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at Syracuse (photo by Renee Hancock)

Scotus Ends State Hopes for Warrior Girls

Final 2011-2012 Record: 21-5

February 24, 2012 (District Final Game at Fremont High School

Wahoo    29
Columbus Scotus    37

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Wahoo Girls Overtake Ashland-Greenwood in Subdistrict Final
Warriors Improve to 21-4 Heading into District Final

February 16, 2012 (C1-3 Subdistrict Final at Waverly High School)

Wahoo    50
Ashland-Greenwood    36

Please click HERE to view game photos (courtesy of Renee Hancock).

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“It's always difficult to beat a strong team like Ashland three times in one season, but we felt confident coming into this challenge,” said Head Coach Linda Walker.

The Bluejays put the first points on the scoreboard, but it was the Warriors that exploded on a 17-3 run. Sadie Murren set the pace by scoring seven of her 21 points, and teammate Katelyn O’Brien added six of her game points alone this quarter. The Warriors ended the first period up 17-9.

An assist by Darcy Barry to Alison Brodahl started the second quarter strong; however, the next four possessions were sounded by TO’s, and lucky for the Warriors, no gain for the Bluejays. The Warriors broke through this frame with a Lois White rebound and an outlet pass to Murren. Without missing a beat, Murren hit O’Brien for a tremendous powerful finish.

“What a beautiful finish,” Walker commented.

The Bluejays were able to cut the deficit to eight by hitting a trey right before half. Warriors led 30-22.

Ashland-Greenwood started the third quarter by turning the ball over. The Warriors executed their offense and Barry found Murren at the trey line. It was nothing but net. A strong offensive board by Brodahl and the kick out to Murren drained another three. Sydney Hancock put on the finishing touch by connecting on an “and one” play, ending third quarter 39-32.

The Warriors owned the fourth quarter by taking care of the ball, and holding Ashland scoreless for quite some time. It was Brodahl who raised the crowd by taking her defender one-on-one to the basket from the 20-foot line.

“What a power move!” said Walker.  

On the next play Barry set a great screen, and Murren fed Brodahl on her way to the basket for another score. Wahoo finally stole the show, and put the free throws in to become Sub-District Champs 50-36.  

“I never felt worried all game, but our patience in the fourth quarter was huge and I knew we had the upper hand,” said Walker. “We were a total package tonight with post presence and perimeter play.”  

Warriors will face the Columbus Scotus Shamrocks Friday, Feb. 24, at 7:00 p.m. at Fremont High School.

Wahoo Girls Defeat Neumann in Game 2 of Subdistricts
20-4 Warriors Prepare for Game 4 (Thursday at 7:00 p.m.)

February 14, 2012 (Game 2 Subdistricts at Waverly High School)

Wahoo    54
Bishop Neumann    43

Please click HERE to view game photos (courtesy of Renee Hancock).

Please click HERE to read Lincoln Journal-Star's game coverage.

The Warriors had little frustration this time, only confidence, and led the game from start to finish.  

Wahoo took a slim 9-6 lead during the first eight minutes of action. Alison Brodahl, Sadie Murren, Katelyn O’Brien and Tschida Johnson put scores on the board, but it was the opposing offensive boards that allowed Bishop Neumann to score.  

“We definitely needed to do a better job of owning the boards,” said Head Coach Linda Walker.  

Bishop Neumann capitalized on two of the five offensive rebounds in the first quarter alone, but began owning it, allowing only four more O.R.’s the rest of the game.

The second quarter began with a great assist from Sydney Hancock to Brodahl. The Warriors would take several nice leads through this period, but never too convincing. The Neumann Cavs would close each advance by hitting the trey. Two times this happened, and the Cavs were able to hang close.  

“We performed some incredible team play this quarter and throughout the remainder of the game. The guards were in tune with their post and found the backside wide open. It was fun to see us finish like that,” Walker added.

The Warriors held the lead at halftime 22-16.

Wahoo took off the third quarter and built a thirteen-point lead, but a bad spell of turnovers and misfortune drew the lead back to six. Neumann capitalized on the Warrior’s mistakes and went on a 7-1 run, ending the quarter 34-28.

The Warriors finally stole the show fourth quarter. Murren created some more excitement by drawing the defense to one side and dishing to O’Brien for the scores. The Cavs put Wahoo to the line 22 times in the fourth quarter alone. The Warriors might not have shot all the free throws to their best, but shooting 56 percent from the two-point field goal range was nice.

“Neumann had no answer for our post play tonight,” said Walker. “We were strong inside and out, and my guards made some great plays.”  

The Warriors advance to the finals of Subdistrict and will face Ashland-Greenwood for the third time this season.

O’Brien led Warriors with a game-high of 15 points and eight rebounds. Hancock added 14 points and four rebounds, Murren added 12 points, nine rebounds and assisted for six. Brodahl scored nine points and pulled down six rebounds.

Wahoo Girls Overcome "Frustrating" First Quarter to Post Win on Neumann's Court
Warriors Finish Regular Season 19-4; Prepare for Subdistricts

February 9, 2012 (at Bishop Neumann)

Wahoo    52
Bishop Neumann    43

Please click HERE to view game photos (courtesy of Renee Hancock).

It was a frustrating first quarter for the Warriors!

The Cavaliers took charge from the start and overpowered Wahoo 11-2 in the first eight minutes of play. The Warriors could not buy a basket with their attempts, and the only two points came from Katelyn O’Brien from the foul line.  

