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Warrior sophomore Elly Larson helped lead the charge toward a 52-29 victory over Seward. The Warrior Girls have enjoyed a very strong 3-0 start to their season, and will travel to Wayne Dec. 9.

Warrior Girls lose close matchup to Bishop Neumann in C1-3 Subdistrict

Wahoo ends 2016-2017 season with 17-7 record

2016-2017 SCHEDULE:
(Home games are in BOLD CAPS)

 Date  Opponent  Score
 Dec. 1, 2016  @ Bennington  65-30 W
 Dec. 3, 2016  SEWARD  52-29 W
 Dec. 6, 2016  @ Ashland-Greenwood  71-28 W
 Dec. 9, 2016  @ Wayne  55-52 W
 Dec. 13, 2016  @ Louisville  50-62 L
 Dec. 29, 2016  ELKHORN SOUTH (Holiday Tourney)  31-52 L
 Dec. 30, 2016  LINCOLN CHRISTIAN (Holiday Tourney)  35-68 L
 Jan. 3, 2017  LINCOLN LUTHERAN  50-36 W
 Jan. 6, 2017  SYRACUSE  73-31 W
 Jan. 7, 2017  CRETE  48-51 L
 Jan. 13, 2017  @ Platteview  39-41 L
 Jan. 14, 2017  D.C. WEST  76-24 W
 Jan. 19, 2017  FT. CALHOUN  53-31 W
 Jan. 20, 2017  NORFOLK CATHOLIC  57-31 W
 Jan. 21, 2017  @ Raymond Central  52-45 W
 Jan. 24, 2017  ASHLAND-GREENWOOD (NCC Tourney)  68-16 W
 Jan. 27, 2017  FORT CALHOUN (NCC Tourney Semifinal)  73-64 W
 Jan. 28, 2017  Platteview (NCC Tourney Championship)  37-50 L
 Jan. 31, 2017  GRETNA  47-44 W
 Feb. 3, 2017  ARLINGTON  69-35 W
 Feb. 4, 2017  @ Omaha Mercy  54-27 W
 Feb. 7, 2017  MALCOLM  53-42 W
 Feb. 10, 2017  @ Columbus Lakeview  55-34 W
 Feb. 13, 14, 16  C1-3 Subdistricts vs. Bishop Neumann  49-54 L
 Feb. 24, 2017  District Final (TBA)  --
 Mar. 2-4  State Tourney in Lincoln  --


 No.  Name  Height   Gr. 
 11  Maddie Larson  5'7"  11
 13  Taryn Scheef  5'8"  11
 15  Brianna Brabec  5'6"  11
 21  Katie Borchers  5'7"  10
 23  Kendal Brigham  5'3"   9
 25  Mallory Lindstrom  5'6"  12
 35  Hallie Reeves  5'8"  10
 41  Elly Larson  5'11"  10
 41  Lillie Mann  5'10"   9
 45  Jaci Schnakenberg   5'7"  10
 51  Macy Homes  5'8"  10
 53  Katie Pearson  5'9"  11

Head Coach: Linda Walker
Assistant Coaches: Wes Kramer, Kelsey Sestak, Michelle Wilt
Student Managers: Abbey Borchers, Kylee Kenning, Taylor Luben, Lillian Harris, Jaxsen Wilt


Congratulations to the following Warriors for being named to the 2016-2017 Omaha World-Herald's Girls All-State team:
    Hallie Reeves (2nd Team)
    Honorable Mention: Brianna Brabec, Kendal Brigham, Elly Larson, Mallory Lindstrom, Taryn Scheef

Congratulations to the following Warriors for being named to the 2016-2017 Nebraska Capitol Conference Girls All-Conference team:
    Hallie Reeves (1st Team)
    Taryn Scheef (1st Team)
    Brianna Brabec (2nd Team)
    Honorable Mention: Elly Larson, Kendal Brigham, Mallory Lindstrom


The NSAA Girls Basketball C1-3 Subdistrict was played Monday-Thursday, February 13-16 at Waverly High School. Wahoo was the #3 seed, and faced #2 Bishop Neumann in Game 3. Unfortunately the Warriors fell short, losing a close matchup to the Cavs, 49-54, ending Wahoo's season with a 17-7 record. Click HERE to view the entire C1-3 Subdistrict bracket. GO BIG BLUE!!!

Warrior Girls lose close matchup to Bishop Neumann in C1-3 Subdistrict
Wahoo ends 2016-2017 season with 17-7 record
February 14, 2017 (C1-3 Subdricts @ Waverly High School)
    #3 Wahoo    49
    #2 Bishop Neumann    54    L

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors  12          16     (28)  14     (42)   7         49
 Cavaliers  18  14     (32)  12     (44)  10        54

Scoring Leaders: Reeves-22, Brabec-11, E. Larson-10, Scheef-3, Brigham-3
Rebound Leaders: E. Larson-10, Brabec-4, Reeves-3
Steal Leaders: Reeves-4
Assists Leaders: Brigham-2, Lindstrom-2, Reeves-2


Warrior Girls close regular season with solid win @ Lakeview
17-6 Wahoo prepares for Feb. 13-16 C1-3 Subdistricts @ Waverly
February 10, 2017 (Away)
    Wahoo    55
    Columbus Lakeview    34    W

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors  15           7      (22)   9      (31)  24        55
 Vikings  10   5      (15)   8      (23)  11        34

Scoring Leaders: Reeves-14, Brabec-13, Scheef-9, Brigham-6, E. Larson-6, Lindstrom-3, Larson-2, Pearson-2
Rebound Leaders: E. Larson-5, Reeves-3, Lindstrom-3, Scheef-3
Steal Leaders: E. Larson-2, Lindstrom-2, Brabec-2
Assist Leaders: Reeves-3, Scheef-2, Brigham-2, E. Larson-2


Warrior Girls upset Class C-1 #5 Malcolm at home!
16-6 Wahoo closes regular season Friday at Lakeview
February 7, 2017 (Home)
    Wahoo    53
    Malcolm    42    W

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors   9          16     (25)  10     (35)  18        53
 Clippers  16   7      (23)  10     (33)   9         42

Scoring Leaders: Reeves-18, Scheef-16, Brabec-10, Brigham-3, Lindstrom-2, M. Larson-2
Rebound Leaders: Lindstrom-5, Reeves-4, Scheef-3
Steal Leaders: Reeves-3, Scheef-2, Lindstrom-2
Assist Leaders: Brigham-5, Brabec-3


Warrior Girls show no mercy in big win over Monarchs
15-6 Wahoo hosts Malcolm Tuesday
February 4, 2017 (Away)
    Wahoo    54
    Omaha Mercy    27    W

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors  10          16     (26)  12     (38)  16        54
 Monarchs   8   9      (17)   8      (25)   2         27

The Wahoo Warriors traveled to Omaha to take on the Monarchs Saturday afternoon. It was a rescheduled game from January and a quick turn around from playing the Arlington Eagles the night before.

A steal by Taryn Scheef, made free throws, and a three-pointer put the Warriors in action Saturday afternoon. Soon a steal and lay up by Hallie Reeves, and a three-pointer by Brianna Brabec gave Wahoo a 7-4 lead. The Monarchs kept swarming and Wahoo appeared to lack consistency. The first quarter tempo was slow for the Warriors; however, they were able to end the first grace period up 10-8.

