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District Mourns Loss of Talented Member of the Class of 2005

Friends and Faculty Recall Fond Memories

The Wahoo Public Schools were brought to a standstill on Thursday afternoon, January 19, after learning of the loss of one of its own. Eighteen-year-old Tim Larsen, along with his father Ron, both passed away in their rural Wahoo home from carbon monoxide poisoning resulting from a furnace malfunction.

Tim was a very active member of the WHS Class of 2005. The 4.0 honor graduate was ranked first in his class of 63 students, and involved in numerous school-sponsored activities and organizations, including band, football, wrestling, golf, National Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of America, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Tim was a free spirit who lived life to the fullest. He enjoyed sports including water skiing and snow skiing, and qualified for the state wrestling tournament last year.

Tim will not be forgotten by any of his close friends from high school.
Tim was a freshman at Nebraska Wesleyan University, where he received a President's Scholarship. He had planned to pursue studies in pre-medicine, physical therapy, or agriculture management. He was also a member of the Wesleyan football team.

In his senior yearbook, Tim was voted as the most intellectual of his class. He was also voted most likely to become a millionaire and most likely to appear on Jeopardy.

Tim's father Ron was a life-long Wahoo resident. He graduated from Wahoo High School in 1969, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in May of 1973. Ron was a successful farmer, known for his characteristic chuckle and for always putting his family first.

Tim and Ron's death has been a major blow for all three schools in the Wahoo district. Tim's mother, Mary, is a well-respected kindergarten teacher at Wahoo Elementary. Tim is also known to middle school students because of his past involvement with the district's Junior Mates mentoring program, and assistance with the instruction of middle school Spanish classes.

A Life Tribute Service for Tim and Ron Larsen was held in the Wahoo High School gymnasium at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, January 22. An estimated 1,700 people attended the service, officiated by Rev. Dr. Milana Joseph. A Special Remembrance was shared by WHS Football Coach Chad Fox, who recited a poem entitled "The Dash" by Alton Maiden:

I've seen death stare at me with my own eyes in a way many cannot know.
I've seen death take others but still left me below.
I've heard many screams of mothers' cries but death refuses to hear.
In my life I've seen many faces fill with many tears.
After death has come and gone a tombstone sits for many to see.
But it is no more than a symbol of a person's memory.
I've seen my share of tombstones but never took the time to truly read.
The meaning behind what is there for others to see.
Under the person's name it read the date of birth, dash and the date the person passed.
But the more I think about the tombstone, the important thing is the dash.
Yes, I see the name of the person but that I might forget.
I also read the date of birth and death but even that might not stick.
But thinking about the individual I can't help but to remember the dash,
because it represents a person's life and that will always last.
So when you begin to charter your life make sure you're on a positive path.
Because people may forget your birth and death, but they will never forget our dash.

Fox was surrounded on the altar by many of Tim's fellow senior teammates from last year. Austin Vermeline spoke on their behalf with a mix of emotional and humorous commentary of memories shared with both Tim and Ron. A video presentation was shown in their honor, and music for the service was provided by the Bethlehem Praise Team, which at one point featured a solo of "I Need Thee Every Hour" by WHS Language Arts Instructor Kim Snyder. Visitation followed the service until 6:00 p.m.

The funeral service was held at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Wahoo on Monday, January 23, at 10:30 a.m. Interment followed at Sunrise Cemetery in Wahoo. All classes within the Wahoo Public School district were cancelled for the day.

A scholarship fund has been set up in memory of both Ron and Tim. Donations to the fund should be forwarded to the Larsen family at 1725 County Road 16 in Wahoo.

Tim shows perfection of his one-hand trick after numerous summers of practicing at his cabin.
Some of Tim's friends, former teachers, and coaches shared some of their thoughts and memories below. These will be updated throughout the following days. Please feel free to share your own thoughts by attaching a "Feedback" to this page, or you may send an e-mail to dprivett@esu2.org, and they will be added to this article.


