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UNL connects Nebraska high school students to the University experience

Information about UNL's NEBRASKA Now Program: offering students dual-credit courses at highly reduced tuition rates

Beginning November 9, 2016, admitted NEBRASKA Now students can start to enroll in classes for the Spring 2017 semester. This means that students who would like to take college-level courses next semester should apply for the NEBRASKA Now program as soon as possible. Students currently enrolled for the Fall 2016 term do not need to reapply for Spring 2017.

Through NEBRASKA Now, students have the opportunity to take classes from real college professors and work with real college classmates, all while doing real college-level work. Although NEBRASKA Now is more challenging than high school, most students who have at least a "B" average high school GPA do well. We have specifically selected classes for NEBRASKA Now that we know younger students can manage if they work hard. In addition, professors who teach these classes understand younger scholars may need different kinds of support than their older peers.

NEBRASKA Now students will have their application fee waived when they apply as degree-seeking students. Most NEBRASKA Now classes are offered at a flat $250-rate per 3 credit-hour class. The same class at the regular in-state tuition rate would cost $675.75, a savings of $425.75 per class. Additionally, if a student earns at least a 3.0 GPA in their NEBRASKA Now classes, they’ll also be eligible for at least $1,000 in merit-based scholarship at NEBRASKA Now for their first year. If a student takes one class each semester their junior and senior year, your savings would look like this:

$1,703 (tuition savings) + $1,000 scholarship = $2,703 Savings

Click HERE for more information on the NEBRASKA Now program, including classes available and application link. This program is available to WHS juniors and seniors, who are academically ready for college-level classes.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at the UNL Office of Admissions at 402-472-2023, or email admissions@unl.edu.

Spring 2017 Courses

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

    • Biotechnology: Food, Health and Environment (AGRI 115) [Call Number: 1041]
    • Plant Science (AGRO 131)
[Call Number: 1808]
    • Animal Products (ASCI 210)
[Call Number: 1149]
    • Companion Animal Behavior (ASCI 271)
[Call Number: 1762]
    • Insect Biology (ENTO 115)
[Call Number: 1258]
    • The Science of Food (CHEM/FDST/NUTR 131)
[Call Number: 1277]
    • Invasive Plant Species: Impacts on Ecosystems (AGRO/NRES 107)
[Call Number: 1937]

College of Arts and Sciences

    • Introduction to Anthropology (ANTH 110) [Call Number: 3824]
    • Introduction to Archaeology (ANTH 232)
[Call Number: 4682]
    • The Science of Food (CHEM/FDST/NUTR 131)
[Call Number: 2926]
    • Fundamentals of Computer Science (CSCE 101)
[Call Number: 3802]
    • American History After 1877 (HIST 111)
[Call Number: 3269]
    • History of Sport (HIST 222)
[Call Number: 3959]
    • Calculus III (MATH 208) On Campus: 8:30–9:20, MTWF—Burnett 203
[Call Number: 9687]
    • Differential Equations (MATH 221) On Campus: 8:30–9:20, MWF—Avery 119
[Call Number: 9688]
    • Power and Politics in America (POLS 100)
[Call Number: 9439]
    • International Relations (POLS 160)
[Call Number: 3585]
    • Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 181)
[Call Number: 3626]
    • Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 101)
[Call Number: 3687]
    • Families and Society (SOCI 226)
[Call Number: 4156]
    • Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (WMNS 101)
[Call Number: 3821]

College of Architecture

    • Introduction to Design (DSGN 101) Online and On-Campus Sections [Call Numbers: 25891 (Online), 25892 (On-Campus)]

Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts

    • Cave Paintings to Cathedrals (AHIS 101) [Call Number: 7036]
    • Renaissance to Modern Art (AHIS 102) On-Campus Only
[Call Number: 8625]

College of Journalism and Mass Communication

    • Introduction to Sports Communication (JOMC 150) On-Campus Only [Call Number: 21762]

College of Education and Human Sciences

    • Healthy Living (NUTR 100) [Call Number: 5977]
    • The Science of Food (CHEM/FDST/NUTR 131)
[Call Number: 5611]
    • Life Skills for Success (CYAF 150)
[Call Number: 5918]
    • Human Development and the Family (CYAF 160)
[Call Number: 26086]
    • Visual Communication & Presentation (TMFD 121)
[Call Number: 6047]
    • Introduction to Design Theory & Criticism (TMFD 144)
[Call Number: 6205]

College of Public Affairs and Community Service

    • Survey of Criminal Justice (CRIM 101) [Call Number: 8884]


If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact WHS Guidance Counselor John Harris (443-4332 ext. 3229 jharris@wahoowarriors.org).



UNL connects Nebraska high school students to the University experience

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