The Warriors had a really strong start to the 2nd quarter, causing Mercy’s five turnovers in a row. A bucket by Scheef and two steals by Elly Larson and a steal by Mallory Lindstrom fueled an 8-0 run. The Monarchs took flight and began scoring. Brabec sank the last shot again of the quarter, giving Wahoo a 26-17 lead at half time.

Wahoo came out third quarter dominating. A steal by Mallory Lindstrom and an assist by Scheef to Reeves began a 10-0 run. A three and two by Reeves and a three by Kendal Brigham put the Warriors up 36-17. Wahoo then went into a trance for some time. The next nine possessions were a bit quiet for the Warriors. A steal by Brigham and an assist from Lindstrom to Maddie Larson ended the third period, 38-25.

Wahoo came out strong again the 4th quarter with their defense and shooting. Lindstrom put in the first score, followed by two-3’s: one by Reeves and the other by Scheef. Wahoo’s defense wore on the Monarchs and became apparent this quarter, causing five more turnovers. A baseline three by Reeves and M. Larson’s free throw gave Wahoo a 12-0 run. Mercy’s score this quarter came in the last two possessions of the game. Wahoo’s Katie Pearson and Lillie Mann put the final touches on the scoreboard.

Wahoo took their third win of the week with a victory over the Mercy Monarchs, 54-27.

“We played a bit sluggish and got ourselves out of position many times,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. “Although we played in spurts today, it was a good week for us. We’ll get a little rest and come back strong on Tuesday.”

Scoring Leaders: Reeves-19, Scheef-18, Brabec-5, Brigham-3, Lindstrom-2, M. Larson-2, Lillie Mann-2, Katie Pearson-2
Rebound Leaders: Reeves-6, E. Larson-4, Scheef-3, Brabec-3
Steal Leaders: E. Larson-5, Lindstrom-4, Reeves-3
Assist Leaders: Lindstrom-4, Brigham-3


Warrior Girls advance to 14-6 with home win over Arlington
Wahoo travels to Omaha Mercy Saturday for makeup game
February 3, 2017 (Home)
    Wahoo    69
    Arlington    35    W

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors  24          14     (38)  14     (52)  17        69
 Eagles  10   8      (18)   6      (24)  11        35

The Wahoo Warriors took on the Arlington Eagles Friday night at home and soared to a 69-35 victory.

The Eagles were plagued with turnovers early, as Wahoo’s defense swarmed the court. A steal by Hallie Reeves and a quick score put the Warriors on the board. Elly Larson sank the next shot. Scores by Reeves, Brianna Brabec, and Maddie Larson, along with two-3’s by Taryn Scheef, gave way to a 24-10 first quarter performance.

Wahoo began the 2nd quarter with three steals, but was unable to produce any scores. It was quiet for some time before Wahoo sank three of four free throws. E. Larson broke the ice, followed by a two and three from Scheef. Katie Pearson and Kendal Brigham cleaned up the half, 38-18.

Wahoo turned it on early in the 3rd quarter, producing an early 9-0 run. E. Larson’s two offensive put backs and Scheef’s layup and an and-one finish pulled the Warriors ahead 42-18. Brabec’s dribble drive pull up shot and Brigham’s trey ended the quarter 52-24.

The Warriors continued to build. Reeves sank a free throw, followed by a Mallory Lindstrom basket. A steal and finish product by Reeves, free throws by Scheef, and Lindstrom’s power lay up fostered a 61-27 lead. Arlington hit two nice threes, before Reeves finished on the offensive rebound.

Wahoo cleared the bench. It was Macy Homes’ three and Lillie Mann’s two-point conversions that closed the game, 69-35.

“We made some nice plays tonight,” said Coach Linda Walker. “We end regular season conference play 6-1.”

Scoring Leaders: Scheef-20, Reeves-16, E. Larson-8, Brabec-6, Brigham-6, Lindstrom-4, Homes-3, M. Larson-2, Mann-2
Rebound Leaders: E. Larson-9, Reeves-8, Lindstrom-5
Steal Leaders: Lindstrom-6, Reeves-6
Assist Leaders: Brabec-4, Brigham-4


Warrior Girls knock out Gretna in Tuesday night nail-biter!
13-6 Wahoo hosts Arlington Friday
January 31, 2017 (Home)
    Wahoo    47
    Gretna    44    W

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors  15          11     (26)   6      (32)  15        47
 Dragons  15   8      (23)   8      (31)  13        44

Wahoo Warriors win out over Class B #5 Dragons, 47-44!

Steals by Hallie Reeves and Taryn Scheef and two finished products started the night for the Warriors. Gretna sank 1 of 2 free throws; however, it was Brianna Brabec’s lone baseline three that prompted an opponent time out. 

The Dragons responded and fired on the next two possessions, closing the gap 7-6. After 10 possessions of play it was 10-all. Soon Gretna sank the three, but Wahoo answered with a Mallory Lindstrom put back and Kendal Brigham nothing-but-net three to end a 15-15 first quarter performance.

Gretna opened up 2nd quarter with a two-point conversion. An assist by Brabec to Reeves, a left-side three by Scheef, and a top-of-the-key three and free throw by Brigham gave the Warriors a three-point lead at half, 26-23.

A little momentum was lost to start the 3rd with turnovers, but Wahoo survived Gretna’s early 5-0 run. Reeves attacked the basket and sank the foul shots at the line. A steal by Maddie Larson and an assist by Brigham to Reeves gave the Warriors fighting power. Gretna’s momentum halted with some turnovers caused by the Warriors. A steal by Brigham poured to Reeves down the court for two.

Wahoo ended third period up 32-31.

Fourth quarter was intense and super exciting. A steal by E. Larson fueled Scheef to go to the line for two. The Dragons fired back by sinking a three and an offensive board put back. A baseline three by Reeves kept the lead in Wahoo’s hands, and the Warrior defense pierced the floor. Scheef picked off the pass and quickly threw it down court to Reeves, who ignited the Warrior crowd. Wahoo put six more points on the board, and Brigham’s last two free throws sealed the win 47-44.

“This was a great win for us tonight,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. “Gretna is always a tough one to get after Conference play.” 

Scoring Leaders: Reeves-27, Brigham-10, Scheef-5, Brabec-3, Lindstrom-2
Rebound Leaders: E. Larson-9, M. Lindstrom-8, Reeves-7
Steal Leaders: M. Larson-3, Scheef-2
Assist Leaders: Reeves-3, Brabec-2, Brigham-2


The 2016-2017 Nebraska Capitol Conference Basketball Tournament was played January 24-28, 2017. The Warrior Girls earned the #2 seed, and debuted in the tourney by hosting #7 Ashland-Greenwood in Game 4. Wahoo soundly defeated the Bluejays 68-16. The Warriors then hosted a tough #3-seeded Fort Calhoun in the NCC Semifinal on Friday, Jan. 27, and pulled away with the 73-64 win. The NCC Championship moved to Ramond Central on Saturday, Jan. 29, where Wahoo faced the #1 seed, Platteview. Unfortunately, the Trojans pulled away with the 37-50 win, and Wahoo finished as NCC Runners-Up. Click
HERE to view the NCC Basketball Tourney bracket for both boys and girls. GO BIG BLUE!