Ed Rastovski, WPS Superintendent: "The Larsen family tragedy has been deeply felt by everyone in the Wahoo Public School Community. Tim was an honor student-athlete who was liked by everyone. Ron was a popular and respected farmer known throughout the area. He always had a smile and always seemed to talk about the positive things in life. They gave their all for their community, school, church, and sports.
From our Wahoo School Family our hearts go out to Mary, who is one of the most dedicated educators one could hope to meet. Even with all that was thrust on her, she was concerned about her kindergarten class - worrying about leaving them so suddenly and concerned about their well being. No one is less deserving of this tragedy than Mary, nor is anyone more capable of handling it. I know Mary knows she has all our support. The staff and students have been outstanding during the week. The support by our employees in handling the school side of this tragedy has been second to none. They comforted students while comforting each other. Terry [Kopish], Ann [Egr], and Jamie [Beedle], along with the area ministers and guidance counselors, provided comfort during the days and extended into the evenings. Chad Fox, with players and coaches, provided additional support and were moving in their honoring of Tim. I know from the board and administrators' position we could not expect or ask more than was given by our people. Thank you all. Our prayers go out to Mary and her family. There are no better people in the world with whom and for whom to work than all of you."

Steve Shannon, WHS Science Instructor & Assistant Football Coach: "During Tim's senior year, we beat Arlington in football in overtime his senior year. We won the game without getting a single 1st down on offense the entire game.  After the game I talked to Tim on the field and told him, 'How crazy is it that we won the game this way?' Tim was still jumping around, excited about the win, and proclaimed, 'It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing that only happens every so often.' I started laughing and told him, 'Tim, that makes NO sense!' Tim laughed and said, 'I know...' and ran off to continue celebrating."

Eric Miller, WHS Social Sciences Instructor & Head Wrestling Coach: "What can I say about Tim? Yes, he was a great student, graduating at the top of his class and getting perfect scores on almost every test, quiz, worksheet, and project I gave him in class. Yes, he was a great athlete, the captain of the wrestling team, a state qualifier, and a leader for the team to look up to. I don?t know what my fondest memory is of Tim. There are too many to think of. I will remember his work ethic and determination as he fought through illness and injury to wrestle his senior year. I will remember how everyone wanted to be Tim?s partner on every class project and how he would tell me that my quizzes were too easy. I will remember how he treated adults and kids in the community with respect. I will remember all the complements I received at wrestling tournaments about what a great kid we had wrestling at 275. I knew they were talking about his character as well as his athletic ability. Tim was funny; there was always room for a well-timed joke, even if his best friend had just lost in the semi-finals of the state-wrestling tournament. I will always remember the celebration he shared with his dad when Tim qualified for the state wrestling tournament and how his dad told me that four years of hard work had finally paid off.  
After graduation Tim constantly told me how he was going to make me go wake boarding with him. He would share his college experiences when he came home, how football was going and what his plans were. He told me that he was going to come in over the winter to help with wrestling, and he did. He showed up two or three times a week to help out his former teammates and teach them all he had learned. Every one of my wrestlers benefited from having Tim with us. Tim was a great student and became a good friend. I am thankful for the brief time that I knew him and I know that I will never forget him."

Cassie Havelka, WHS Junior: "Tim was on FCA Leadership Team with me last year. It was my first year. He was so strong in his Faith. He even got more guys to start coming to FCA and Weekend of Champions. My favorite memory of Tim was at certain FCA meetings, when the wrestling mats were in the Little Theater, on the floor, he would make sure no one stepped on them with their shoes on. If they did, he would freak out and tell them to take their shoes off! We had a lot of good times and laughter at the Wilson's, too. We love you, Tim! And we know you're in heaven, no question about it!"

Heather Marks, WHS Junior: "We went to Nashville this past summer for a mission trip. Tim made it unforgettable. This one night, we had just gotten done eating and we were supposed to pick up our chairs. Cole Dolison, a friend we had made there, swung his chair over his head, not thinking anyone was behind him. He smacked Tim right in the face pretty hard with the chair and chipped his front tooth pretty badly. But you know Tim . . . he was tough about it, plus he thought it was hilarious! He showed off his sharp, jagged tooth all night. He loved it. He was a true hillbilly with his chipped tooth."

