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With Cole Barry clearing a path, Seth Stewart gashes the Cavalier line for a big gain during the third quarter.

Warrior JVers Eke a One-Point Victory over Neumann to Finish 2008 Season Undefeated

Final Season Record: 6-0

Please click the following link to view photo highlights of the 2008 JV Season:  2008 JV Football Highlights

In football, the quote “defense wins championships” is most often used to describe how the truly dominant teams are able to overcome adversity to come away victorious on the football field. This display of defensive dominance was on display at Wahoo High School in the final junior varsity game for the Warriors against Bishop Neumann on October 20.

The first quarter saw both teams come out and play a very physical brand of football, with a premium on offensive and defensive line play, causing both teams to struggle moving the ball throughout the entire game. Bishop Neumann was able to get on the scoreboard first with a 10-play scoring drive, as the Warrior defense was caught on their heels, trying to make adjustments to the speed and physicality of the game early in the first quarter. The Warrior defense was able to apply pressure to the Cavaliers as they attempted their PAT, which was wide left, giving the Cavaliers a 0-6 lead.  

The Warrior defense clamps down on the Cavalier quarterback lead by Tyson Jelinek,

The Warriors were unable to mount a drive in the first quarter, with penalties and turnovers stopping any momentum for Wahoo.

In the second quarter, the Warriors were able to move the ball, behind the line of Sean Smith, Derek Fiala, Jamie Fiala, Jake Subbert, Cole Barry, and Tyson Jelinek. They were able to open holes for Sean Lindgren, Seth Stewart, and Lucas McAtee to churn out hard-fought yards, but the Warriors were kept out of the end zone on successive drives. After the initial scoring drive by the Cavaliers, the Warrior defense cranked up its intensity, with Cole Barry, Lucas McAtee, Sean Smith, and Christian Hohl punishing the Cavalier running backs and quarterback, with the Warriors recording tackles for loss on consecutive plays. 

The third quarter saw the Warriors start where they left off defensively with Tyson Jelinek sacking the quarterback for a 5-yard loss on second down, and Lucas McAtee dropping the Cavalier fullback for a loss on a dive read play. The Warriors were able to get the ball back with good field position after the Warrior defense was able to force a bad snap on the ensuing punt, forcing the Cavalier punter to kick the ball on the run. 

Sean Lindgren calls out the offense as the Warriors prepare to take the lead against the Cavaliers.

The Warrior offense relied on its ground game and the punishing running style of Seth Stewart behind the downfield blocking of Lucas McAtee. The Warriors were able to slowly move the ball down the field, running isolation plays behind Cole Barry and Tyson Jelinek on the left side and Cameron Nadrchal, Sean Smith, and Jake Subbert on the right side. The Warriors began to gash the Cavalier defenders as the drive mounted, with Seth Stewart gaining 15 yards and 8 yards on consecutive possessions. On third and short, the Warriors relied on Sean Lindgren to steamroll the Cavalier line time after time, keeping the Warriors’ drive alive as they neared the Cavalier goal line. Keying on Seth Stewart, the Cavalier defense loaded the box, giving Sean Lindgren the crease he needed running the veer to perfection on the right side, giving the Warriors back the momentum. Ethan Harders stepped up and nailed the pressure-filled PAT conversion giving the Warriors all of the lead they would need at 7-6. 

The fourth quarter saw both teams trade round house shots, with the Cavalier defense turning the Warriors back deep into Cavalier territory. In the closing minute, the Cavaliers mounted a drive with time running down, completing two deep passes, giving the Cavaliers first and goal with under 30 seconds remaining. The Warrior defense tightened up, hitting the Cavalier quarter back for a loss, forcing the Cavaliers to use their last time out. On the final play of the game, the Cavaliers ran a play action pass to the left, but the Cavalier quarterback was met by Tyson Jelinek, Cole Barry, and Lucas McAtee, sacking him for a loss as the clock ran out on the Cavaliers, giving the Warriors the victory and a fitting end on their perfect season. 

