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Wahoo Public Schools

Bubble gum brains fill the seats in Mrs. Beaver's kindergarten classroom

Students develop individual learning goals; encouraged to be independent learners

Off the cuff, being accused of having a bubble gum brain may sound a bit insulting, but for Mrs. Andrea Beaver’s kindergarten students, it’s a welcomed compliment, and the expectation. Mrs. Beaver’s class has been . . .

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Wahoo 5th graders connect to the Toledo Zoo for virtual field trip

Zookeepers & animals help enhance students' study of ecosystems and foodchains

In nature, everybody is somebody's lunch! Fifth grade science students have been studying ecosystems, food chains, food webs, and energy pyramids in class. Recently they had the opportunity to participate in a . . .

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3rd graders connect to Morrill Hall's "The Stories Skulls Tell" virtual field trip

Nebraska's State Museum program enhances students' science study of prehistoric skull structure

Is this a carnivore or herbivore? Look at those teeth! That was just one of the questions that students tried to answer this past Monday, when Wahoo Elementary third graders virtually traveled back in time to evaluate animal . . .

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Wahoo 3rd graders connect to Morrill Hall's "Tusker Power" virtual field trip

Nebraska State Museum of Natural History's educational opportunity enhances students' study of fossils

Before Husker Power, the state of Nebraska had Tusker Power! Wahoo Elementary third grade classes had the privilege to engage in a virtual field trip with the University of Nebraska State Museum of Natural History ( Morrill Hall ) . . .

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Student dioramas on display in elementary library

4th grade creations enhance classroom study of energy and ecosystems

Students in 4th grade are currently learning about Energy and Ecosystems. To take it a step further, students were asked to make an Ecosystem Diorama showing how an ecosystem works. Students had to design an ecosystem of their choice, . . .

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Wahoo 5th graders turn a writing assignment into a cause for action

Students initiate campaign and raise $165 for SCLP

What started out as a writing assignment turned into a real-life experience recently for the 5th graders in Mrs. Rezac’s class.  The assignment? Students were asked to write an opinion essay using the following prompt: . . .

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Saunders Co. Extension Educators visit with third graders on importance of recycling and protecting the environment

Students explore many conservation tips and create biodegradable plastic

Reduce, reuse, recycle! We hear these words all the time, but what does it have to do with us? On Feb. 7, the third graders at Wahoo Elementary School had the opportunity to explore many conservation tips. With help from the Saunders . . .

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Wahoo 4th graders connect with Durham Museum for virtual 'Nebraska History Tour'

Event scheduled as part of Nebraska's Sesquicentennial celebration

On Monday, March 6, the 4 th Grade classes at Wahoo Elementary took part in a virtual field trip of the Durham Museum in Omaha, NE.  The web-based field trip lasted about 45 minutes. The videoconference began with a discussion . . .

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Wahoo 4th graders create 3D planet projects

Activity closes recent study of Space

The 4th grade classes recently completed a unit on Space. They all completed a report on a given planet, and were then asked to create a three D model of their planet. The response was amazing! There was a great deal of work that went into . . .

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Saunders Co. resident teaches 3rd graders about 'Engineers without Borders'

Dwight Hanson talks about his volunteer experiences in Uganda

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit Africa? The third grade students of Wahoo Elementary got a taste of the African culture on Monday, Feb. 1, when Dwight Hanson visited their classes to share his experiences in . . .

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Elementary students celebrate '100th day of school'

Teachers take advantage of opportunity to make math fun!

. . . 97 . . . 98 . . . 99 . . . 100!!! On Wednesday, Jan. 22, Wahoo Elementary students celebrated the 100th Day of School! The event, celebrated yearly on the 100th day of the school year, gives students the opportunity to . . .

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Dunn Brings Revolutionary War Character to Life for 5th Graders

Students Experience History Beyond the Textbook

On Wednesday, February 6, Mike Dunn, the custodian, history major, and Revolutionary War re-enactor, spoke in character to the 5th graders about being a 58-year-old man in the militia during the Revolutionary War.  Dunn explained . . .

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Wahoo Elementary 3rd Graders Create a Blizzard at the City Library!

Reading Lesson Enhanced with Art Project

Each of the 84 third grade students at Wahoo Elementary created a unique snowflake that is on display this month at the Wahoo Library. As part of their reading curriculum, third graders read the book Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline . . .

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5th Graders Connect Live to Mount Vernon & Children's Author

Students Use Videoconferencing Technology for Lesson Enrichment

Could you answer the following questions?   1.) True or False: George Washington had wooden teeth.   2.) True or False: Both George Washington and King George III  had families and were good fathers.   3.) . . .

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Elementary Students Help Celebrate National Nursing Homes Week

Students' "Family Game Night" Artwork on Display at South Haven

5th grade students at Wahoo Elementary will help residents, employees, and visitors at South Haven Living Center in Wahoo celebrate National Nursing Homes Week this year. The theme of the celebration this year is “Family Game . . .

