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5th Graders Learn about Life in Haiti

Amy Bruce Shares Her Experiences & Photos

Amy Bruce, mother of 5th grader Savannah Bruce, recently spoke to all fifth grades about her trips to Haiti.  

Bruce's first trip to Haiti was with a church group when she was 17. Most recently, she traveled to Haiti with a photographer who takes pictures for National Geographic.

She explained how the children do not all get to attend school because they cannot afford it.

One of the interesting facts about Haiti is that over the years they have deforested their country. She showed a map taken from space and you could actually see the line between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It makes it very hard for families to farm because of the erosion caused by the deforestation.

Students were amazed when she described the living conditions in Haiti.  

Daisy Warnick stated, “It is interesting how they do things down there.”  

It was hard for them to imagine using the same water for bathing, washing dishes, and the restroom. The garbage that they just drop in the street was also an eye-opener.

Mrs. Bruce stated that it was not unusual for children to not have clothing to wear. Haitians are very talented people, as was evidenced by the art carvings and pictures she brought back.  

Bruce has made numerous trips to Haiti, and would like to return and work with the schools, improving their ability to teach the students.

“It is very cool how different it is from us,” commented Emily Obert.  

5th Graders Learn about Life in Haiti

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