The Wahoo junior varsity football staff and players would like to say “THANK YOU” to all of the parents and fans who made this 2008 junior varsity season one to remember. Thank you very much for all of your support and help cheering on the varsity this season during their playoff run! GO BIG BLUE!


Warrior JVers Make It Look Easy in 42-6 Win over Bluejays
5-0 Boys Host Neumann on October 20 to End Season

The Wahoo junior varsity football team continued its Monday night dominance and extended its record to 5-0 on the season with a 42-6 performance against the Ashland-Greenwood Bluejays on October 13 at Wahoo High School.   

The Warriors were eager to play after having the previous week’s game at North Bend cancelled due to weather.

In the first quarter, the Warriors started quickly on defense, establishing themselves physically against the Bluejay offense. The defensive front of Derek Virgl, Jamie Fiala, Derek Fiala, and Jake Subbert were able to dominate the Ashland offensive front, allowing the linebacking core of Christian Hohl, Cole Barry, and Lucas McAtee the ability to wreak havoc on the Bluejay backfield.

Ashland’s offense sputtered on its four drives, with Lucas McAtee, Cole Barry, Christian Hohl, and Jake Subbert recording tackles for losses on each of the Bluejay drives. The Bluejays went to the air repeatedly on third down, but were turned away by Jake Barry, Greg Milliken, Justin Lewandowski, and Trenton Raymond in the Warrior secondary.

On the Warriors’ opening drive, Wahoo started behind the offensive line of Jamie Fiala, Cole Barry, Cameron Nadrchal, Derek Fiala, and Jake Subbert. The Warriors were hard-pressed to find open running lanes with the Bluejays stacking the box with eight defenders on the initial drive. Going to the air, the Warriors were able to capitalize on solid line protection and Christian Hohl was able to find Greg Milliken wide open down the middle of the Bluejay defense for a 40-yard touchdown pass to put the Warriors up 7-0 after the PAT conversion from Ethan Harders. 

In the second quarter, the Warriors and Bluejays continued to trade punches on defense, with the Warrior defense again forcing the Bluejays into consecutive three and outs, with Jake Barry and Lucas McAtee punishing the Bluejay receivers and running backs as they tried to move the ball against the Warriors. The Bluejays tried to force the ball down the field vertically on their final possession of the quarter, but Jake Barry came up with an acrobatic interception on the Warrior sideline to stop any Bluejay momentum.

Offensively, the Warriors began to establish themselves on the ground, moving the ball behind Cole Barry and Jamie Fiala, with Greg Milliken getting the bulk of the carries for Wahoo. Near midfield, Josh Proctor called Greg Milliken’s number on a toss play, with Justin Lewandowski and Jake Barry clearing the way on the perimeter. Milliken was able to break a couple of initial tackles and cut back against the grain leaving a trail of Ashland defenders in his wake on the way to the end zone, giving the Warriors a 14-0 lead after the successful PAT conversion by Ethan Harders.

Near the end of the half, the Warriors once again found themselves in scoring position after consecutive long runs from Greg Milliken and Seth Stewart to put them near the red zone with under two minutes remaining in the half. Handling a high snap, Josh Proctor was able to gather his feet and throw a 12-yard strike to Jake Barry in the back of the end zone, who did an amazing job keeping his feet in bounds to give the Warriors a 21-0 lead going into half-time after the PAT conversion by Ethan Harders.

The second half saw the Warriors ramp up their intensity on both sides of the ball, with the Warriors starting on offense and quickly moved the ball to midfield on consecutive runs from Greg Milliken of 15 yards and 20 yards, beating the Ashland defenders to the perimeter. With the Bluejay defense keying on Milliken, Christian Hohl was able to use play action to bait the backside corner into coming up on the run, enabling him to hit a wide open Josh Discher for a 40-yard pass down the Warrior sideline, giving the Warriors a 28-0 lead after the PAT conversion from Ethan Harders. 

