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LiveWise Reminds Parents That It's a Crime to Host Parties Where Minors Are Drinking

You may notice these posters around town pertaining to adults hosting alcoholic parties for minors.

The CMCA/Media committee reviewed the data from both the Nebraska Risk and Protective Factor Student Survey and the Parent and Youth Household Survey Report, and both indicated that underage youth were getting alcohol from someone over 21 and they were drinking at someone else's home. With that information, we contracted with a marketing firm to run two focus groups of parents of 12-to-17 year olds to inquire what message would hit the hardest and be a "wake-up" call to adults procuring or providing alcohol to minors. 

The resounding feedback from the focus groups were that many adults are unaware of the legal consequences of procuring alcohol, and that the media message needs to be strong and to the point. As a result, the marketing firm offered several suggestions and the CMCA/Media Committee agreed on "It's a Crime to host a party where minors are drinking" and "It's a crime to allow minors access to alcohol."  Following these messages, the campaign lists the penalties an adult may face if charged with providing or allowing access to alcohol to those under the age of 21 years.   
This campaign primarily is a grassroots effort, so our expectation is that the chapter members and their volunteers saturate their local neighborhood and community with flyers and posters in order to put legs on the campaign and to get the intended message to the public. Please help us out!!

For more information on how you can help, please contact:

Amber Scott
LiveWise Three Rivers Chapter Coordinator
2201  N. Locust Street
Wahoo, Nebraska 68066
Phone: (402) 443-3101
Fax: (402) 443-4731

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