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Student Council Holds Fundraiser for the S.C.L.P.

Students Donate Food/Supplies/Cash to Local Pet Rescue

The WHS Student Council recently conducted a fundraiser for the Saunders County Lost Pet Rescue in Wahoo. The students were asked to bring different items each day to help support the rescue. The days were as followed: 

Monday: Dog and Cat food (counted per pound), treats, bones (rest counted by quantity)

Tuesday: Blankets, towels, beds, sheets, cat litter (all counted by quantity)

Wednesday: Collars, leashes, litter boxes, bowls, and brushes (all counted by quantity)

Thursday: Cleaning supplies (ie. Chlorox, Windex, pet shampoo) durable toys (all counted by quantity)

Friday: Money and loose change (they are raising money for a pet bath tub)

As a whole, the school raised $61.09 on Friday to benefit the Rescue. Each day the homeroom that brought in the largest number of items received Warrior Gear. The homeroom that brought in the most items throughout the week was Ms. Ballagh’s homeroom, followed by Mr. Herrera’s and Ms. Huenink’s homerooms.

Deb Wilcox, the owner and operator of the SCLP Rescue, was extremely grateful for the Wahoo High School student body. Thanks to all who donated.

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Student Council Holds Fundraiser for the S.C.L.P.

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