The Warriors’ aggressiveness cost them defensively as the Warriors overpursued the Bluejay quarterback, giving him a cutback lane leading to a touchdown scamper, giving Ashland their only score of the game. The Warrior defense quickly tightened up denying the Bluejays their two-point conversion.

Using their defensive miscue as motivation, the Warrior offense began to churn on all cylinders, with two “highlight stick” runs being recorded on consecutive series by Greg Milliken and Seth Stewart. On the first possession, with the Warriors on their own 35-yard line, Christian Hohl gave the ball to Greg Milliken on a toss play to the right. As Milliken reached the perimeter, he broke a tackle from an Ashland defender and quickly accelerated up the Ashland sideline. As he reached the second level, he saw blockers on the opposite side of the field and quickly cut back, lowering his shoulder and decimating the backside linebacker, breaking free down the Warrior sideline. With the Bluejay free safety having the angle, Milliken stutter stepped, allowing the Bluejay defender to close, then delivered a vicious stiff arm, knocking the Ashland defender to the ground, capping off his stellar 65-yard run, pushing the Warrior lead to 35-6. 

Ashland tried to go to the air on their next possession, but the defensive line of Cameron Nadrchal, Tyson Jelinek, Jamie Fiala, and Derek Fiala terrorized the quarterback, with Lucas McAtee delivering a hit just as the quarterback released the ball. Micheal Kersten rotated from his free safety position to snag the interception, returning the ball to near midfield. 

On their final offensive possession, the Warriors once again gave the ball to Greg Milliken, who lowered his shoulder on an isolation play, punishing defenders as he gained a tough 15 yards for the Warriors. On the next play, Seth Stewart took over where Greg Milliken left off. Stewart took the handoff from Josh Proctor and did his best impression of a battering ram, running through the Ashland defensive end and churning his legs for an 8-yard gain. Josh Proctor went to the air on the next possession finding Casey Brown, who stole the ball from an Ashland cornerback, tight roping along the sideline for a 15-yard Warrior gain. With the Bluejay defense, loading the box, Seth Stewart saved his best run for last. With the Warriors calling for a toss play to the right, Stewart was hit immediately by a blitzing linebacker but shook off the tackle, following his offensive linemen as a crease opened to the left. Stewart sidestepped a linebacker and proceeded to churn forward, but was caught from behind. Refusing to go down, Stewart spun left out of the defender’s grasp and stiff-armed the corner, who pursued down the sideline. With two defenders left to beat, Stewart forced the safety to miss, but using a rocker step jumping over the diving safety. Shifting the ball to his outside hand, Stewart delivered another vicious stiff-arm to the lone Bluejay safety and danced into the end zone, giving the Warriors the 42-6 lead after the PAT conversion from Ethan Harders. 

The Bluejays tried one last attempt to push the ball downfield on their last possession, but Micheal Kersten was able to record his second interception of the game, sealing the victory for the Warriors. The Warriors have a rematch with Ashland in 9th/10th grade action on Thursday, October 16 at 6:00 p.m. in Ashland. The Warrior JV team caps off its season with a home game against Bishop Neumann on Monday, October 20 at Wahoo High School. 

Warrior JVers Advance to 4-0 with Dominant Victory over Yutan
Boys Head to North Bend to Hunt the Tigers on October 6

The Wahoo junior varsity football team moved to 4-0 on the season with a 56-12 dominating performance against the Yutan Chieftains on September 29 at Yutan High School.   

The Warriors started on offense after a solid kickoff return from Justin Lewandowski to the Warriors’ 45-yard line. Wahoo began its first drive of the game behind the offensive line of Jamie Fiala, Tyler Urban, Cameron Nadrchal, Derek Fiala, and Micheal Peterson. Christian Hohl was able to elude the Chieftain defenders on the first play of the game for an 18-yard run around the right side. Greg Milliken took the ball from Christian Hohl and rumbled 32 yards on consecutive plays behind Derek Fiala and Micheal Petersen, to move deep into Yutan territory. Lucas McAtee broke open an inside run against a blitzing defense for an 18-yard run to put the Warriors inside the Yutan 10-yard line. Christian Hohl found a wide-open Josh Proctor on the right side of the defense for an 8-yard touchdown pass to put the Warriors up 7-0 after the PAT conversion from Christian Hohl. 