“Our shots would not fall, and we needed to settle down and find our game,” said Head Coach Linda Walker.  

The second quarter proved a little better for the Warriors; however, foul trouble struck O’Brien, putting her on the bench for most of the first half.

The Warriors started to attack the basket better, and began forcing their opponents into some trouble areas with their press. The momentum did start to shift, but not fast enough for the Warriors. The Lady Cavs took advantage of the long rebounds and made easy transition scores.  

The Warriors outscored the Cavaliers 14-13, but trailed 16-24 entering the locker room.

The severity of the dark storm soon passed. O’Brien’s heady pass to Alison Brodahl for a left-handed layup provided the spark needed to get the Warrior intensity climbing. The Warriors were back in action with a three-point answer by Darcy Barry after Neumann’s Vasa hit a trey. A key steal by Barry and an assist to Sadie Murren for the layup ended the third period in a tie, 33-33. Wahoo took a 17-9 run this quarter, and knew it was just a matter of time.

Wahoo took its first lead of the game on the first possession with an outstanding finish play and one by Sydney Hancock. The Warriors held the lead for the rest of the game by shooting a phenomenal number of free throws. Cavalier fouls allowed Wahoo to shoot the foul line 25 times this quarter. The Warriors connected on 26 of 38 free throws for the entire game and sealed the victory 52-43, ending their regular season 19-4.

“We had an outstanding second half, and I’m proud that we were able to turn this game around,” Walker commented. “Subdistrict play is just around the corner, and more than likely we will meet again.”

The Warriors were led by Murren with 16 points. O’Brien and Brodahl provided eight points each, and Barry added seven. Warrior rebounding was led by O’Brien with eight and Barry with six.

Wahoo Girls Leave Arlington Victorious!
18-4 Warriors Travel Across Town to Neumann Thursday Night

February 3, 2012 (at Arlington)

Wahoo    54
Arlington    39

Please click HERE to read Fremont Tribune's game coverage.
Please click HERE to view game photos (courtesy of Renee Hancock).

It took awhile for the Warriors to get the scores rolling Friday night on Arlington territory. The Eagles took an early four-point lead as turnovers by the Warriors caused them to have a slow start.  Wahoo soon found the basket and ended the first quarter up 18-8 and never trailed again.

The Warriors found success in the zone press second quarter, and soured to a 32-18 lead heading into half time. The Warriors’ free throws were back on track while putting in 12 of 14 attempts.

Wahoo dominated the third quarter. The Warrior defense rattled Arlington, and caused the Eagles to mishandle the ball eight times. Several Warriors had their hand in the scoring column, making them tough to guard.

“We had some great execution this quarter, and really played some good solid basketball on both ends of the court,” said Head Coach Linda Walker.  

The Warriors repeated an 18-8 third quarter and built the lead to 50-26.

The Eagles flew off their perches and came out with more intensity fourth quarter. Wahoo’s cold shooting and turnovers gave Arlington their wings, outscoring the Warriors 13-4.  

“We had such an ugly fourth quarter tonight and that was the only disappointing thing tonight,” Walker added. “We still took the win, and accomplished another team goal, and we have to be very pleased with that.”  

History was made once again tonight. The Warriors become Capitol Conference All-Season Champs three years in a row and Coach Wes Kramer captures a huge career milestone: 300 JV wins! Congratulations Coach Kramer!

The Warriors are led in scoring by Sadie Murren (18 points), Sydney Hancock (10 points), Darcy Barry (8 points) and Katelyn O’Brien (7 points). Hancock and O’Brien combined for 13 rebounds.

Wahoo Girls Fall to Undefeated Class B Gretna
17-4 Warriors Travel to Arlington Friday Night

January 31, 2012 (at Gretna)

Wahoo    56
Gretna    75

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2012 Capitol Conference Champions!
Wahoo Girls Take Down Ashland-Greenwood in Conference Final; Advance to 17-3

January 28, 2012 (at Home--CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP)

Wahoo    56
Ashland-Greenwood    43

Please click HERE to view game photos (courtesy of Renee Hancock).

The Wahoo Warriors made some history Saturday night winning their third straight Capitol Conference Championship, and for the first time winning it on their home court.

The Warriors dominated the opening of the game, and their intense defense rattled the Bluejays for four straight turnovers. Wahoo led 9-2 after minutes of play, and forced Ashland to use their first timeout. Ashland’s timeout proved worthy. The storm calmed and Ashland was able to put in the next six points; however, the Warriors’ strong post Brodahl and O’Brien and perimeter play by Murren and Barry accounted for an 18-12 first quarter.

It was another exceptional start to the second quarter for the Warriors, extending the lead to 25-12; however, foul shots and offensive rebounds and scores allowed the Bluejays to fly back into range. Sydney Hancock’s three-pointer and Tschida Johnson’s free throws kept the Warriors leading at halftime, 30-25.   

“We gave up too many offensive boards this half,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. “Our middle game is missing, and the free throws are not falling to fill the gaps.”

Wahoo came out red hot once again to start the third quarter. It was Darcy Barry’s trey and two-pointer, and O’Brien’s free throw that allowed the Warriors to take a solid lead of 36-25. The Bluejays once again were able to put in the next six points, but Hancock’s deuce and O’Brien’s two free throws gave the Warriors a nine-point lead ending the third period, 40-31.

Wahoo outlasted Ashland down the stretch, building a comfortable lead in the fourth quarter before the benches were cleared. The Warriors were hailed the Capitol Conference Championship with a final score of 56-43!

