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454a4dbe27648From left, Detective Jeff Britton, Officer Bates, and Justice visit Wahoo Elementary School on October 11.
From left, Detective Jeff Britton, Officer Bates, and Justice visit Wahoo Elementary School on October 11.

Wahoo Kindergartners Get Schooled on/by Justice

Justice the Drug-Sniffing Dog Visits Mrs. Britton's Class

October 11, 2006 was an exciting day for Wahoo Elementary School kindergartners in Mrs. Britton's class. Three visitors--Detective Jeff Britton, K-9 Officer Lucas Bates, and Justice, Bates' drug-sniffing yellow lab--came to give a presentation for Mrs. Britton's Community Helpers Days.

The Community Helpers Days were started by Britton about nine years ago, and has continued year to year, she said, "because the children are excited about learning and get more out of the lesson being taught."

In the past, students have taken trips to the community helpers instead of the community helpers coming to the school. The kindergartners have visited the Wahoo Newspaper, Care Center, and the Wahoo Bakery.

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454a4dbe27648Mrs. Britton's kindergarten class
Mrs. Britton's kindergarten class
Britton started the program because she wanted children to learn about the many people who help throughout the community every day. Students have had the opportunity to visit with doctors, school nurses, principals and secretaries.

This time Britton invited the investigator and K-9 officer because she wanted to expose students to a different kind of law enforcement. She wanted students to realize that there are more jobs in law enforcement than the uniformed police officers with whom they are so familiar.

The kids loved having Mr. Britton and Bates speak to the class, but they especially enjoyed seeing Justice in action.

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454a4dbe27648Officer Bates and Justice
Officer Bates and Justice

After talking about the importance of having investigators and K-9 officers in prisons and correctional facilities, Mr. Britton hid a drug-scented cloth in his pocket. To the delight of the students, they proceeded to demonstrate how Bates and Justice search for drugs.

One kindergartner explained the job Justice does as being important because "bad guys bring it [drugs] in and put in in a hiding spot."

Wahoo Kindergartners Get Schooled on/by Justice

Tammy Robinson

Dec 23, 2006

I think it's a wonderful idea to start early in the child's years to talk about the use of drugs and why not to get involved in them. My Daughters were very excited about the police man and dog visiting them. Thank you for the help with explaining.