Defensively, the Warriors established themselves physically against the Chieftain offense. The defensive front of Derek Virgl, Michael Peterson, Derek Fiala, and Josh Jansa were able to dominate the Yutan offensive front, allowing the linebacking core of Christian Hohl, Seth Stewart, and Lucas McAtee the ability to run free and attack the Chieftain backfield. Yutan’s offense sputtered on its first drive with the Chieftain running back driven back for losses on the first two plays of the drive. Yutan went to the air on third down, but the pass fell incomplete as Michael Peterson and Christian Hohl applied pressure to the quarterback on the play. 

After gaining possession on a short punt, the Warriors once again went to the ground, with Christian Hohl gaining 10 yards on an option play, followed by Greg Milliken breaking off a 35-yard run, splitting the Yutan defense and putting the Warriors in scoring position. Two plays later, Seth Stewart was able to bull his way into the end zone with some strong inside running behind Derek Fiala and Michael Peterson, to put the Warriors up 14-0, after the PAT conversion from Christian Hohl.

The Chieftains’ running game was slowed to a halt by the defensive presence of Lucas McAtee and Josh Jansa stuffing the run on the first two plays of the second drive. Yutan looked to burn the Warriors deep on third down, but the ball was intercepted by Michael Kersten and returned 25 yards to give the Warriors another opportunity to score before the end of the first quarter. 

The Warriors, again, relied on their ground game, pushing the ball down the field quickly. Yutan countered with an all out blitz on second down, but the Warriors were able to handle the pressure and gave the ball inside to Lucas McAtee, who broke off a 22-yard run, punishing the Chieftains’ free safety as he crossed the goal line to give the Warriors a 21-0 lead after the PAT conversion by Christian Hohl.

The second half started similarly with the Warriors forcing a turnover on defense by a pounding hit from Cole Barry, jarring the ball loose with the Warriors taking over on offense.

Wahoo, led by Sean Lindgren, moved the ball at will against Yutan, with Seth Stewart gashing the Chieftain defense for 25 yards on two consecutive runs. On a fourth and 15, Lindgren went to the air and found Kyle Willis for an 18-yard gain on a spectacular catch between Yutan defenders. Lindgren aired it out again to Josh Discher, with an amazing one handed catch near the Yutan sideline to put the Warriors in scoring position. Sean Lindgren finished off the scoring drive with a short scamper to put the Warriors up 27-0 after a failed PAT attempt. 

Yutan’s next offensive possession ended quickly when the Chieftains’ quarterback tried to push the ball vertically down the Wahoo sideline, but Casey Brown was able to rise above the Yutan receiver to pull down yet another interception for the Warrior defense.

The Warriors stalled on offense on its next possession, while the Chieftains were able to move the ball down the field passing the ball and finding a receiver open on a 15-yard touchdown pass to move the score to 27-6 after the two-point conversion was batted down. 

The Warriors wasted no time on their next possession, moving the ball down the field behind the legs of Greg Milliken and Sean Lindgen. As the Warriors crossed midfield, the Chieftains tried again to stop the running attack with an all out blitz, but Sean Lindgren was able to stand in the pocket and deliver a 35-yard strike to Jake Barry for another Warrior touchdown, extending the lead to 35-6, after the successful two-point conversion from Sean Lindgren to Greg Milliken on an option play. 

On the ensuing kickoff, Cameron Walling was able to position the ball behind the front row of blockers allowing the Warriors to out-hustle the Chieftains for the ball. Sean Lindgren was able to outwrestle a Yutan defender for the ball, giving the Warriors another shot at offense.