“I’m super happy for the girls. They came ready to make history and accomplish their second major goal of the season. We saw some great moments on the floor tonight, and I love how we responded every time when Ashland would make a run,” Walker added.  

The Warriors will be back at work Tuesday night taking on undefeated 18-0 Class B Gretna Dragons. JV tip off begins at 6:00 p.m., followed by varsity.

The Warriors were led in scoring by Murren (19 points, four rebounds, and six assists), O’Brien (13 points and nine rebounds) and Darcy Barry (11 points).

Warrior Girls Take Out Raymond Central in Conference Tourney Semi-Final
16-3 Wahoo Faces Ashland-Greenwood at Home for Saturday Championship

January 26, 2012 (at Home--Capitol Conference Tourney Semi-Final)

Wahoo    55
Raymond Central    45

Please click HERE to view game photos (courtesy of Renee Hancock).

The Warriors came ready for challenge #2 against the Mustangs during the semi-final round of Conference play.

The Warriors scored eight times in 12 possessions of the first quarter. Sydney Hancock got the Warriors started, but it was the hot perimeter three-point shooting by Sadie Murren with two, and Darcy Barry with two more that led to a 14-6 crusade.  

The Mustangs’ eleven points by Otte, Blazek and Haecker was just enough to keep the opponents alive; however, Katelyn O’Brien scored the next six more points for the Warriors, ending first quarter 20-11.

Wahoo held a comfortable ten-point lead through much of the second quarter. Raymond Central’s junk defense didn’t really have a severe effect on the Warriors’ ability to function. Murren went off for 14 of her game-high 20 points during this explosive first half. Warriors led at half 33-23.

The Warriors’ sharp passing and scores cut the Mustangs’ diamond defense into pieces. Three different Warriors scored on those crucial possessions.  

“The girls really executed the half time scheme to beat the junk defense,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. “Their precise passes were a force to be reckoned with and a definite crowd pleaser.”

Some third quarter foul trouble quickly changed the dynamic of the game, and let the Mustangs stay within a length. The Warriors still outscored Raymond Central 9-6 in the third period, and kept a solid lead 42-29.

The Mustangs came out more determined to make a run, and charged the basket early to start the fourth quarter, producing seven points in the first four possessions. Wahoo was able to answer back with Brodahl’s strong post score and Murren’s trey; however, it still didn’t feel like the Warriors had the game at hand.   

“We started making some nonsense turnovers early in this quarter,” Walker added. “Raymond Central was being more aggressive than us, and we allowed them too many opportunities at their basket.”

Wahoo finally broke through their rough eight missed free throw spell, and sank seven of ten down the stretch. The Warriors took the victory 55-45, advancing them to the final round to take on the Ashland-Greenwood Bluejays.

The Warriors were led in scoring and rebounding by Murren with 20 points, eight defensive rebounds and four steals. Barry added 12 and O’Brien nine.    

Warrior Girls Ease Through First Round of Conference Tourney
15-3 Wahoo Prepares for Thursday Semi-Final Game (at Home vs. Raymond Central)

January 23, 2012 (at Home--First Round Capitol Conference Tournament)

Wahoo    53
Fort Calhoun    28

Please click HERE to view game photos (courtesy of Renee Hancock).

Last time the Warriors took on Ft. Calhoun, it was an easy game with a shut out first half 32-0. It was a totally different story this time.

The Pioneers came ready for the Warriors’ full court press and found their 6’2” Maddie Westergard wide open in the paint for scores. Ft. Calhoun hit six of their ten attempts and ended the quarter tied up 15-15.  

“Ft. Calhoun’s a different team than a month ago, and we got caught out of position too many times on the press and in the half court defensive set,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. “At times I found myself thinking, ‘What are we doing and Why?’”

The Warriors soon found the 1-3-1 defense to be the answer that speared a 14-0 charge. First, they attacked to get to the line and then finished with scores on the last six possession of the quarter. Sydney Hancock sank two three’s to get it started, and the Warrior defense weakened Ft. Calhoun’s offense, causing them to turn the ball over eight times.

“Subs Caroline Hohl and Tschida Johnson gave some great minutes this quarter and game, and provided us with some spark,” Walker commented.

Wahoo led at half 34-15.

Third quarter seemed like a repeat of the first period, except for less scoring and more turnovers for both teams. The Warriors and the Pioneers scored seven each and turned the ball over five times. Despite a struggling third quarter, Wahoo expanded the lead 41-22.

The Warriors found more energy the fourth quarter and stole the ball six times, but converted on just two.  

“We were a bit out of our game tonight. We may have subconsciously overlooked our opponents tonight. We can’t do that from here on out,” Walker added.

Wahoo outscored the Pioneers 12-6 in the remaining minutes of the game and took the first round win 53-28.

Wahoo Warriors will take on the Raymond Central Mustangs at home Thursday at 7:45 p.m.

Wahoo was led in scoring by Sadie Murren and Darcy Barry with 12 points each. Hancock led with nine rebounds and Katelyn O’Brien rebounded for eight.

Norfolk Catholic Hands Warrior Girls Third Season Loss
14-3 Wahoo Hosts Ft. Calhoun Monday Night (Conference Tournament)

January 20, 2012 (at Norfolk Catholic)

Wahoo    51
Norfolk Catholic    44

Please click HERE to view game photos (courtesy of Renee Hancock).