Inserted Image
Warrior Girls: 2017 NE Capitol Conference Runners-Up.

Warrior Girls take runner-up at 2017 Capitol Conference Tourney
Wahoo falls to Platteview in NCC final; hosts Gretna Tuesday
January 28, 2017 (NCC Tourney Championship @ Raymond Central)
    #2 Wahoo    37
    #1 Platteview    50    L

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors  18           6      (24)   5      (29)   8         37
 Trojans   9  13     (22)  16     (38)  12        50

The Wahoo Warriors fell to defeat against the Platteview Trojans in the Capitol Conference Tournament final, 50-37 at Raymond Central.

Wahoo came out of the gate with intent and put together a strong first quarter performance. A steal by Brianna Brabec set the tone, and Taryn Scheef sank a two, a three and free throws to give the Warriors a 7-4 start. Mallory Lindstrom’s steal fueled a layup by Hallie Reeves, and Elly Larson and Brianna Brabec added four more points before Platteview responded on an and-one play.

Wahoo finished the 18-9 quarter with a three by Brabec and a steal and layup by Reeves.

Wahoo had an advantage to start the 2nd quarter with Platteview’s best player Payton Brotzki on the bench in foul trouble; however, a three-possession stretch closed the scoring gap. Wahoo failed to contest the arch, and Brandis Bridwell sank three in a row, causing Wahoo’s lead to dwindle.

Wahoo finished the second quarter with a slim 24-22 lead.

The Warriors came out of halftime a bit sluggish, and opened the door for Platteview to rear up. Two Warrior turnovers and a lack of scoring allowed the Trojans to take control. A combined 5 points from E. Larson and Brabec were the only scoring for the Warriors this period. Platteview’s catalyst speared 8 of her 12 points this quarter, and Platteview went on to outscore Wahoo 16-5.

Platteview lead 38-29 after three quarters.

Wahoo fought hard in the fourth to regain the third quarter loss, causing Platteview to turn the ball over 7 times, but the Warriors’ offensive attempts failed to go down. Platteview sank 8 of 8 free throws to take the Championship 50-37.

“We did not play consistently strong tonight, and allowed Platteview to connect at the three in the second period, and get the upper hand third quarter,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. “We have to refocus and get ready for our next challenge.”

Scoring Leaders: Scheef-11, Reeves-9, Brabec-8, E. Larson-6, Brigham-3
Rebound Leaders: E. Larson-6, Lindstrom-6, Reeves-6
Steal Leader: Reeves-7
Assist Leaders: Reeves-3, Lindstrom-3


Warrior Girls take the win over tough Ft. Calhoun challenge in NCC Semi
Tourney final set for Saturday @ 4:30 p.m. (#2 Wahoo vs. #1 Platteview)
January 27, 2017 (NCC Tourney Semifinal @ Home)
    #2 Wahoo    73
    #3 Fort Calhoun    64    W

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors  20          17     (37)  21     (58)  15        73
 Pioneers  16  14     (30)  20     (50)  14        64

Round two with Conference foe Ft. Calhoun was a bit more of a challenge. The NCC semifinal round against Ft. Calhoun was played Friday night. 

Ft. Calhoun connected on the first shot, but Taryn Scheef sank the corner three to ignite the Warriors. It was a high scoring first quarter with Ft. Calhoun sinking 3-threes and 3-twos; however, the Warriors attacked the basket and drew the fouls, sinking 9 of 12 free throws. Baskets by Kendal Brigham, Elly Larson and Hallie Reeves reigned in a 20-16 first period in favor of the Warriors.

Wahoo rolled the second period with a steal and and-one play by Reeves. Free throws by Scheef and Reeves gave Wahoo a 27-21 lead. Brianna Brabec hit the next elbow shot and a steal by Maddie Larson to Reeves faired well. A Brabec short jumper expanded the lead to 33-21, but two turnovers slowed the Warriors for a brief period. The last two possessions were all Reeves, who added four more points, scoring 15 of her game-high 38.

Wahoo lead at halftime 37-30.

Fort Calhoun came out firing in the third quarter, going on a 6-0 run. E. Larson and Reeves found net, and Mallory Lindstrom sank her foul shots to create an even up fight. A three by Brigham and a combined 11 points by Scheef and Reeves kept the game in Warrior hands. The Pioneers did keep a steady flow of scores going; however, Wahoo matched it ever time to keep an eight-point lead entering the fourth quarter, up 58-50.

Fort Calhoun came within four points at one time, but the Warriors were able to convert on 8 of 10 free throws and finish with strong scoring until the end. 

Wahoo advanced to the Conference finals against Platteview with the win over Ft. Calhoun, 73-64.

“We met our match tonight with Ft. Calhoun and let them linger,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. “On another note, Hallie had a big night, scoring 38 points. The single game-high record of 35 was owned by our beloved #31 Rachel Simon.”

Scoring Leaders: Reeves-38, Scheef-11, E. Larson-7, Brigham-7, Brabec-6, Lindstrom-4
Rebound Leaders: Reeves-9, Lindstrom-5, Brigham-4, Brabec-4
Steal Leader: Brabec-5
Assist Leaders: Scheef-3, Brabec-3, Brigham-3


Warrior Girls take huge win over Ashland-Greenwood in 1st Round NCC Tourney
#2 Wahoo hosts #3 Fort Calhoun in Friday NCC Semifinal
January 24, 2017 (NCC Tourney @ Home)
    #2 Wahoo    68
    #7 Ashland-Greenwood    16    W

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors  23          18     (41)  16     (57)  11        68
 Bluejays   2  10     (12)   2      (14)   2         16

Scoring Leaders: Reeves-23, Brabec-11, Scheef-10, E. Larson-10, Brigham-4, Lindstrom-4, Pearson-4, M. Larson-2
Rebound Leaders: M. Larson-4, Reeves-4, E. Larson-4
Steal Leaders: Reeves-6, Scheef-3
Assist Leaders: Reeves-4, Brigham-4


Warrior Girls overtake Raymond Central in close Saturday contest
10-5 Wahoo hosts Ashland-Greenwood for NCC Tourney game on Monday
January 21, 2017 (Away)
    Wahoo    52  
    Raymond Central    45    W

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors   9           9      (18)  18     (36)  16        52
 Mustangs   8  21     (29)  12     (41)   4         45

The Warriors fought through adversity on their 3rd straight game, and found what it took to overcome a 13-point deficit in the second half against the Mustangs, with a final score 52-45.

Back-to-back Mustang steals and a 4-0 charge called for an immediate Warrior time. A refocused Wahoo caused Raymond Central to commit three turnovers in a row, and opened the gate for a Hallie Reeves steal and layup.

Early foul trouble plagued Elly Larson to sit the bench all of first quarter. Free throws, a steal and score, and a top-of-the-key three by Reeves ended the quarter with Wahoo leading 9-8.