With the short field, the Warriors relied on the legs of Sean Lindgren, who covered the 22 yards in two possessions, capping off the drive with a 16-yard run around the perimeter, dragging several Chieftain defenders into the end zone, putting the Warriors up 42-6 after the successful PAT conversion by Seth Stewart.

The Yutan offense ran into an aggressive defensive secondary on the next two possessions, with the Warriors getting two interceptions from Justin Lewandowski and Kyle Willis to finish off the third quarter.

The Warriors started the fourth quarter on offense, going to the air again for a 35-yard touchdown pass from Sean Lindgren to Kyle Willis for another Warrior touchdown, increasing the lead to 48-6. 

The Warrior defense forced a quick three and out, giving the Warriors a short field to work with and Christian Hohl wasted no time in putting Wahoo on the board again, finding Justin Lewandowski on a 30-yard pass up the Yutan sideline, and handing the ball to Lucas McAtee, who found the end zone again on a run up the middle of the Chieftain defense for a 35-yard touchdown run, pushing the lead to 56-6. 

Yutan pushed the tempo toward the end of the night finding the end zone, on a 4-yard run, moving the score to 56-12. 

Kyle Willis provided the last highlight of the evening, intercepting the ball once again to give the ball to the Warriors, who ran out the clock with a dominant 56-12 victory over the Chieftains. The Warriors ninth/tenth graders’ next opponent is Mt. Michael on October 2 at Mt. Michael High School at 4:30 p.m. and the JV team will travel to North Bend on October 6 to take on the Tigers at 6:00 p.m. 

Warrior JV Football Team Continues Their Winning Ways at Home against Arlington
JVers Travel to Yutan September 29

The Wahoo junior varsity football team continued their winning ways on September 22 against the Arlington Eagles at Wahoo High School. 

The Warriors opened on defense and set the tone early against the Eagle offense. The defensive front of Tyson Jelinek, Kyle Kander, Tyler Urban, and Josh Jansa were able to dominate the Eagles offensive front, allowing the linebacking core of Christian Hohl, Cole Barry, Lucas McAtee, and Sean Lindgren freedom to pursue and punish the Eagle backfield.  

The Eagles suffered consecutive losses on the first two running plays of the series with tackles for a loss by Tyson Jelinek, Cole Barry, and Josh Jansa. On third down, Christian Hohl and Sean Lindgren, along with Josh Jonsa, pursued the Eagle quarterback as he attempted to roll out, sacking him for a 10-yard loss. Arlington tried to throw on third down, but the pass was knocked down by Justin Lewandowski, forcing the Eagles to punt. 

The Eagles punted the ball deep to Justin Lewandowski, who started down the right sideline but quickly changed fields using downfield blocks from teammates to gouge the Eagle defense for a 45-yard punt return. 

Wahoo quickly took advantage of the short field by going to their running game against the Eagle’s defense. The combination of Sean Lindgren, Lucas McAtee, and Trenton Raymond quickly moved the ball down the field, running strong behind the offensive line of Tyson Jelinek, Cole Barry, Cameron Nadrchal, Colter Mattson, and Tyler Urban. 

The Warriors capped off the drive with an option play to the right with Sean Lindgren pitching the ball to Trenton Raymond, who scored from 10 yards out giving Wahoo a 7-0 lead, after the PAT kick from Christian Hohl. 

The Warriors were able to pin the Eagles deep on the kickoff by Josh Jansa, with a swarming tackle on the 15 yard line by Cole Barry and Lucas McAtee. The Warrior defense turned up the pressure on the second series and got the Warriors on the scoreboard again, as Cole Barry separated the ball from the Eagle quarterback on a linebacker blitz. Justin Lewandowski was able to scoop up the ball, rumbling up the Warrior sideline for a 20-yard fumble recovery for a score. The PAT conversion was blocked, giving the Warriors a 13-0 lead. 