Hunter Richmond, WHS Sophomore: "Words can't describe a kid like Timmy. He was a kid who truly made every moment of his life count. He always strived to be the best at everything he did. Timmy was a very special kid. He interacted with all of our lives, whether you think he did or not. Timmy was special because he always had a great attitude towards everything, and always sent a positive vibe towards everyone. You're a great kid and I loved hanging out at the cabin going boating with you. Thanks for all the great times and memories. Thank you for being my friend Timmy Larsen."

Sydnie S., WMS Student: "You made here great. You will make heaven perfect!"

Gary: "Tim was a great mentor and the best friend ever!"

Jake W., WMS Student and "Cabin Buddy": "Thanks for the advice in the weight room! We'll miss you."

David Privett, WHS Language Arts Instructor: "Tim was enrolled in my English 11 and senior composition courses. He was one of the most intelligent students I've taught in my twelve years in this profession. He loved to debate (and even won a few against me) and definitely wasn't afraid to stand up for what he thought was right. I'm not sure if I was successful, but I did my best to mask the possibility that he was even smarter than the teacher! He will be sorely missed."

Andy Bern, WHS Senior: "Thanks for football and all you stood for. Thanks for the cabin. You mean more than any of us know. I know you'll be watching us, so I hope we make you proud. Thanks Timmy."

Tony Grabowski, WHS Junior: "Tim would always be the one who said 'let's get to work'. If you needed help, he'd be there. If you got smart with him, he'd be a big brother and take you to the ground, but also be the one who picked you up. We miss you."

Eric Snyder, WHS Band Director: "Tim never gave up. He started band in 5th grade and continued to be in band all the way through high school, even though many of his classmates decided to drop.  I?ve always respected that in him. Although there were times that it was kind of a pain, especially when it came to pep band (he DID NOT like to play pep band), I came to appreciate his honesty and his constant questions as to why we were playing this song or that song. But my two best memories were Tim's senior year when the band went to Chicago. It was on our return trip home, he had decided to sit in the front of the bus with Mr. Privett, the bus driver and myself and we talked and laughed all the way back to Wahoo. I will always look back on that trip fondly.
The second was actually one of the last things Tim told me this past summer after my blues band had just played at the Comstock Rock festival. He said, 'I don't care what my folks say, I'm goin' to Comstock this next year!' Yes Tim, I'm sure you will be with us next year."

Dani Ludi, WHS Senior: "Timmy, I don't even know where to start with this . . . I just want you to know that I'm so happy I got the chance to know you! It started back in seventh grade when we had no worries and all we did was spend time at your AWESOME cabin going on the four wheeler and tubing! I never took the time to thank you for sitting through my six-hour dance recital. It [stinks] that we kinda drifted apart these past couple of years, but I will NEVER forget you. You had such a big heart and I could talk to you about anything. You will ALWAYS be in my heart. I love you Timmy! You are so special to many people and have touched many lives . . . there will never be anyone like you."

Austin Vermeline, WHS Class of 2005 (The following was shared by Austin at Tim and Ron's Life Tribute Service at the high school):

"Tim Larsen, also known to many as Timmy Tim Larsen, was not only a big guy on the outside, but was even a bigger man on the inside. He had a heart of gold and was a guy who would do anything for anybody. He was someone that you could rely on in any situation. No matter what, he was always there for you, and is still with us all.

"We are all a little better people for knowing Tim for over 18 years of our lives. We could all learn something from Tim. Whether it was how to shoot a proper single leg, how to do an impossible calculus problem, what the proper block for a 16 veer was, or that Tim was never wrong, no matter the case scenario, but most importantly how to be great as a friend and wonderful son.

"Tim always put his best foot forward. Whether it was in the classroom, on the mat, on the football field, or in the community. He made sure that if he was going to do something, he wasn't going to mess around. He was going to give it his all. He always went until the ref blew his whistle, he worked until his assignments were done, and when he played he made sure he was playing 110%. Tim loved life and lived it each day to the fullest.