The Raymond Central Mustangs came out second quarter in wild form, going on an 8-0 spree. Brianna Brabec drove the lane and sank two foul shots, but then the Mustangs poured it on. Wahoo went scoreless for the next ten possessions and the Mustangs whinnied a 21-9 explosion.

Wahoo trailed 29-18 at halftime.

Wahoo entered the third period down by 11, but didn't get down. A three by Reeves and E. Larson and a two by Kendal Brigham sparked some life in the Warriors. 

The tiredness of three games in a row was apparent, but soon was lifted with a four-possession excursion by Wahoo and foul trouble for the Mustangs. Brabec sank the elbow shot, followed by an and-one play by Reeves. Momentum appeared to be shifting and the Warriors fed on it. A steal by Kendal Brigham gave way to a Taryn Scheef layup, and a beautiful transition play fueled Reeves like a freight train.

The window opened wide as the Warriors got their wings in the four quarter, trailing by five, 36-41.

Wahoo’s full court 1-3-1 pressure intensified in the fourth, causing the Mustangs to mishandle five times in the first six possessions. A steal by Reeves and two steals by Mallory Lindstrom set the tempo. Scheef went to the line and tied the game up 41 all. It was Scheef’s three that gave Wahoo their lead after the first 8 minutes of play; however, R.C. fired a three right back. Strategy played out in the final moments, and Wahoo was able to finish on 8 of 9 free throws.

Wahoo took the victory, 52-45.

“We faced big time adversity tonight,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. “Playing three games in a row against good opponents can take a toll. We dug deep, refueled and got the job done. I’m super proud!” 

Scoring Leaders: Reeves-26, Scheef-12, Brabec 6, Lindstrom-3, E. Larson-3, Brigham-2
Rebound Leaders: Lindstrom-7, Reeves-5, Scheef-4, Brabec-4
Steal Leaders: Reeves-5, Lindstrom-3
Assist Leaders: Scheef-2, Brigham-2


Warrior Girls post decisive home victory over Norfolk Catholic
9-5 Wahoo travels to Raymond Central Saturday (make-up game)
January 20, 2017 (Home)
    Wahoo    57  
    Norfolk Catholic    31    W

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors   9          16     (25)   9      (34)  23        57
 Knights   5   5      (10)  10     (20)  11        31

Wahoo faced Norfolk Catholic at home, the second of three games in three days, and prevailed 57-31.

Norfolk Catholic took an early 4-0 lead, but only for a short period of time. Wahoo came out of the timeout, and soon put their game faces on. A steal and assist by Mallory Lindstrom fed Taryn Scheef to finish on an and-one play. A repeat and-one by Hallie Reeves changed the course, and gave Wahoo a slim two-point lead. A welcomed three by Scheef and a lone opponent free throw ended the first 8 minutes of play, 9-5.

Brianna Brabec led the Warriors in the second quarter by scoring 8 of her game 10. Reeves followed with a basket of her own. Gaps of no scoring plagued both teams for some time, but the Warriors were able to make enough to build a comfortable 15-point lead, 25-10, entering half-time.

The Knights woke up and rolled a 6-0 run early in the 3rd quarter. Wahoo was able to muster scores from Elly Larson, Reeves and Brabec to counter the attack; however, Norfolk Catholic outscored the Warriors this quarter 10-9.

The Warriors regrouped and put together a dominating 4th quarter. Scheef’s sharp shooting put up 15 of her 21 points this quarter alone. Wahoo finished on 8 of 11 free throws and took the win 57-31.

“Our defense forced the Knights to 27 turnovers,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. “We were spotted tonight; however, our 2nd and 4th quarter were dominating.”

Scoring Leaders: Scheef-21, Reeves-18, Brabec-10, E. Larson-4, Schnakenberg-3, Pearson-1
Rebound Leaders: E. Larson-7, Reeves-6, Brabec-5
Steal Leaders: Reeves-5, Brabec-3
Assist Leaders: Lindstrom-7, Brabec-3


Warrior Girls take care of business with home victory over Ft. Calhoun
8-5 Wahoo hosts Norfolk Catholic Friday night
January 19, 2017 (Home)
    Wahoo    53   
    Fort Calhoun    31    W

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors  13          15     (28)  10     (38)  15        53
 Pioneers  12   9      (21)   7      (28)   3         31

Scoring Leaders: E. Larson-19, Scheef-13, Brigham-6, Reeves-5, Brabec-3, Lindstrom-2, Pearson-2, Mann-2, Schnakenberg-1
Rebound Leaders: E. Larson-11, M. Larson-5, Scheef-4, Lindstrom-4
Steal Leaders: Reeves-3, Scheef-3
Assist Leaders: Scheef-4, Brabec-2, Brigham-2


Warriors rebound from 2 close losses w/ravaging home win over D.C. West!
7-5 Wahoo hosts Ft. Calhoun Monday
January 14, 2017 (Home)
    Wahoo    76
    D.C. West    24    W

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors  22          25     (47)  16     (63)  13        76
 Falcons   7   5      (12)   2      (14)  10        24

It was a dominating night for the Warriors from start to finish. Four Warriors ended in double digits and all contributed to the 76-24 win.

Wahoo set the pace early with their intense defense and offensive attack. A preying first quarter performance began with early baskets by Elly Larson. The Warriors converted on three and-one plays. Taryn Scheef and Hallie Reeves combined this quarter for 14 of the 22 points, and Mallory Lindstrom and Kendal Brigham finished the 22-7 quarter.

Five different Warriors tallied steals second quarter that led to 16 of the 25 points. The Warrior defense forced 12 of 25 turnovers in this quarter alone. Lindstrom’s baseline three seasoned the 25-5 second quarter performance.

Wahoo headed into the locker room at halftime, up 47-12.

The Falcons hit on the first basket of third quarter; however, another D.C. West point did not occur until the 4th quarter. It was Scheef’s trey, her finished product on an offensive rebound, and the and-one that inspired another offensive Warrior pursuit. Scores by Lindstrom, E. Larson and Brigham, and a three-pointer by Macy Homes, gave the Warriors a 16-2 offensive 3rd quarter production.

All 12 Warriors entered the game early in the first half and finished it out the 2nd half. Wahoo soared on to win 76-24.

“We controlled the game from start to finish,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. “We shot well from the field (46%), and our half-court defense put the Falcons under pressure all night.”

Scoring Leaders: Scheef-18, Reeves-17, Brigham-11, E. Larson-11, Lindstrom-7, Brabec-4, Homes-3, M. Larson-2, Schnakenbert-2, Mann-1
Rebound Leaders: M. Larson-7, Reeves-7, E. Larson-7, Scheef-4
Steal Leaders: Reeves-6, Brigham-4
Assist Leaders: Reeves-4, Brigham-3, Lindstrom-3


Warrior girls lose 2nd straight close contest @ Platteview
6-5 Wahoo hosts D.C. West Saturday
January 13, 2017 (Away)
    Wahoo    39
    Platteview    41    L

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors   4          3       (7)  15     (22)  17        39
 Trojans   6   8      (14)  10     (24)  17        41

Wahoo lost a heartbreaker in a 2nd half comeback against Platteview, 39-41.

It was a pretty intense, low-scoring 1st quarter between the Wahoo Warriors and Platteview Trojans. In 11 possessions the Trojans led 6-4. Hallie Reeves and Brianna Brabec kept Wahoo grounded.