Both the Warriors and Eagles went consecutive possessions without a score, as the defenses tightened their reigns going into the second quarter. The Warriors once again found their running game, as Sean Lindgren and Trenton Raymond pounded away at the Eagles defense, moving their way down the field. The Warrior line, lead by Tyson Jelinek and Cole Barry on the left side, provided the push up front, to give the Warriors their third score of the day with a 5-yard plunge by Trenton Raymond to put the Warriors up 19-0 after another blocked PAT attempt. 

The Eagles came out in the second half looking to spread out the Warriors on defense and throw the ball. The Wahoo defensive line applied a constant pass rush, often forcing the Eagles into incompletions, with Tyson Jelinek and Josh Jonsa recording quarterback sacks on consecutive pass plays. 

On third and long, the Eagles used a play action play to release a wide-open receiver down the center of the field, but Michael Kersten quickly closed in and made a leaping interception to snuff out the Eagle scoring drive. 

The Warriors once again shot themselves in the foot with some blocking breakdowns and gave the ball back to the Eagles on downs. In a virtual “déjà vu”, the Warrior defense would have to come to the rescue, pressuring from the interior by Kyle Kander and Cole Barry, baiting the Eagle quarterback into a desperation throw that was, once again, intercepted by Michael Kersten and returned 20 yards to set up the Wahoo offense. 

The Warriors corrected their line errors and used the legs of Seth Stewart and Sean Lindgren to push the ball down the field. The Eagles put eight men in the box to stop the run and the Warriors quickly made them pay with Sean Lindgren throwing a backside post route to the streaking Justin Lewandowski for a 45-yard touchdown. Christian Hohl completed the PAT conversion for a 26-0 lead.

The Eagles turned the ball over on down the next possession, giving the Warriors great field position, as Sean Lindgren, once again, used Arlington’s eight man pressure against them, finding Josh Discher on a 40-yard corner route for the Warriors’ final touchdown of the night. Christian Hohl made his final PAT attempt giving the Warriors a 33-0 lead.

The Eagles were able to muster a final drive and scored on a short running play near the goal-line and converted their 2-point play to give the Warriors a 33-8 victory over the Eagles.

The Warriors play the Yutan Chieftains on Monday, September 29 at Yutan at 6:00 p.m.

Warrior JVers Start Season with Strong 2-0 Record
Dominant Victories Posted against Raymond Central and DC West

(posted 9/17/08) The Wahoo junior varsity football team is off to a quick 2-0 start for the 2008 season with decisive victories over Raymond Central and DC West. 

The Warriors faced the Raymond Central Mustangs on a rain-soaked field at Raymond Central in the season opener. Wahoo used a strong ground game, lead by Sean Lindgren, Lucas McAtee, and Trenton Raymond to drive the ball down the field.

The Warriors were able to get on the scoreboard first with Sean Lindgren barreling into the end zone, capping a 55-yard scoring drive. Ethan Harders nailed the extra point to put the Warriors up 7-0. The defense flexed its muscles early forcing a 3-and-out with the Warriors pressuring the Mustang punter into a 20-yard punt, giving Wahoo excellent field position. 

Wahoo moved the ball, at will, versus the Mustang defense the second series due to the stellar line play for the Warriors, up front by Jamie Fiala, Cole Barry, Sean Smith, Tyler, and Mike Petersen. Sean Lindgren was able to find the end zone again, with great perimeter blocking by Derek Virgl and Kyle Willis, to put the Warriors up 13-0, with the PAT attempt failing. 

The Warriors continued their pressure on the Mustangs, with Lucas McAtee forcing a fumble, giving Wahoo a short field. Wahoo quickly moved down the field with Lucas McAtee running over a Mustang defender on the goal line to increase the Warrior lead to 19-0, with another failed PAT attempt. The Warriors pinned the Mustangs deep on the kickoff, and forced the Mustangs into a third and long situation. Christian Hohl blitzed off the left edge and chased a scrambling Mustang quarterback down in the end zone for a safety, pushing the Warrior lead to 21-0. 