"One thing about Tim is that he was always supportive of all sporting events. If there was a cheer going on or a cheer to be lead, you can sure bet on Tim being right in the middle of it. From our pre-game football chant, to the one arm waves to get the crowd pumped up, to dressing up all crazy in blue and gold, even on special occasions in an Indian outfit. It didn't matter to Tim just because he loved it all.

"Tim once said to Coach Shannon, after our 7-6 overtime win to Arlington, "It's a once in a lifetime thing that only happens every so often!" Coach Shannon looked at him and replied, "Tim, that makes no sense!" Tim laughed and said, "I know!" and ran off continuing celebrating.

"Well life is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it doesn't only happen but one time. Tim made sure that each and everyday he did what he had to do to fulfill life each and everyday. He made sure he left out no regrets.

"Kenny Chesney was one of Tim's favorite singers. Kenny wrote a song called, "Where would you be today." It's about losing someone special to you and where would you be today. Would you be with them enjoying your time together? Or would you make other plans not knowing what the future holds in front of you? Oftentimes we find ourselves fulfilling the second question. We take for granted what we think won't happen. That the people we love will always be there and we will see them tomorrow. Life doesn't work that way sometimes and we need to be sure and tell those loved ones how much we do love them each and everyday because you never know, and we all need to be like Tim and live life to the fullest EACH AND EVERYDAY.

"Mary, we all understand that we can't replace Tim, but the memories we have will never perish, and when you look into each one of our faces you're going to see Tim, because he lives in each one of us. He even lives on three shoulders and two backs, where his initials are made permanent. Another thing, Mary, you can expect lots, and I mean lots, of hugs from all of us.

"Ron Larsen was a wonderful loving husband, father, uncle, cousin and friend. I don't know if I ever knew such a big guy with such a little giggle for a laugh. I won't forget this one time up at their cabin they were trying to teach me how to wakeboard. Needless to say I learned how to get up, and soon found out what a face plant at 20 mph felt like. I probably did this little routine of getting up and jumping the wake and face planting on the other side about six different times. On the sixth one I submerged from the water laughing like the other five times and said, "I'm done now." I got in the boat and Ron had tears rolling down his face because he was laughing so hard. There was that little giggle and smile we will never forget.

"Like Tim, Ron always had a smile on his face and was someone that was willing to talk if you needed a friend. He was always trying to find ways to make a guy feel better and smile.

"Ron was one of those guys when you want to describe him, you can't say enough kind words about him. The Larsen family always welcomed us with open arms. Every time we went over there the first two people we would see was Mary and Ron, both with heart warming smiles. When we would leave whether it was that night, the next day, or the next, we always walked out of there with a full belly. And if we didn't that was our own fault, because Mary always had a warm meal for us and even sometimes if we were good enough we would get some of that famous monkey bread, she would make fresh for breakfast.

"There are two things in life that people treasure the most, good friends and good family. Tim and Ron were both."


Wahoo High School Says Goodbye to Talented Member of the Class of 2005

Joni Pearsonjpearson@esu2.orgelementaryteacher

Jan 20, 2006

Thank you so much. Your remembrance helps with the sadness that all of us are feeling.
Jaclyn Vermelinej_rascal@hotmail.com

Jan 20, 2006

Tim,Timmy, brother all these are names that weren't out of the ordinary for me to call Tim Larsen.Tim was like a big brother to me he was always picking on me,especially during the wrestling season. He was a big part of my brothers close friends.Timmy was one of the ever so popular "AWESOME 8" and he always will be a part of out lives. I had just seen Timmy the morning before as I was walking into school and he said "Good Morning Jaclyn" with his big brother mischievious smile. He was the perfect example of hard work and dedication,and strong christian faith i really look up to him so much just as if he was my blood brother. I know my thoughts are very jumbled in this letter but i feel its with good cause. I love you and won't ever forget you Bro. Love, Jaclyn nichole
Cassie Havelka