It was a great start for the Warriors, but momentum soon gave way to the Knights and the extra hustle proved to be the difference of the game.  

“I don’t know, but I think the physical game against Raymond Central the night before may have caused us to be a step slow tonight,” commented Head Coach Linda Walker.

The Warriors took a 9-2 lead early in the first quarter, but slowly the Knights closed the gap. A huge buzzer shot by Sadie Murren lifted the Warriors to a 17-13 end to the first quarter.  

The Knights began to rally back on the Warriors during the second quarter with their hustle.  

“Norfolk Catholic was getting their hands on every loose ball and finishing with scores. It just seemed so uncharacteristic of my team,” Walker said.

Norfolk Catholic fought back and gained the lead late in the second quarter, but with a last attempt, Darcy Barry stole the ball and sank the buzzer three point shot that once again kept the Warriors in the lead 27-26.

Wahoo came out the second half with the first score by Sydney Hancock, followed by a three by Murren, but the Warriors soon struggled to keep structure in their offense and found themselves becoming a one dimensional team.  

“We did not have balance in our inside game and perimeter and did not execute offense very well. Too much standing around and free lancing,”  added Walker.

Missed shots by the Warriors and no second opportunity put the Wahoo down by four leading into the final quarter 34-38.  

Wahoo only got to the line seven times during the entire game, and shot way more threes than usual, due to the Knights’ style of defense and choice.   

“We were a step slow tonight, and the quick transition lay-ups took our chances of a win away,” said Walker. “Norfolk Catholic is a good team. I give them credit for their game plan. They played solid defense, owned the boards and ran the floor well. Tonight they were better down the stretch."  

The Warriors won’t have too much time to soak. Monday night begins the Capitol Conference Tournament at home. Wahoo will take on Fort Calhoun in the First Round of Conference at 7:00 p.m.

Warrior Girls Post Dominant Home Win over Raymond Central
14-2 Wahoo Visits Norfolk Catholic Friday Night

January 19, 2012 (at Home)

Wahoo    60
Raymond Central    31

Please click HERE to view game photos (courtesy of Renee Hancock).

The home atmosphere was awesome for Parent’s Night. All the Warriors and their parents were introduced before the varsity game, followed by a special tribute to our five seniors: Sydney Hancock, Katelyn O’Brien, Lois White, Sadie Murren and Alison Brodahl, and their parents.

“My seniors are great girls, and I’m so proud of each and every one of them,” commented Head Coach Linda Walker. “They have worked so hard over the years, and I’m definitely not ready to let them go.”

Mr. Tim Rischling’s band set the tone for the night providing an energetic atmosphere.

The Warriors kick-started an 18-10 first period of play with Murren, O’Brien, and Hancock’s culminating scores.

“I was really excited for Sadie tonight. She had an exceptional first half and really showed her strengths offensively,” Walker said.

Murren poured in 20 of her 23 game points, giving the team a 33-19 point lead.  

The Warriors continued to expand the lead second quarter, but Raymond Central’s Liz Otto kept the Mustangs alive by scoring 12 of her 18 points in the first half. We definitely needed to find an answer for her, and we did late in the third quarter.

Wahoo was outscored by the Mustangs during the third quarter, 10-8, but soon found another level of play. The momentum started to shift back into Warrior hands after a Darcy Barry devious steal produced a score. Wahoo still held a good solid lead 41-29 at the end of the third.

The Warriors played a super solid fourth quarter, causing the Mustangs to turn the ball over seven times. O’Brien assisted Hancock to the first scores in the fourth quarter, followed by another outstanding steal and score by Barry.  

After a battle on the boards, Tschida Johnson finished on an and-one play followed by two more baskets by Brodahl and White. The Warriors’ defense and offense remained strong. Shauna Tweedy scored after an offensive rebound, and Taylor Otte stole the final show with her great steal and layup.

The Warriors allowed Raymond Central only two points in the fourth quarter and went on to win 60-31!

Wahoo was led in scoring by Murren (23 points) and O’Brien (11 points and seven rebounds). Barry led the Warriors in steals with six.

Warrior Girls Soar over D.C. West
Wahoo Improves to 13-2; Hosts Raymond Central Thursday

January 14, 2012 (at D.C. West)

Wahoo    77
D.C. West    33

Please click HERE to view game photos (courtesy of Renee Hancock).

The Wahoo Warriors soared over the D.C. West Falcons Saturday afternoon 77-33.

It took the first quarter to really get the Warriors started and find their solid game. In contrast to that, Darcy Barry’s hot shooting was almost perfect at the trey line, advancing the Warriors in scoring, while draining three of four arch attempts. Despite the slow start, Wahoo held a good marginal 17-9 lead after eight minutes of play.

The Warriors got it together second quarter, and didn’t allow Falcons much opportunity. Wahoo’s full court press finally put tremendous strain on the Falcons. Warriors stole the ball eight times and caused ten Falcon turnovers. Wahoo started to pull away fast. The Falcons tried a box and one on Sadie Murren, but proved ineffective. Murren scored ten of her 16 points this quarter and many others accounted for a 25-8 solid quarter. The Warriors ended the first half up 42-16.

Thirteen Warriors were put into action the second half, outscoring the Falcons 35-17. Wahoo was able to work on multiple defensive sets and keep advancing while playing half court defense.

“I was pleased with our 122 defense which we haven’t used for quite some time,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. “There will come a time when the three defense is needed, and we have to be ready.”  