A steal by Brabec fed a score to Reeves to tie the game six-all to start the 2nd period. The Warriors became very passive on offense, and wouldn’t find another point until Brabec got fouled on the shot. 

The Trojans outscored the Warriors 8-3 this quarter and led at half 14-7.

A refocused Warrior team came out the second half. Wahoo forced two opponent turnovers and closed in on the Trojans, 12-14. Platteview responded by cashing in on the three. Warrior turnovers fed the Trojans two consecutive scores, and Platteview regained a 19-12 lead.

Wahoo didn’t sit back. Mallory Lindstrom fired back with a top-of-key three, followed by an assist from Reeves to Taryn Scheef. The Warriors were back in action. Platteview responded again and sank another three and two. Kendal Brigham’s steal and attack to the basket put her to the line, sinking both free throws. It was Brabec’s steal and assist to Scheef for the three that ended the quarter down, 22-24. 

Platteview’s Brodsky fueled up this quarter and scored 9 of her 18 points, but Wahoo shot right back. Reeves sank her foul shots, and a steal by Elly Larson fed a layup to Reeves to tie the game 28-28. Another two by Reeves canceled another basket by the Trojans and the game remained tied at 30-30. 

A huge three by Kendal Brigham gave way to Wahoo’s first lead of the game. Wahoo fired too quickly in the next couple of possessions, and two Warrior turnovers caused momentum disruption. Some questionable no calls and calls put Wahoo down by four, but did not discourage them.

Wahoo held steady until the very end. Back-and-forth free throws and shots kept things tight. A huge welcome baseline three by Brigham and a quick last timeout put the Warriors down by one in the last 22 seconds of the game. 

The Warriors put on their full court man press and thought the ball was back in their hands. A tie up gave the Trojans the ball. A holding call on the inbounds was called before the ball could enter, and the Trojans went to the foul line to sink 1 of 2 and take a 2-point lead.

Neither team had any timeouts left. Wahoo took an open three, and it looked like it was the winning shot! Wahoo rebounded the miss, passed to Reeves under the basket, but she was unable to get the shot off before the buzzer sounded.

The Trojans took the win 41-39.

“We played so passive offensively the first half, but maintained our focus on defense,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. “I am really pleased with our second half performance. We played together to win this game and we had the opportunity to win it.”

Scoring Leaders: Reeves-11, Brigham-10, Scheef-7, Brabec-5, Lindstrom-4, M. Larson-2
Rebound Leaders: Reeves-8, Brabec-6, E. Larson-4
Steal Leaders: Brabec-5, Brigham-4
Assist Leaders: Brabec-3, Reeves-3


Warrior girls lose a heart-breaker to Crete at home
Wahoo travels to Omaha Mercy Tuesday (Jan. 10)
January 7, 2017 (Home)
    Wahoo    48
    Crete    51    L

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors  13          11     (24)  12     (36)  12        48
 Cardinals   3  21     (24)   9      (33)  18        51

Wahoo Warriors fell short against the Crete Cardinals on Saturday.

Four steals and a baseline three by Hallie Reeves fueled a great start for the Warriors. Two 2’s by Elly Larson and 3-point foul shots by Taryn Scheef gave Wahoo a 10-2 lead. The quarter ended with a nothing-but-net three by Kendal Brigham.

Wahoo lead after 8 minutes, 13-3.

Sharp shooting 3’s and a two by Reeves and a free throw by Brianna Brabec boosted Wahoo to a 22-10 lead. A wave of trouble hit when Reeves committed her 3rd foul and went to the bench with 4 minutes left to play in the quarter.  

Wahoo’s lead quickly disappeared as the Cardinals went on a 12-0 pursuit. Wahoo managed one more basket to tie the game 24 all heading into halftime.

The Warriors came out third period with intent. Scheef drained the three, and a 2- point back door score by Brabec canceled the Cardinals’ attempt to take the lead. Crete sank 4 free throws the rest of the quarter; however, it was Scheef who tallied the last 7 points that gave Wahoo a 3-point lead, ending third period up 36-33.

Fourth quarter began with a foul on Scheef’s three-point attempt that sent her to sink three charity shots. Crete answered back with a three to keep the game in check. On the next possession Brabec drove and finished on the shot followed by E. Larson’s four added points.

Wahoo held a 45-37 lead with under 4 minutes to play. Two turnovers and missed shots fueled the Cardinals to attack. Big three’s and strong takes to the basket by Crete closed the gap and tied the game. Another three by Crete took the lead; however, Reeves sank her last three of the night, tying the game 48-48.

Wahoo’s defense broke and forced a foul on Crete’s transition. Cardinals sank 3 of 4 free throws in the final stretch. Wahoo had its last opportunity and was unable to get the job done.

Warriors take defeat 51-48. 

“We had four minutes in the second that let Crete back in the game. The second half Crete got the advantage early on the foul line and we made errors in the last four minutes that cost us the game,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. 

Scoring Leaders: Scheef-17, Reeves-14, E. Larson-9, Brabec-5, Brigham-3
Rebound Leaders: Lindstrom-7, Reeves-5, E. Larson-5, Scheef-5
Steal Leader: Reeves-4
Assists Leaders: Brigham-3, Reeves-3


Warrior Girls blow out Syracuse at home!
Wahoo advances to 6-3; hosts Crete tomorrow (Sat.)
January 6, 2017 (Home)
    Wahoo    73
    Syracuse    31    W

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors  22          17     (39)  16     (55)  18        73
 Rockets   9   4      (13)   9      (22)   9         31

The Wahoo Warriors earned their second Conference regular season win against the Syracuse Rockets, 72-31.

Wahoo’s defense made a statement early, forcing the Rockets to 9 of 22 turnovers in the first quarter. A baseline shot by Mallory Lindstrom began the 22-9 first quarter offensive performance. Taryn Scheef and Elly Larson combined for 6 each while Brianna Brabec added 5 points. However, it was Maddie Larson who stole the first quarter show, jumping out in the passing lanes and finishing on a lay-up and a 3-pointer.  

Wahoo’s strength on the court created a very fast pace for Syracuse, ending the first period with a 22-9 lead.

An offensive put back by Scheef and a steal by Brabec to Hallie Reeves set the tone for second quarter. Brabec and Reeves added 4 more points before the Rockets could mustard a single basket. The Warriors continued with four more dominate possessions by Reeves, Kendal Brigham and Brabec.

Wahoo outscored the Rockets 17-4 and entered half time up 39-13.

Toughness and teamwork stayed strong in the second half and the Rockets were outscored 16-9 in the third.  Scheef put up 10 of her 15 game-high points, and Brabec and Reeves combined for the remaining 6 of the quarter.

E. Larson ignited the 4th quarter with an and-one play. Wahoo went on to score in the next 4 possessions, which lead to a running clock, 67-26. It was all Jaci Schnakenberg the rest of the game, adding six to the offensive attack.

Wahoo took the Conference win, 73-31.

"We played extremely well and really took care of business,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. “Our defense was smothering and generated some high intense energy. I was glad to play a lot of girls tonight to give them varsity experience.”