Jan 20, 2006

Tim, you were the best! I was thinking about you last night when I was looking through my bible and I found a verse that was in 2 Timothy 4:18 "The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and will bring me safely to his heavenly kingdom. To him be glory for ever and ever." We love you and will miss you!
Brittany Schabenb_schaben_3@hotmail.comWahoo High ScholJunior

Jan 20, 2006

Tim...how could anyone ever 4get Tim. He was loved so much around this school. He was a big brother and friend to many. Tim, I won't forget our times at F.C.A, Weekend of Champions, going to Cookies & Cream with Heather, or this summer out at Murray's. I miss you, but I know that I will see you again someday. I will never forget you.
Sam Westoversoft_ball_6@hotmail.comWMS

Jan 21, 2006

Tim,Funny,Smart,Sweet,A Belssing all thease words and more described Tim. No one could ever forget someone so popular so nice so dedicated.He was my brothers best friend. I will never forget Gradation night at my house How crazy him and my brother and everyone eles was the night. I will never forget how crazy he was at school and at all the games.How when ever u were down he could but a smile on your face. But each Time i think about it i rember he wouldnt want all of us siting down here feeling sorry for him in fact hes pry all calling us sissys Lol. Tim, Timmy no one could ever forget u we all loved u. thanks for alawys beeing there. Love u always Sam Westover

Jan 21, 2006

Dedicated To Timmy and Ron Larsen Went Home: January 19. 2006 When tomorrow starts without me, And I'm not there to see; If the sun should rise and find your eyes All filled with tears for me; I wish so much you wouldn't cry, The way you did today, While thinking of the many things, We didn't get to say. I know how much you love me, As much as I love you, And each time that you think of me, I know I'll miss you too; But when tomorrow starts without me, Please try to understand, That an angel came and called my name, And took me by the hand, He said my place was ready, In heaven far above, And that I'd have to leave behind, All those that I dearly love. But as I turned to walk away, A tear fell from my eye, For all my life, I'd always thought, I didn't want to die. I had so much to live for, So much yet to do, It seemed nearly impossible, That I was leaving you. I thought of all the yesterdays, The good ones and the bad, I thought of all the love we shared, And all the fun we had. If I could just relive yesterday, Just even for a while, I'd say good-bye and kiss you Just to see you smile. But then I fully realized, This could never be, For emptiness and memories, Would start to take the place of me. And when I thought of worldly things, I might miss come tomorrow, I thought of you, And when I did, My heart filled with sorrow. But when I walked through heaven's gates, I felt so much at home. When God looked down and smiled at me, From His great golden throne, He said "This is eternity, And all I've promised you." Today for life on earth is past, But here it starts a new. I promise no tomorrow, But today will always last, And since each day's the same way, There's no longing for the past. But you have been so faithful, So trusting and so true. Though there were times you did some things, You knew you shouldn't do. But you have been forgiven, And now at last you're free. So won't you take my hand, And share my life with me? So when tomorrow starts without me, Don't think we're far apart, For every time you think of me, I'm right here, in your heart.
Heather Marksheathermarks_34@hotmail.comWHSstudent

Jan 21, 2006

Outgoing, intelligent, hilarious, talkative, athletic, faithful, easy-to-talk-to, tough, a big brother to all....these all describe Timmy. He is such an amazing person that is a friend to anybody and everybody. He lent a shoulder to cry on. He always knew how to make you happy when you were down. He was the life of ever party...He has a special place in everybody's heart, and we will never forget him. I'll never forget the times we had...going bowling, havin a good time at parties, watching movies together, growing in Christ at FCA, going out for icecream at Cookies and Cream (his favorite kind was chocolate chip cookie dough, and he loves monster shakes), going to the Nebraska basketball game with him and eating taco bell afterwards, going to the LYON assemblies and growing in Christ, going skiing (he took me down my first blue!!) going to Nashville and spreading the word of God (and chipping teeth haha), and riding around in his big truck...we had some great times together Timmy and I will always miss you! You will always have a place in my heart...
Sam Westoversoft_ball_6@hotmail.comWMS