Wahoo continued its dominance throughout the remainder of the game, with Christian Hohl completing a 55-yard pass to Josh Discher, streaking down the sideline before being caught near the 10 yard line. Seth Stewart completed the scoring for the Warriors, by outrunning the Mustang defenders for the corner of the endzone on a toss play to increase the lead to 28-0, with the PAT conversion by Christian Hohl. The only touchdown by the Mustangs came on a nice, cutback run by the running back to end the game, giving the Warriors a 28-6 victory over the Mustangs. 

To accommodate the new track surface being installed at the high school, the Wahoo JV football team hit the road to face the DC West Falcons, in their second game of the season. The Warriors were determined to be aggressive from the opening kick and started the game with a well-placed onside kick by Ethan Harders, that was recovered by Lucas McAtee, after a devastating hit by Cole Barry to knock the ball loose from a DC West player. 

The Warriors, once again, hit the ground running, churning the ball on the ground behind the offensive line of Jamie Fiala, Cole Barry, Sean Smith, Colter Mattson, and Mike Petersen, which opened huge holes for Sean Lindgren, Corey Davis, and Trenton Raymond on the opening drive. The Warriors started the scoring with a goal line plunge by Trenton Raymond, on a thunderous combo block from Colter Mattson and Mike Petersen. The PAT conversion by Christian Hohl was good to give the Warriors a 7-0 lead. 

The Falcons spread the field on offense but were contained by the defensive line of Tyson Jelinek, Colter Mattson, Mike Petersen, and Josh Jansa. A third down blitz by Cole Barry dropped the DC West running back for a 8-yard loss, forcing DC West to punt. The Warriors capitalized quickly on the second series with a 45-yard scoring strike to Justin Lewandowski from Sean Lindgren to increase the lead to 14-0 after the PAT conversion by Christian Hohl.

The Warrior defense flexed its muscles, once again, by forcing another 3-and-out, giving the offense excellent field position across midfield. The Warriors showed their offensive line depth with Dustin Jaskulski, Tyson Jelinek, Cameron Nadrchal, Josh Jansa, and Jake Subbert, continuing to open holes for the Wahoo running game. The third series was capped off by a hard fought run by Seth Stewart, who bounced over several Falcon defenders near the goal line to push the lead to 21-0, followed by another successful PAT conversion by Christian Hohl. 

The Falcons bobbled the kickoff, pinning them deep in their own territory, allowing the Wahoo defense to pin their ears back and attack the Falcon quarterback for consecutive sacks forcing another DC West punt. The Warriors got a great return from Micheal Kersten, giving Wahoo another short field to work with on offense. Sean Lindgren found the edge on an option play, lead by tremendous perimeter blocking by Justin Lewandowski and Kyle Willis, to spring Lindgren for a 20-yard touchdown, increasing the  Warrior lead to 28-0 going into halftime.  

The Warriors received the ball in the second half and left off right where they started in their quick hitting offense. Christian Hohl delivered a perfectly thrown ball over an outstretched defender’s hands to the speedy Justin Lewandowski for a 65-yard touchdown on the second play of the series, putting the Warriors ahead 34-0, after a failed PAT attempt. The defense continued their stellar play on the next three series, with fumble recoveries from Christian Hohl and Cole Barry, and two quarterback sacks from Mike Petersen and a tackle for loss by a blitzing Kyle Willis, to hold the Falcons scoreless for the third quarter. 

The fourth quarter saw the Warriors stave off the only scoring drive by the Falcons with a tremendous interception and return by Josh Proctor, who scrambled 45 yards to the Falcon 20 yard line. The Warriors once again went to the air with Christian Hohl connecting with Spencer Wright to finish off the scoring for Wahoo, clinching the victory, 41-0.  

Warrior JVers Start Season with Strong 2-0 Record

Greg Hohlgreg@wahoostatebank.comWahooBanker

Sep 19, 2008

Thanks Coach Shannon for the nice write-up for the JV football games. You appropriately recognized the many notable plays by all the players. Keep up the good work!
Justin Lewandowski

Sep 26, 2008

Hey thanks for putting this up Coach Shannon!