Scoring Leaders: Brabec-16, Reeves-16, Scheef-15, Brigham-7, E. Larson-6, Schnakenberg-6, M. Larson-5, Lindstrom-2
Rebound Leaders: Reeves-11, Lindstrom-7
Steal Leaders: Brabec-5, M. Larson-3, Scheef-3
Assists Leaders: Scheef-4, Brabec-3


Warrior girls start 2017 with home win over Lincoln Lutheran!
Next up: Syracuse (Home on Friday, Jan. 6)
January 3, 2017 (Home)
    Wahoo    50
    Lincoln Lutheran    36    W

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors   7          13     (20)  18     (38)  12        50
 Lutheran   7   6      (13)  13     (26)  10        36

The Wahoo Warriors celebrated the New Year with a nice win over opponent Lincoln Lutheran, 50-36.

The battle began with a seven-up first quarter performance between the two Warrior teams. An assist by Taryn Scheef to Hallie Reeves for an and-one play put Wahoo on the board.

Wahoo’s defense was strong, stealing the ball 6 of 18 times in the first grace period; however, only one coast-to-coast lay up was crowned, and free throws by Scheef, which ended the quarter 7-7.

Wahoo’s 1-3-1 defense caused Lincoln Lutheran to struggle at times, and consistent scoring allowed Wahoo to build a cushion. Two steals and finished products by Reeves began the 2nd quarter. Soon Elly Larson lit up a 12-footer and Reeves’ and-one and two-pointer boosted Wahoo’s lead. The dry spell for Lincoln Lutheran was ended in the 11th possession.

Wahoo outscored Lincoln Lutheran 13-6 and ended the first half with a 20-13 lead.

Lincoln Lutheran sank their first of five 3-pointers of the night to begin the second half. Wahoo responded with a six-possession scoring frenzy, starting with a strong offensive put back by Mallory Lindstrom. A deuce and a free throw by Scheef, and a steal and layup by Brianna Brabec fueled Wahoo’s pursuit.

The fire continued to burn with another offensive put back by Lindstrom. Scheef’s lay up and a steal by Lindstrom to Kendal Brigham kept Lincoln Lutheran from getting any kind of momentum. Brigham finished the third period with two beautiful threes, giving Wahoo a 38-26 lead.

Wahoo kept their focus to win out the game in the final period, outscoring Lincoln Lutheran 12-10 and taking the victory, 50-36.

“This was a great way to start 2017. We united and played solid basketball against good competition. I’m proud of these girls,” commented Head Coach Linda Walker. 

Scoring Leaders: Reeves-20, Scheef-11, Brigham-9, Lindstrom-4, E. Larson-4, Brabec-2
Rebound Leaders: Reeves-10, Lindstrom-8, Scheef-5
Steal Leader: Scheef-8
Assists Leader: Brabec-3


The 2016 Holiday Tournament was played on Thursday and Friday, Dec. 29-30 at Wahoo High School. The Warrior Girls fell to Elkhorn South in Game #3 (31-52), and to Lincoln Christian in the consolation game (35-68). Click HERE to view the completed girls bracket.

Warrior girls fall to Elkhorn South & Lincoln Christian in 2016 Holiday Tourney
Wahoo hosts Lincoln Lutheran Jan. 3
December 29-30, 2016 (Home - 2016 Holiday Tournament)

Consolation Game
    Wahoo    35
    Lincoln Christian    68    L

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors  12          10     (22)   5      (27)   8         35
 Crusaders  21  18     (39)  20     (59)   9         68

Taryn Scheef put the first score on the board, but soon the threes by several Lincoln Christian players would fuel what would be a night of tremendous three-point shooting for the Crusaders.

Wahoo responded to Christian’s first two threes by transitioning down the court. Hallie Reeves went to the foul line and sank her free throws. A steal by Mallory Lindstrom and an assist by Reeves to Elly Larson tied the game, 6 all. That would be the last time Wahoo would be in the game.

The Crusaders broke the game wide open by hitting another three, followed by a two pointer.

Kendal Brigham entered the game and provided spark for the Warriors. Brigham’s ball handling and driving ability to the basket put two quick scores up for Wahoo; however, the Crusaders’ dead-on 3-point shooting by several players soon consumed the Warriors. 

Lincoln Christian sank 6 of 14 three pointers this quarter alone to take a comfortable 21-12 lead.

Wahoo continued to battle Christian, but there were no breaks when it came to slowing down their opponent’s scoring production. The Crusaders propelled an 18-10 2nd quarter, scoring on the first 7 of 10 possessions.

The Warriors headed to the locker room down 39-22 at the half.

Lincoln Christian continued to dominate in the second half. A welcomed three by E. Larson followed by a 15-footer helped the Warriors to advance their score, but soon the Warriors were overtaken by turnovers, ending the quarter down 27-59.

The Crusaders shot 52 percent from the three-point line, hitting 14 of 27 threes from way beyond the arch, and a 47 percent field goal shooting percentage. They dominated in every category and took the victory with a final score of 68-35.

“We couldn’t match their performance, nor guard their shooters. Lincoln Christian is solid,” commented Head Coach Linda Walker. “It’s been a tough holiday tourney for us, but I’m optimistic we will learn from these games and refuel for 2017.”

Scoring Leaders: E. Larson-9, Scheef-7, Brigham-6, Reeves-6, Lindstrom-5, M. Larson-2
Rebound Leaders: E. Larson-5, Reeves-5, Lindstrom-4
Steal Leader: Lindstrom-2
Assist Leaders: Reeves-5, Scheef-2

Round 1 Game
    Wahoo    31
    Elkhorn South    52    L

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors   5          11     (16)   6      (22)   9         31
 Storm  14  15     (29)  13     (42)  10        52

Wahoo took on Class B 7-0 Elkhorn South for the 1st round of the 2016 Wahoo Holiday Tournament. 

Elkhorn South set the tone early by hitting four threes and sinking free throws to take a 14-5 lead after 8 minutes of play.

The Warriors tried to get something going. A 6-0 run by Kendal Brigham, Elly Larson, and Taryn Scheef helped bring the Warriors within three. The Warrior spark soon came to a halt, though, when the Storm went on a 12-1 run in the next 9 possessions. A lone three by Scheef and a Brigham free throw ended the half down 16-29.

Wahoo came out third quarter and tried to get back into the game. Two pointers by Scheef and Brianna Brabec, and free throws by Hallie Reeves, were not enough, and the Storm expanded their lead, ending the quarter 42-22.

Elkhorn went on to win 52-31.

“We knew our opponent would be a tough challenge. The Storm hit early and our production wasn’t enough to overcome such strength,” said Head Coach Linda Walker.   

Wahoo will face another powerhouse Lincoln Christian in tomorrow consolation game. 

Scoring Leaders: Scheef-9, Brabec-6, Brigham-6, M. Larson-3, Reeves-3, Lindstrom-2, E. Larson-2
Rebound Leaders: Lindstrom-7, Reeves-5, E. Larson-5
Steal Leaders: Scheef-2, Reeves-2


Weak 2nd half results in first season loss for Warrior Girls @ Louisville
2016 Holiday Tourney bracket posted (rescheduled Ft. Calhoun game TBA)
December 13, 2016 (Away)
    Wahoo    50
    Louisville    62    L

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors  18          19     (37)   5      (42)   8         50
 Lions  13  17     (30)  16     (46)  16        62

Inserted Image

Louisville handed Wahoo their first loss of the season on Dec. 13.