Jan 21, 2006

Tim,Funny,Smart,Sweet,A Belssing all thease words and more described Tim. No one could ever forget someone so popular so nice so dedicated.He was my brothers best friend. I will never forget Gradation night at my house How crazy him and my brother and everyone eles was the night. I will never forget how crazy he was at school and at all the games.How when ever u were down he could but a smile on your face. But each Time i think about it i rember he wouldnt want all of us siting down here feeling sorry for him in fact hes pry all calling us sissys Lol. Tim, Timmy no one could ever forget u we all loved u. thanks for alawys beeing there. Love u always Sam Westover
Hilary Plybon

Jan 22, 2006

Tim Larsen.....he is such a great person. He always is helpful and can cheer you up. He is the one who encourages you to try even harder than you think you can.He is like a big brother to all of us and will never be forgotten. He has one of the biggest hearts I know. We all love and miss you Timmy. Love Hilary Plybon
Bonnie Sutton

Jan 23, 2006

Timmy was one of the funniest, nicest, coolest, most inspiring people I knew... he had a comeback to ANYTHING you would say. I went to Nashville with him and our youth group last year, it was awesome! the first couple of days he was complaining and saying he didn't want to be there. But he was talking to everyone, getting to know everyone, getting hit by a chair and chipping his tooth. And even calling himself Captin Camando(it was scary!) as the week continued Tim relaxed, had fun, talked to EVERY person that went(that was A LOT!!!). When you were around him, you could tell that he wanted to be there, and nowhere else at that time (well maybe taking a nap). but he loved being there, and where ever he was. he did everything he could to make everything the best! thanks Timmy! we all Miss you and Love you SOOOO much!!!
Ryan Truaxryantruax2008@hotmail.comWahooStudent

Jan 23, 2006

Tim was a really great guy, I always looked up to him in Wrestling. Tim taught me how to stand up for myself, and not get pushed over. Thanks for the advice Tim, It's helped me a lot!

Jan 23, 2006

well lets see, tim, hunter, jennifer hackman, kali pfeiffer, katie snyder,leah hanson and i all went to the FCA's weekend of champions two years ago. Tim forgot his permission slip for the event and he had to have a parents signature. but the thing was, we were already on our way there. so tim took a new permission slip, filled all of it out, and instead of getting a signature, he forged Hunter's mom's signature, because his mom's was way too complicated. so tim and hunter passed as brothers. that's is one of the many memories i have and will keep of timmy.
Alison Brodahl

Jan 24, 2006

We will all miss you Tim. You made an impact on all our lives and forever it will stay there. The years will go by and your remembrance will be with us. Thanks for great memories!
Bryant Bartekbinks_outcold@hotmail.comwahoostudent

Jan 24, 2006

Tim was a great guy to me he taught me how to be a leader and good role model he taught me not to let people push me around. Ron was also a great guy i can hardly remember but my dad said he helped me in the 5th and 6th grade with high jump for the junior olympics i thank him so much for that because i wouldn't be a great jumper with out him. You will both be remembered.
Heather Brazilbrazil_21@hotmail.com

Jan 24, 2006

Tim Larsen was the BEST country dancer out there! Tim and I would always go to Plamour in Lincoln and dance and learn some new moves, once we got really good and started to do crazy things he always said to me "Lets go be show offs" so of course we went out in the middle of the circle and would dance. Tim would always come up with new moves and try explaining it to me over the internet and i would not get it so he said oh well i will just have to show you sometime. Tim loved eating pizza on the way to Plamour he would pick me up and would be eating his own big pizza..he would eat the whole thing!! Dancing will just not be the same without you Tim!
Justine Wood

Jan 24, 2006

Timmy was a big brother to a lot of people..He was loved by many and hated by none. He was the funniest person..If you had a problem with Timmy than there was a serious problem with you..He will always be LOVED and MISSED and will NEVER be forgotten....We love You...
Caitlin Wattscnwatts_16@hotmail.comWMS student