The Warriors will have a challenging week ahead taking on Raymond Central Mustangs at home Thursday, and #4-ranked Norfolk Catholic Knights Friday on their territory.

The Warriors were led in scoring by Barry’s game-high 22 points. Murren added 16 points, and led the team with six steals and seven assists. Katelyn O’Brien added 12 points and led the Warriors with nine rebounds. Sydney Hancock scored eight points and rebounded for seven.

Warrior Girls Swarm the Monarchs at Omaha Mercy
12-2 Wahoo Visits D.C. West Saturday

January 10, 2012 (at Omaha Mercy)

Wahoo    64
Omaha Mercy    23

Please click HERE to view game photos (courtesy of Renee Hancock).

The Wahoo Warriors swarmed the Monarchs on Tuesday night in Omaha.   

Wahoo applied the full court man defensive pressure right away and took charge of the game. Six Warriors contributed to the excellent introduction. The Warriors’ aggressiveness caused many steals that turned into points, and offense was executed well. Wahoo produced a 26-4 first quarter.

Wahoo then moved into half court defense for the remainder of the game, and continued to dominate over the Monarchs. The Warriors stretched the lead to 40-8 entering the locker room.

“Mercy could not handle our strong front, and I was really happy with how we took charge on both ends of the floor early. Our teamwork tonight was very impressive,” commented Head Coach Linda Walker.

The third and fourth quarters were an opportunity for our younger players to get floor time. The Warriors were able to work on many defensive sets and execute several offenses with many player combinations. Wahoo was able to expand its lead and connected on 8 of 13 possessions, ending the third quarter 57-16.

“Our fourth quarter was not a huge scoring adventure, but a great opportunity for our younger players,” Walker added. “I felt good about our young players’ minutes on the floor. They executed well, and made good things happen. The next step is to get the final product out of all their hard work and finish with a score.”

Wahoo’s scoring was led by Sadie Murren (21pts.) and Sydney Hancock (15pts). Katelyn O’Brien led rebounds (7) and steals (6), and Hancock and Barry combined for a total of 12 rebounds.  

Warrior Girls Finish Perfect Weekend with Win at Crete
Wahoo Improves to 11-2; Next Stop: Omaha Mercy Jan. 10

January 7, 2012 (at Crete)

Wahoo    59
Crete    54

Please click HERE to view game photos (courtesy of Renee Hancock).

Crete’s aggressiveness got the best of the Warriors early in the first quarter, outscoring Wahoo 12-9; however, the Warriors unveiled a 21-12 second quarter that ruffled the feathers of the Cardinals.

Wahoo found some success by changing their defensive strategy to begin the second period. Crete did not handle the zone press very well and turned the ball over three times. Wahoo’s Sadie Murren hit the first two shots, followed by Brodahl and Hancock’s scores to start Wahoo’s dominating 21-12 quarter against the Cardinals.  

at Crete (photo by Renee Hancock)
The third quarter took on a different flight. The Warriors had a hard time keeping the lead. Wahoo’s defense had some serious breakdowns that allowed Crete to build back the momentum. Several Crete Cardinals were left wide open and were able to capitalize on their attempts, outscoring Wahoo 16-11 in the third period.
at Crete (photo by Renee Hancock)

“I was not pleased with our communication or efforts to fight through the screens. We left #10 Edwards wide open, and it hurt our chances of keeping a solid lead,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. “I was glad to still be up by one entering the fourth period.”

The fourth quarter was quite the battle. The Cardinals took the lead after three possessions, but a three-pointer by Darcy Barry gained back Wahoo’s lead. Hancock then hit two free throws. A beautiful read on the inbounds play by Murren allowed an “and one” play.

The Cardinals kept answering back though to keep it close. The game stayed intense until the last seconds of the game. With four seconds remaining in Crete territory, the Warriors were forced to use their last time out. Murren was then fouled and connected on two more free throws. Wahoo wins the battle 59-54!

“We won the battle by staying focused, and hitting the pressure free throws. This was a great win and I’m proud of the way we finished out a perfect week,” Walker commented.

Warrior Girls Destroy the Rockets at Syracuse
Wahoo Improves to 10-2

January 6, 2012 (at Syracuse)

Wahoo    79
Syracuse    33

Please click HERE to view game photos (courtesy of Renee Hancock).

The Rockets failed to launch against the Warriors Friday night. Wahoo girls were fueled by good, solid defense and a well-balanced scoring attack. All five starters had their hand in the scoring column in the first quarter, outscoring Syracuse 19-9.  

The Warriors faced Syracuse’s 1-3-1 all night long and was able to take great advantage of open areas.

“I was really pleased with our court awareness tonight,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. “We moved the ball well, and make great passes to open girls.”

The Warriors ended the first half with an impressive 42-16 lead, causing the Rockets to turn the ball over 19 times.

Syracuse continued to struggle against the Warriors’ defensive pressure in the second half. Wahoo put scores up in the next 10 of 15 possessions, expanding the lead to 66-24 to end the third period. All 13 players had their share of floor time during the third quarter and continued to build the lead.   

“I felt we played a complete game tonight. Sydney Hancock really had a powerful game for us. She finished on many shots, and had beautiful court awareness. Her bounce passes were exceptional, and she led the team with nine assists and six rebounds,” Walker added. “I was also pleased with our inside game with O’Brien and Brodahl. These two combined for 18 points, and Sadie Murren led us in scoring with a quiet 23 points.”

