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Click on the above photo to view a Green Eggs & Ham breakfast slide show!

12th Annual Green Eggs & Ham Breakfast Experiences Record Turnout

Odd-Colored Food & Strange Creatures Bring in 675 Visitors

What a Meal It Was!

On Tuesday, March 3, 675 people enjoyed the annual Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast at Wahoo Elementary, sponsored by our PTO organization.

Mr. Rastovski, Superintendent, Mrs. Wiebold, Elementary Principal and members of the Board of Education greeted guests as they arrived for this event. Characters from Dr. Seuss books came alive! Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, and Horton the Elephant delighted the crowd with their antics. Many children had their pictures taken with these character guests.

Horton the Elephant was the newest character to visit our breakfast this year. He was the favorite character amongst some of our 2nd grade students. One student commented that “he was kind of weird, but the green eggs and ham were really good!” Another 2nd grade student said, “Cat in the Hat was my favorite character. He came over to our table to talk to us.”

Some 5th grade students really enjoyed Thing 1 and Thing 2. One 5th grade student exclaimed that it “was really funny how they acted!” Of course, the blue hair of Thing 1 and Thing 2 caught the attention of many students and families.

One parent even expressed that this was her “favorite holiday!” What an impression Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, and Horton the Elephant must have created OR was it the most delicious Green Eggs and Ham!

Some of our 5th grade students had sent written invitations for this annual event to some special guests – dignitaries from the state, county, and community. Senator Chris Langemeier was in attendance, as well as Saunders County Sheriff Kevin Stukenholtz. Wahoo City Librarian Denise Lawver and representatives of our Wahoo City Council also were welcomed as invited guests.

Students waited anxiously for the end of the school day to arrive as announcement of the winners of the door prizes was made. Names of those students who had attended the breakfast were eligible for the prizes. 30 names were drawn for prizes that included at least one Dr. Seuss book for each of the winners.

THANK YOU is again extended to our Wahoo Elementary/Middle School PTO for sponsoring this annual event. Perhaps even more students and families will join us next  year for GREEN EGGS AND HAM!

12th Annual Green Eggs & Ham Breakfast Experiences Record Turnout

Sara Spicka

Mar 13, 2009

This is such a highlight every year! The food was tasty, and the whole school was buzzing! My kids always look forward to having us there for breakfast, and the school staff is so warm and welcoming. Thank you to all who played a part!