Jan 25, 2006

Tim was everything everyone dreamed of in the perfect person, he had a huge heart and love for anyone--even if they didn't want it. Tim was always full of bear hugs -- being the big guy he was they were huge! I can never forget the wrestling practices - no matter how tough it got Tim never ever gave up - he started wrestling in 7th or 8th grade and even though he was just getting started he tried to excell at everything thrown at him. He was someone I took after in different ways, i wanted to be just like him -- not hate people & love everyone and try and do my best at everything no matter how tough it gets -- there is so much i can say about Tim, he was a funny guy with a heart made of gold, I will never forget him. Tim you will be in my thoughts and prayers, you'll never be forgotten -- you've done to much -- to us, you're a legend and will remain that way. I love you Tim! -- Love Caitlin Watts
Mike Cudaback
WMS Senior

Jan 25, 2006

Tim was an AMAZING person he was the first person to talk to me when i first moved here in the ninth grade... He was always there for me when i needed someone to talk to.. He will always be with me and our memories will never be forgotton...
Travis Haggethhgge@hotmail.com

Jan 25, 2006

I will always remember Tim from when he would play in the school jazz band he was one of the best. I can still hear him saying "do you have a dip for me Trav" There is one good Thing to come of this both Tim and his Dad will watch over all of us.
Tricia Shanahansweetsixteen638@hotmail.com

Jan 25, 2006

Tim, you will never be forgotten at Wahoo High School! You were one the best people that i could ever get to know! I know that you will be looking down at us each and every day to tell us what a good job we are all doing! Tim you were like a big brother to all of us and we will never forget that! We love you and we will miss you. Tricia Shanahan
Brittany Asche

Jan 27, 2006

The Sunday before Tim died he called me and asked me to go to the Pla Mor with him. I was kind hesitating because I had school the next day and I really needed to get my sleep so I said no. That night around eight o'clock, I had a knock on my door. It was Tim and his cousin Jordan. I was surprised but all Tim said was, "Your goin' whether you like it or not!" and of course I went. He was the best country dancer I knew and the ONLY one I trust to flip me. he was always such a sweet heart and he never took "No" for an answer. I'm so glad I went with Tim. He was a great guy and his heart and determination will be passed along to many people. He was a perfect role model nd he will be missed SOOOOOOOOO much. I Love You Timmy!!!!!!!!
Megan Welton

Jan 29, 2006

Timmy, i will always remember your laugh and smile and never forget seeing your face in the weight room every morning during the summer or all those memories we had at weekend of champs or at your cabin. You taught so many people so many things and it wasn't fair that had to leave us so soon. I know God has his reasons, but sometimes it's hard to see them. Timmy you will always be in my thoughts and prayers, and I know that we will see eachother again sometime. Love ya bud!
Dusten Halldhall13@hotmail.com

Feb 15, 2006

i just cant believe your gone, last time i saw you timmy we were at a kenny chesney concert, i will never forget you brother... "now only the good die young stops me in my tracks, every time i hear that song i go back..."

Feb 23, 2006

At the end of the world Or the last thing I see You are never coming home Never coming home Could I, should I And all the things that you never ever told me And all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me we'll miss you Tim
Kaitie States

Feb 24, 2006

Timmy I am going to miss you so much it has not hit me yet with the fact that you are really gone. Every day I keep waiting for your one a day phone call just to see how I have been doing. All I can do to keep going is to remember all the great times that we used to have, I am really going to miss those days. I miss you very much I hope that we will someday see each other soon. LOVE YA BUNCHES, Kaitie
Scott Crousesmcrouse-13@hotmail.comFort Stewart, GeorgiaCarpenter and Masoner in the Army

Mar 09, 2006

Hey Tim, I'm going to miss you man. Peace
Shelby Oppelt
po box148 sewardSeward

Oct 18, 2006

Tim was my best and he was a brother to me, every time we went to the football games he would always dress in a warrior outfit. He will always be in my heart and my brother We miss you and love you!