Warrior Girls Follow Holiday Tourney Championship with Home Victory over North Bend
9-2 Wahoo on the Road to Syracuse Friday

January 3, 2012 (at Home)

Wahoo    44
North Bend Central    37

The Warriors took a 44-37 win over the North Bend Tigers Tuesday night on their home court.

A pair of free throws and a trey by Darcy Barry allowed the Warriors to take a slim lead on the Tigers. With that said, the Tigers rallied back and ended the first period 10-10.

Warriors connected midway through the second quarter with a six-possession scoring frenzy over the Tigers, giving Wahoo a four-point lead at half time.

“Things got a bit close for comfort in the second half, and we struggled toward the end of the third period,” said Head Coach Linda Walker.  

Murren and O’Brien’s foul trouble put them on the bench and four Wahoo turnovers allowed the Tigers to close the gap. The Tigers connected on late free throws and momentum started to shift in the opponents’ favor. Wahoo still held the lead by two, ending the third period 33-31.

Both teams took their turn providing opportunities for each other during the final quarter by turning the ball over multiple times; however, Wahoo was able to steal the show with Brodahl’s left-handed layup and Murren’s transition trey. North Bend was forced to foul toward the end, and Murren cushioned the win with free throws.

“The Tiger’s athleticism and determination seems to always make it a tough challenge for us. We played in streaks tonight and that made it difficult to build any kind of lead,” Walker added.

Wahoo’s scoring was led by Murren with 20 points. Darcy Barry and O’Brien combined for 16. Hancock led in rebounds with eight and O’Brien added seven.

Warrior Girls Basketball: 2011 Holiday Tournament Champions!
Wahoo Now 8-2 after Close Victory over Elkhorn South

December 30, 2011 (Day 2 Holiday Tournament @ Bishop Neumann)

Wahoo    46
Elkhorn South    44

Please click HERE to view game photos (courtesy of Renee Hancock).

MEDIA COVERAGE: Click HERE to read Lincoln Journal-Star's game coverage.

The Wahoo Warriors were crowned 2011 Holiday Tournament Champions Friday night at Bishop Neumann, defeating the Elkhorn South Storm 46-44.

Elkhorn led the charge by scoring the first two points, but Katelyn O'Brien answered it back on the next possession. A bad stream of six turnovers in the next eight possessions weathered at Wahoo until Murren and Barry sank the treys, ending the first quarter tied at 8-8.

Some foul trouble, lack of aggressiveness and execution plagued the Warriors for most of the second quarter. Elkhorn South outscored the Warriors 14-2 in the first nine possessions, and Coach Linda Walker had to use a timeout to get things under control.

Momentum started to shift when the Warrior defense came out of its shell. Murren kept the Warriors alive by hitting two big threes, followed by a two by Sydney Hancock. Wahoo never got to the free throw line during the first half, and the Storm led at half time 25-18.

The momentum definitely changed after the half for Wahoo. The Warriors turned up the intensity and got to the line three times in the first minutes, making five of six free throws. Wahoo's defense caused Elkhorn to turn the ball over nine times in the third quarter.

"This was a crucial quarter for us, and proved to be the difference in the game. The girls executed our halftime plan and found their second wind," commented Walker.

The Warriors exploded on the Storm and produced a 19-7 third quarter.

Late in the fourth quarter, the game took on an interesting twist. Elkhorn South hit huge shots down the stretch, and fouled Wahoo to stop the clock. The Warriors could not make all of their free throw attempts, and miscommunication on man-to-man allowed uncontested players to hit shots.

With ten seconds to play, Hancock hit the last free throw to give Wahoo a slim lead, and the Warriors held strong to become the 2011 Holiday Tournament Champions!

The Warriors were led in scoring by Murren with 17 points, and Hancock added ten points. O'Brien scored eight points and pulled down ten rebounds.

Warrior Girls Achieve Victory in Day One of Holiday Tournament
7-2 Wahoo Takes On Elkhorn South Friday at 5:15 p.m.

December 29, 2011 (Day 1 Holiday Tournament @ Bishop Neumann)

Wahoo    49
Lincoln Christian    39

Please click HERE to view game photos (courtesy of Renee Hancock).

Warriors came out strong and took a 9-0 run on the Crusaders in the first quarter; however, Wahoo committed two turnovers toward the end of the quarter that allowed LC to convert into scores, ending the quarter 12-4.

Warriors stayed strong throughout the remainder of the first half taking a comfortable lead 25-14, but it was an exceptional third quarter where the Warriors took charge, extending the lead to 20 points. Several Warriors contributed scores and Wahoo was able to play with balanced control.

Fourth quarter was a different story. Lincoln Christian was not ready to surrender and came out firing. Leading the way for the Crusaders was #23 Anderson hitting two three’s, a pair of deuces and free-throws. Wahoo’s lack of aggressiveness caused bad passes and untimely turnovers. The Crusaders came within eight points at one time, but the Warriors returned to their full court pressure and coasted to a ten-point win.

“I’m pleased with our efforts for three quarters. The fourth quarter was not what any of us expected; however, we’ll take the win,” said Head Coach Linda Walker.

Wahoo’s scoring was lead by Sadie Murren (14 points), Sydney Hancock (11 points and 4 assists), and Darcy Barry (11 points and 4 steals). Katelyn O’Brien added 6 points and led the Warriors in rebounds with 11.

Warrior Girls Post 6th Season Win at West Point GACC
6-2 Wahoo Prepares for Dec. 29-30 Holiday Tournament at Neumann

December 22, 2011 (at West Point)

Wahoo    68
Guardian Angels Central Catholic    62

Please click HERE to view game photos (courtesy of Renee Hancock).