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Mrs. Rezac's Class Connects Live to Washington D.C. for Lesson Enhancement

Students Receive Revolutionary War Lesson in National Archives Videoconference

Wahoo’s Close Up students weren’t the only Wahoo students to visit Washington D.C. last week!    On Wednesday, March 23, students in Mrs. Rezac’s 4th/5th grade class participated in a live videoconference with David . . .

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5th Graders Learn about Life in Haiti

Amy Bruce Shares Her Experiences & Photos

Amy Bruce, mother of 5th grader Savannah Bruce, recently spoke to all fifth grades about her trips to Haiti.   Bruce's first trip to Haiti was with a church group when she was 17. Most recently, she traveled to Haiti with a . . .

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Wahoo Elementary 5th Graders Attend Presentation on Soldiers’ Duties in Afghanistan

Local Soldier Shares Experiences Before Re-Deployment

On Tuesday November 23, the 5th graders at Wahoo Elementary welcomed CW3 Michael Harrell to speak about his experiences and duties performed while serving in Afghanistan. CW3 Harrell explained to the kids the details of guarding a . . .

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5th Graders Experience New Drawing Technique in Art

Students Attempt to Emulate Style of George Bellows

Wahoo Elementary fifth grade students experienced drawing from a new angle last week. Students were introduced to examples of artwork from Ashcan School artist George Bellows (1882-1925). His depictions of American life from the 10’s and . . .

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Kindergarten Class Uses Technology to Enhance Pen Pal Experience

Students Skype with Other Students in St. Joseph, MO

Students in Mrs. Gregg’s kindergarten class are taking pen pals to a whole new level!  We have asked a St. Joseph, Missouri kindergarten class to be our “Skype Pals!” Their teacher, Mrs. Hamilton, went to college with Mrs. Gregg at . . .

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Wahoo Elementary Students Make Their Contributions to "Celebrating Youth Art Month"

Student Artwork Displayed in State Capitol Rotunda & Wahoo Public Library

March is Youth Art Month in Nebraska! To celebrate, Wahoo Elementary students have been displaying their artwork for the public. Two students, fifth grader Matt Dobesh and fourth grader Madilyn Larsen, were chosen to participate in a . . .

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Mrs. Pearson's 4th Graders Conclude Novel Unit with Group Castle Project

Student-Created Castles Now on Display in Library

Mrs. Pearsonʼs reading group has just finished reading the novel Castle in the Attic by Elizabeth Winthrop.  It tells the tale of William, who receives a beautiful castle from his housekeeper. Even though William is sad sheʼs . . .

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Wahoo 5th Graders Use Skype to Experience a Foreign Culture

Students Learn About Life in Mali, Africa

Students in Mrs. Verna Rezac’s fifth grade class recently had the chance to mix technology and world studies.   Rezac’s husband went to Mali, Africa, with a group of men from their church to do construction. While he was there he . . .

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Fourth and Fifth Graders Ride the Orphan Train

NHC Speaker Teaches How Life as a Child was Very Different in Recent History

Fourth and fifth grade students recently had the chance to learn about the Orphan Train in a school assembly.  The Orphan Train was a social experiment that transported children from crowded coastal cities of the United States to . . .

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Wahoo's 5th Graders Get Up Close and Personal with Anatomy

Students Study Optics and Dissect Cow Eyes!

Students in Mr. Iversen and Mrs. Rezac's fifth grade classes recently completed an optics unit in science class. Students learned about many kinds of eyes: simple (the kind that worms have), compound (the kind bugs have), and of . . .

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Wahoo Elementary Fifth Graders Study the Burning Effects of Smoking

UNMC Staff Offers Hands-On Proof of the Dangers of Tobacco

Smoking cigarettes? A 10-year-old? According to a nationwide survey conducted by tobaccofreekids.org , 13 percent of eighth graders had reported trying smoking by the fifth grade. If only someone would take the initiative to . . .

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Wahoo 5th Graders Experience a Foreign Culture through E-Mail Pen Pals

Students Communicate with Classroom in Thailand

Students in Mrs. Nancy Teetor's 5th grade are e-mail pen pals with 5th graders at Wat Get Pra Pa School in Lum Luka, Thailand.  Their American teacher, Vic Plessner, who is teaching them English, thought it might help if . . .

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At Wahoo Elementary, Clowning Around Leads to Learning

Professional Clown Visits Mrs. Teetor's Fifth Graders

“What kinds of clowns are there?” “How long does it take to put the paint on?” “What does a clown do?” These are some of the questions that fifth graders in Mrs. Nancy Teetor’s class asked during their study of clowns. After . . .

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Wahoo Kindergartners Get Schooled on/by Justice

Justice the Drug-Sniffing Dog Visits Mrs. Britton's Class

October 11, 2006 was an exciting day for Wahoo Elementary School kindergartners in Mrs. Britton's class. Three visitors--Detective Jeff Britton, K-9 Officer Lucas Bates, and Justice, Bates' drug-sniffing yellow lab--came to give a . . .

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