The Warriors took an early 4-2 lead with Brianna Brabec’s coast-to-coast lay-up and a steal and assist to Hallie Reeves. The Warriors and the Lions battled back and forth to own the quarter. A made basket by Kendal Brigham and Elly Larson put the Warriors up 14-11. Reeves and Brabec combined for 14 of 18 points this quarter and Wahoo lead after 8 minutes, 18-13.

Brabec once again sank the first shot of the 2nd quarter, but Louisville came on strong, hitting 3 shots and making it a 20-all game. Warriors rolled again with a steal by E. Larson and a score from Brabec. Following the steal E. Larson sank two free throws and followed it up with a 2-point basket. Wahoo took back the lead 26-23.

The battle brewed on and Louisville answered back; however, a welcomed relief three by Taryn Scheef gave Wahoo a boost, followed by another three by Brabec. Too many committed fouls by the Warriors allowed the Lions to stay afloat by sinking their free throws. Late in the quarter it was Mallory Lindstrom who continued to fuel the Warriors to win out the half by sinking an elbow shot and winning the offensive board from the free throw line, making her two free throws.

Wahoo held a 37-30 lead at halftime.

The Lions came roaring back in the third when Reeves took to the bench with her 4th foul. The Warriors still had a 7-point lead after 6 possessions, but were unable to get back effectively, and stop Louisville’s #43, who scored 13 of her 19 game-high points, on transition. Turnovers and missed scoring opportunities dealt the Warriors fits in terms of productivity. Brabec was the lone scorer in the 3rd quarter by sinking a 2 and 3-point shot to tally 21 points.

The Warriors went scoreless for a very long time and ended the 3rd quarter down 42-46.

The plague continued to fester in the fourth quarter. The Warriors stole the ball early 3 times and were unable to finish the shots. Meanwhile, Louisville became looser and more confident. Wahoo was stuck on 42 forever and it would take 11 possessions for the Warriors to put a score on the board. Reeeves put up 8 of her game-high 14 in the last possessions of the game, and was the Warriors’ lone scorer in the fourth quarter.

Louisville connected on 9 of 12 foul shots to take the win 62-50.

“It was a very disappointing second half performance,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. “When fouls overtook us early in the third, we lost our focus. We struggled to defend the basket and could not counter with a basket to save ourselves.”  

Scoring Leaders: Brabec-21, Reeves-14, E. Larson-6, Lindstrom-4, Scheef-3, Brigham-2
Rebound Leaders: E. Larson-7, Reeves-6, Lindstrom-6, Scheef-5
Steal Leaders: Brabec-3
Assist Leaders: Brabec-3, Brigham-3


4 double-digit scorers push Warrior girls to victory at Wayne!
Wahoo advances to 4-0, travels to Louisville Dec. 13
December 9, 2016 (Away)
    Wahoo    55
    Wayne    52    W

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors  10          15     (25)  16     (41)  14        55
 Devils   9  11     (20)  13     (33)  19        52

Wahoo Warriors posted their 3rd road trip win in 9 days against the Wayne Blue Devils on Dec. 9, with a final score of 55-52.

The Blue Devils jumped to a 5-point lead that required a Warrior timeout to change the tone. It didn’t take long for Wahoo to regroup and go on a 4-possession shooting frenzy. 

Taryn Scheef broke the ice with a basket and a right-side three. A steal by Scheef led to a finish shot by Brianna Brabec, followed by another made basket by Hallie Reeves that put the Warriors up 9-5. 

Wayne answered back by hitting 2 baskets before the quarter ended, and Kendal Brigham sank 1 of 2 free throws for the Warriors to take a slim 10-9 lead.

Scheef had the hot hand in the 2nd quarter, and took charge, scoring 10 of her game-high 19 points. Quickness and drawn fouls by Wayne’s #5 Kylie Hammer sent two Warriors to the bench. Struggling to keep consistent play on the floor forced Mallory Lindstrom and Elly Larson to enter back into the game with 2 fouls each.  

The Warriors forced the Blue Devils to 8 turnovers this quarter, and the Warriors rebounded and entered half time up 25-20.

Wayne came out firing the second half, hitting a three and two, making it an even up game. Three blocked shots by Brabec fired up the Warriors. Reeves hit the next shot and a Brigham left-side three awoke the Warrior fans. 

Another good shooting spree built more momentum for Wahoo. Scheef nailed a right-side wing three. A steal by Maddie Larson gave way to a lay up by Reeves. On the next possessions Brabec connected on an and-one play, and a steal by Scheef allowed Brigham to attack and finish on the layup. 

Wahoo lead by 8 after 3 quarters, 41-33.

After 6 possessions of 4th quarter play, The Warriors continued to lead 47-38. After a made basket by E. Larson, Wahoo began to not be patient on offense. The missed shots gave Wayne the opportunity to come back into the game.

Pressure free throws and attention to details became crucial toward the final moments of the game. The Warriors hit 8 of 10 free throws to take a great win over Wayne, 55-52.

“Wayne girls played tough, and it was a battle tonight to seal the win,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. “I’m very pleased with our poise and our toughness tonight. We answered back to pressure each time.”

Scoring Leaders: Scheef-19, Brabec-12, Reeves-11, Brigham-8, E. Larson-3, Lindstrom-2
Rebound Leaders: E. Larson-8, Reeves-7, Lindstrom-6, Scheef-4, Brabec-4
Steal Leaders: Scheef-4, Brabec-3, Reeves-3
Assist Leaders: Lindstrom-3, E. Larson-3, Reeves-3


Warrior girls basketball advances to 3-0 with huge victory at Ashland
Wahoo travels to Wayne Dec. 9
December 6, 2016 (Away)
    Wahoo    71
    Ashland-Greenwood    28    W

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors  13          26     (39)  12     (51)  20        71
 Bluejays   6   6      (12)  11     (23)   5         28

Wahoo Warriors beat Ashland-Greenwood, 71-28.

Hallie Reeves’ steal and a look down court to Brianna Brabec began a night of transition ball and baskets for the Warriors. Steals by Elly Larson and Kendal Brigham produced 4 more points, while 5 of 6 free throws produced and O.K. start and Warrior lead, 13-6.

Inspired to find the secret to move beyond O.K. was the Warriors’ activated 1-3-1 defensive front in the 2nd quarter. The Bluejays mishandled the ball 15 of 32 times this half alone. With grace E. Larson finished at the rim and Taryn Scheef connected on two consecutives layups. 

The Warriors were able to score on 13 of 17 possessions the 2nd quarter, and cleaned up on strong offensive boards. The scoring power came from Mallory Lindstrom, Reeves, E. Larson, Jaci Schnakenberg, and it was Kendal Brigham cleaning up the half with a three-pointer, a steal and lay-up. 

Wahoo headed to the locker room up 39-12.