After eight minutes of play, the Warriors found themselves behind to Central Catholic 12-24. Most fans thought the nightmare had continued from earlier in the week, but the Warriors corrected their errors and outscored the opponents 19-10 entering halftime down by only two.

The Warriors ignited an eight-point run to jump-start the second half! Two big threes by Sadie Murren and a two by Katelyn O'Brien forced an immediate timeout by the opponents. Wahoo kept the momentum and outscored CC 19-12, ending the third quarter in Wahoo's favor, 50-45.

CC didn't make it an easy win for the Warriors, though, and kept the score close throughout the remaining minutes. Fortunately, great free throw shooting (12-13) and focus allowed the Warriors to leave victorious.

"This was a great rebound game after our poor performance against Lutheran. We played with so much energy after the first quarter, and it was a great match up," said Head Coach Linda Walker. "Alison Brodahl really had a good game for us. I really think with Katelyn and Alison's big presence inside and pulling down combined 20 rebounds was huge for us and contributed to the win."

Murren led the scoring with a game-high of 26 points and six assists. Sydney Hancock added 14 points and eight rebounds. O'Brien added eight points and led the rebounding with 11.

Warrior Girls Fall Short on the Road at Lincoln Lutheran
5-2 Wahoo Prepares to Rebound at West Point GACC Thursday

December 20, 2011 (at Lincoln Lutheran)

Wahoo    36
Lincoln Lutheran    40

Please click HERE to view game photos (courtesy of Renee Hancock).

The Wahoo girls took a hard defeat to Lincoln Lutheran Warriors Tuesday night, losing 36-40.

From the start of the game, things were not going the Wahoo way. The Warriors took plenty of shots and didn’t settle into an offense, causing Wahoo to enter into a vicious whirlwind.  

Lutheran held a slim lead the first quarter, outscoring Wahoo 9-7. With seconds to go in the half, Darcy Barry connected on a three-pointer to close the deficit to six points entering the locker room. Wahoo attempted 33 field goals in 16 minutes and made 5.

“We shot the ball many times too quickly and never got ourselves into a good rhythm. Lutheran’s strong defensive rebounding took away second opportunities, and we were frustrated,” commented Head Coach Linda Walker.

The second half appeared to be the same old story until fourth quarter when the Wahoo girls rallied back with a charge led by senior Sydney Hancock. Hancock was our lone scorer in the fourth quarter, igniting two two’s, one three-pointer and several free throws. Fouls and successful opponent free throws took away an almost heroic comeback.

Wahoo forced 24 TO’s, but struggled to finish offensively.

“It’s tough to win the game when you shoot twice as many field goals, shoot 21 percent from the field and 38.5 percent from the free throw line; however, we almost did,” Walker added.

The Warriors will regroup and come back strong for their next opponent, West Point Guardian Angels, this coming Thursday.

Warriors were led by Hancock (15 points and 14 rebounds), and Barry (11 points and 5 steals).  

Wahoo Girls Take 3rd Win of the Week Easily at Fort Calhoun
5-1 Warrior Girls Visit Lincoln Lutheran Dec. 20

December 16, 2011 (at Fort Calhoun)

Wahoo    66
Fort Calhoun    23

The Warriors went 3-0 for the week while devastating the Pioneers with a 32-0 first half! The final score of the game was 66-23.

Ft. Calhoun was beside themselves for 18 minutes of the game. The Warriors’ aggressive defense and scoring was too much for the Pioneers to handle.

The Warriors took a 32-0 lead after the first half of play. During this time, starter Samantha Grandgenett sat the bench first quarter, after hitting the wall on a long court pass.

Many Warriors were shuffled into the game early to ease the pain for the non- scoring team.  

“I don’t think this has ever happened in my 15 years of coaching where the opponents struggled to put a score on the board before half time,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. “My gut wanted them to get a score so bad, so we tried very hard to take the pressure off by not pressing and substituting players.

In respect for the opponents, Wahoo pulled way back in the second half by playing inside the arch defense and one-on-one defense. Finally, in minutes in the third quarter Ft. Calhoun’s fans erupted with joy when Megan Schultz hit the free throws to release the pressure off of both teams.  

The Warriors continued to advance on the offense, but were forced out of their game defensively.  

“I felt we gave up too many points second half once they started to roll. When you change your game plan and stop what you do best, you get careless on details,“ Walker said.  

The Warrior bench played a tremendous amount of minutes in the second half and gained valuable experience on the court.

The Warriors were led by Sadie Murren with 23 points, 4 steals and 3 assists. Darcy Barry added 12 points, 5 steals and 4 assists. Katelyn O’Brien led rebounds with 5 and stole the ball 5 times, while Sydney Hancock assisted for 7.  

Wahoo Girls Reign over Centennial
4-1 Warriors Head to Fort Calhoun Tomorrow

December 15, 2011 (at Home)

Wahoo    56
Centennial    26

Wahoo girls lassoed their 4th win of the season over Centennial Broncos at home 56-26.

Wahoo rattled Centennial and jumped to an early 19-3 lead, but the Broncos didn’t surrender. For the remainder of the 1st period, the Warriors gave up seven more points and gained one.  

“Our play was not consistent through the first half, and we need all five players, whoever they are, to keep the level of play strong,” commented Head Coach Linda Walker.

