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Wahoo Public Schools


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Wahoo 4th graders recently created singing, story-telling puppet shows as part of a music lesson on major/minor keys and tonality.

Wahoo 4th graders bring puppets to life in music class

Students use performing arts to demonstrate understanding of tonality & major/minor keys

Last week, 4th graders at Wahoo Elementary demonstrated their understanding of how major and minor keys can evoke feelings and mood in music by creating their own puppet shows! 

Students were divided into groups and each group randomly selected two cards: one card that gave them a story prompt that they had to finish, and one card that told them whether the song they had to select to accompany the story should be in a major or minor key.

Students finished the story prompt with the tonality of the song in mind.

Puppet shows were performed live in class, proving without a doubt that students that the lesson's objective had been achieved!

"I was very impressed at the amount of creativity and teamwork within each group!" commented Wahoo Elementary Music Teacher Melissa Smith. "Not only were they able to display major and minor emotions through their stories, but it was a fun and great way for them to watch and perform for their peers!"


Wahoo 4th graders bring puppets to life in music class

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