An offensive board by Lindstrom fueled the first score of the 2nd half with a pull up jumper from Brabec. The Warriors lost some of the grit this quarter, hitting 50 percent of their free throws from the line, and occasional scoring. Point guard Reeves went down with a sprained ankle and was out the rest of the game. It was three steals by E. Larson, Maddie Larson and Macy Homes that allowed points for Wahoo to win out the quarter 12-11.

Wahoo was back to business in the 4th quarter. A put back by Lindstrom and a steal and lay up by Brabec kick started the Warriors once more. Steal after steal and two-point conversions by Brigham, M. Larson, Homes, Katie Pearson and a baseline three by Lillie Mann moved the Warriors to a 71- 28 victory over the Ashland Bluejays.

“Limiting our turnovers, intense defense, especially in the 2nd and 4th quarters, and transitions buckets were definite positives for us tonight,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. “Our bench came into and played well for us tonight.”

Scoring Leaders: Scheef-11, Brabec-10, Brigham-10, Reeves-8, Lindstrom-8, E. Larson-6, Homes-5, Schnakenberg-4, M. Larson-3, Pearson-3, Mann-3
Rebound Leaders: Lindstrom-8, E. Larson-6, Scheef-5, Pearson-4
Steal Leaders: Brabec-5, Reeves-4
Assist Leaders: Brigham-2, Lindstrom-2, E. Larson-2


Warriors down Seward in season's home opener!
2-0 Wahoo travels to Ashland Dec. 6 to take down more Bluejays
December 3, 2016 (Home Opener)
    Wahoo    52
    Seward    29    W

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors   8          18     (26)  12     (38)  14        52
 Bluejays   3   9      (12)   9      (21)   8         29

Wahoo took down the Seward Bluejays Saturday, capturing their 2nd win of the season, 52-29.

The Bluejays’ one three and 8 forced turnovers set the Warriors on a road to victory.

Hallie Reeves’ perfect free throws, followed by a steal and finish product by Mallory Lindstrom, put the Warriors ahead 4-3. The Warriors’ defensive began to dominate. Two steals by Brianna Brabec and another by Kendal Brigham gave way to a slim 8-3 lead after 8 minutes of play.

Another steal by Brabec fueled the Warriors to take charge of the 2nd quarter. Taryn Scheef’s assist to Elly Larson began the offensive charge, followed by a baseline three-pointer from Brianna Brabec. The Warriors moved the ball around Seward’s zone defense to find Brigham at the top of the key for a three. The Bluejays were able to hit three three’s this period; however, nothing else. Scheef’s trey and deuce, and Elly’s offensive put back gave Wahoo a 18-9 second quarter performance.

Warriors lead at half 26-12.

Seward tried to get themselves back into the game by being more aggressive on the boards and taking an 8-1 pursuit before the Warriors mustered a free throw from E. Larson and a Reeves’ 2-pointer. Scheef crushed the three and stole the ball two consecutive times, which ended Seward’s conquest. E. Larson finished at the rim and another steal by Reeves and Brabec led to the finishing touches of the 3rd quarter.  

Wahoo outscored Seward 12-9 and lead 38-21 after three.

Strong defense and good offensive shooting blew the game wide open in the final period. Wahoo connected on 7 of the first 11 possessions, and the bench finished the game strong for the Warriors.

Wahoo forced the Bluejays to 23 turnovers, and Wahoo’s strength on both ends of the court gave way to a 52-29 victory.  

“Tonight our tandem 2-3 defense was it, along with strong rebounding from all five players on the court and good shot selection,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. “Last year we lost to Seward by four, and this year the girls took care of business.”

Scoring Leaders: Reeves-13, Scheef-12, E. Larson-10, Brigham-7, Brabec-6, Lindstrom-4
Rebound Leaders: E. Larson-7, Lindstrom-4, Brabec-4, Reeves-4
Steal Leaders: Brabec-6, Reeves-4, Lindstrom-3, Scheef-3
Assist Leaders: Reeves-3, Scheef-3 


Warrior girls trounce Bennington in season opener!
Wahoo hosts Seward in first home game on Sat.

December 1, 2016 (Season Opener @ Bennington)
    Wahoo    65
    Bennington    30    W

     1   2   3   4          F
 Warriors  11          20     (31)  25     (56)   9         65
 Badgers  12          16     (18)   6      (24)   6         30

The 2016-2017 Wahoo Warriors are off to a great start, beating Omaha Concordia in the Exhibition on Monday, 64-35, and tipping off the regular season with a big victory over the Bennington Badgers, 65-30.

The 1st quarter was a physical one where the Warriors were stumped a bit with foul trouble and mishaps; however, mental toughness and leadership played a part in pushing through the rough start. Warriors trailed 7-10. 

The lightening struck in the 2nd quarter and persisted through the rest of the game. Wahoo put on their half court 1-3-1 to cause the Badgers to get flustered, and turn the ball over 10 times. The Warriors stole the ball 9 times and scored on 6 of them. Taryn Scheef connected on 12 of her game-high 23 points, and 4 combined three’s were sank by Scheef and Hallie Reeves to take the lead 31-18 at halftime. 

Warriors outscored the Badgers 24-8 in the 2nd grace period.

Strong defense and consistent offensive play continued the 2nd half for the Warriors. Four of 4 free throws by Reeves, and finished shots by Elly Larson, Scheef, Kendal Brigham and Brianna Brabec, paved the way for another big offensive production in the 3rd quarter.

Wahoo outscored Bennington 25-6 to end the 3rd period up 56-24.

Warrior dominance continued to thrive throughout the 4th quarter. A defensive rebound by Reeves to Scheef began the final period, followed by Mallory Lindstrom’s perfect free throws. Brabec, M. Larson and Brigham put the final scores on the board, and the bench fought through physical play until the end.

Wahoo took the victory, 65-30.

“I’m really proud of these girls and our start to the season,” commented Head Coach Linda Walker. “We have really good chemistry and play for each other. In practice we’re working hard to strengthen our skills, and put it all out on the court.”

Scoring Leaders: Scheef-23, Reeves-19, Brabec-8, Brigham-6, E. Larson-5, Lindstrom-2, M. Larson-2.
Rebound Leaders: E. Larson-8, Lindstrom-5, Reeves-5, Brabec-5, M. Larson-4
Steal Leaders: Reeves-8, Brabec-3
Assist Leaders: Reeves-4, Brabec-3

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2016-17 Warrior Girls Basketball Team, back row (from left): Coach Kramer, Kendal Brigham, Kaitlyn Herndon, Jaynie Bustad, Hannah Subbert, Paige Peterson, Lillie Mann, Morgan Oden, Zoe Ferguson, Taylor Luben, Coach Sestak. Middle row: Coach Walker, Abbey Borchers, Jaci Schnackenberg, Elly Larson, Hallie Reeves, Katie Borchers, Macy Homes, Saphire Quintana, Jaxsen Wilt, Coach Wilt. Front row: Kylee Kenning, Brianna Brabec, Maddie Larson, Mallory Lindstrom, Taryn Scheef, Katie Pearson, Lillian Harris. (photo courtesy "Photo Joe" Vculek)

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Congratulations Warrior Senior Basketball Player Mallory Lindstrom! (photo courtesy "Photo Joe" Vculek)

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2016-2017 Warrior Girls Basketball

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