The second half opened up with two buckets from Katelyn O’Brien, followed by two three-pointers from Sadie Murren, and Sydney Hancock put the finishing touches with three points to end the 3rd quarter 48-19.

Wahoo dominated every quarter and many young girls were able to contribute significantly to the win.

“For the most part we had a well-balanced scoring attack and we’re making huge leaps on consistency,” Walker said.

Murren led the team with 17 points while Barry and Hancock both counted for nine points each, with O’Brien and Grandgenett combined for 15. Murren had six assists, Hancock and Barry added five steals each, and O’Brien held the boards with six.   

Warrior Girls Annihilate West Point-Beemer at Home
3-1 Wahoo Hosts Centennial Thursday Night

December 13, 2011 (at Home)

Wahoo    62
West Point-Beemer    14

Coach Walkers celebrated her 200th career win by defeating West Point-Beemer 62-12 on Tuesday night, Dec. 13.

The Warriors applied their defensive pressure early and jumped to a 17-4 lead after 8 minutes of play.  

“Even though the game was broke open early, I didn’t feel like we really were playing all that well. We had too many non productive plays,” said Head Coach Linda Walker.  

It was the 3rd quarter when it became explosive. Wahoo physically out-rebounded the Cadets, opened up the court, and sank many shots from multitude spots.  

Sadie Murren led the Warriors in points with a game-high of 24, followed by Samantha  Grandgenett adding 13. Sydney Hancock hit 5 of 6 from the free throw line.

The Warriors’ defense held the Cadets to an average of 3.5 points per quarter and out-rebounded them 34-20. Katelyn O’Brien and Grandgenett battled the boards with game highs of 9 each, while Darcy Barry assisted for 6.



Please click HERE to read LJS's feature article "Wahoo's Murren Nursing Early-Season Back Injury."


Warrior Girls Take Care of Business at Home with Ashland-Greenwood
2-1 Wahoo Hosts West Point-Beemer Dec. 13

December 6, 2011 (at Home)

Wahoo    59
Ashland-Greenwood    36

Please click HERE to read Lincoln Journal-Star's game coverage.

The Wahoo Warriors took their second regular conference win of the season against Ashland-Greenwood Bluejays, defeating them 59-36.

Both teams played fairly evenly in the first half, ending with a 25-22 Warrior lead. For the Warriors, missed free throws and long-range early shots that didn’t fall helped keep Ashland close.

Ashland came out 3rd quarter hitting their first two shots to take the lead, but Wahoo’s defensive pressure caused numerous Bluejay turnovers, resulting in easy baskets.

A key moment late in the 3rd quarter was Lois White’s top-of-the key 3-pointer, followed by a steal and assist to Darcy Barry. The Warriors outscored the Bluejays 16-6 to end the period, and continued to expand the lead until the final buzzer.

“This was a great conference win and a huge rebound game after last Saturday’s defeat.” Commented Head Coach Linda Walker. “The girls have moved on, and I was pleased with our 2nd half performance. I see good things ahead.”

Leading the team in scoring was Sadie Murren with 22 pts. and 6 assists, and Samantha Grandgenett with 15 pts. Team rebounding was lead by Sydney Hancock with 7 reb. and 6 pts., and Katelyn O’Brien with 6 rebounds and 7 pts.

Warrior Girls Go 1-1 in Weekend Opener
Wahoo Defeats Bennington at Home; Falls at Seward

December 3, 2011 (at Seward)

Wahoo    42
Seward    83

Wahoo Warriors took on the Seward Bluejays Saturday at noon, only to give them their 77th victory in a row, losing 42-83.

“It’s always a tough introduction to our season playing Seward the night after Bennington. I always feel at a disadvantage, especially having such a quick game time turn around this year,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. “I feel we are a much better team than what we showed on Saturday, but Seward is a powerhouse, that’s for sure, and we have a lot of room for improvement.”

Seward took the lead early and never played pressured. Warriors could not stop all their perimeter shooters, and Seward’s offensive board work expanded the lead at half to 42-16.   

Warriors showed some spark 3rd quarter, but every time good things went the Warriors’ way, Seward had an answer and more.  

“We know we got beat by a very good team. We will need to put this game into perspective and move on, as we have done for the past 7 years,” Walker added.

Katelyn O’Brien led the Warriors in scoring with 12 pts. and  7 rebounds. Grandgenett added 8 pts. and Murren finished with 7 points.

December 2, 2011 (at Home)

Wahoo    43
Bennington    38

In their season opener, the Wahoo girls’ basketball team beat the Bennington Badgers 43-38 Friday night on the home court.

Warriors held a 10-9 slim lead after the first quarter; however, a cold shooting streak in the second quarter allowed Bennington to take the lead.  

“Third quarter was the difference of the game,” said Head Coach Linda Walker. “The girls came out with some added defensive fire, and the basket became bigger.”  

Scores from several girls allowed the Warriors to explode on a 12-0 run in the first 7 possessions.

Bennington continued to rally back, but the damage was done. With a minute to go, a steal by Barry and made free throws sealed the win.

Darcy Barry led warriors with 10 pts. and 3 steals, Hancock with 9 pts., 4 assists and 7 rebs. Murren added 9 pts. and 4 assists, O’Brien with 6 pts., 5 rebs., and 3 steals, and Grandgenett finished with 6 pts. and 4 rebounds.

2011-2012 Warrior Girls Basketball Team

Congratulations Warrior Basketball Seniors!

Scotus Ends State Hopes for Warrior Girls

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