Pride Crew, Extension Time Activities from our Doane Leadership Conference, Hats/Scarves/Gloves Drive, and our annual end-of-the-year banquet.  

We are hoping to continue to come up with more projects to keep everyone involved in the 2007-08 school year.  

Meet us, the "U" Crew:   Casey Brown, Emily Spicka, Jack Putnam, Josh Holm, Michaela Curran, Savannah DeWine, and Sydney Hancock.

Introducing the 8th Grade Unity Council


Dec 14, 2007

good work i hope you are able 2 accomplish everything you attempt i know that you all will b great leaders for this group! thanks 2 you bullying has slowed down..good job!
Very nice...

Dec 14, 2007

The School Pride Crew was a great idea, and i will be one of the kids helping Casey clean up on the 19th.....
Wahoo, Nebraska

Feb 29, 2008

GREAT job guys keep up the good work!!!!
Tya Green
Winston salem North Carolinagoing to schhool at Paisley Middle in Winston Salem Nc

Jan 29, 2009

i am writing a report on unity in middle schools and why we need unity. Our school has made the newspaper with our fights and I am sick of it. Unity is a big thing that people our age really need to have this is an IB school and we are pretty smart and we can't show it because most of our good students change schools because someone has made them scared or they just go so all i'm asking is for a little help to show my school we can all work together and solve this situation