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On Oct. 21, Wahoo Elementary 5th graders connected live to the Toledo Zoo in Ohio, for a virtual field trip about ecosystems, food chains, food webs, and energy pyramids.

Wahoo 5th graders connect to the Toledo Zoo for virtual field trip

Zookeepers & animals help enhance students' study of ecosystems and foodchains

In nature, everybody is somebody's lunch!

Fifth grade science students have been studying ecosystems, food chains, food webs, and energy pyramids in class.

Recently they had the opportunity to participate in a virtual field trip, sponsored by the Toledo Zoo in Ohio. Students were able to view animals in their zoo environments, as well as ask the zoo personnel questions about each animal.

We learned many interesting facts about animals such as Tasmanian devils, tortoises, elephants, meerkats, and even Madagascar hissing cockroaches. Did you know an elephant has over 100,000 muscles in its trunk alone?

We also learned that washing your boots after a hike will prevent invasive species from taking hold in an ecosystem.

This was an exciting and fun opportunity for our students to experience the zoo and the animals in their ecosystems without even leaving our classroom!

Wahoo 5th graders connect to the Toledo Zoo for virtual field trip

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